Review by knucklez

"Not worth it. Sad but true."

This game was so disappointing to me. EA Games has brought so many great games into my home and I honestly expected this to be a good one. Worth 50$? No way. I wouldn't want this if you gave it to me for free. I guess the whole concept of famous rappers wrestling is a unique idea. That's about the only good Idea in the game.

Story 3/10

The storyline.. my god its terrible. Your a famous rapper and go meet with a friend all ''Gangster rapper'' style to get revenge on the dude that took his wife.

Replay 1/10
This game gets SO boring if you beat it once. Even multi layer with friends gets boring. Its just nothing new. Once you beat the game and try to play through it again, the story is the same with EVERY character. Now THAT kills the replay value.

Gameplay 4/10
The gameplay is garbage. Sure, its fun at first! Hey this is WWF No Mercy.. wait no its not! Its a watered down WWF Wrestlemania 2000! The wrestlers don't move too well either. They are too quick for HUGE guys. You eventually learn to counter EVERY move. Once your playing a good opponent, the counters just go back and forward till one of your fingers fall off. Then the rapper usually does some sub-par move, and the whole thing is started over again. Grab.. counter.. grab... counter... Boring!

Sound 6/10
Its not that bad! I'm not the biggest rap fan, but the songs were okay. It would have been better if they put in some more smaller songs that didn't make it big with the charts. The sound effects throw it off a bit though. There are some annoying cheesy slam effect sounds, and no sound where there should be some. Almost whenever the character falls, its the same 'thud'.

Graphics 5/10
They aren't that bad. I just feel the Playstation2 can do more. A lot of the graphics blur after a while. It gets irritating. I suppose it had average graphics.

Rent or Buy: Rent!
Do NOT buy this game. If you like wrestling or rap, and played all the current good games go ahead and try it.. It's very boring alone. There are better choices for games, so its really up to you. I wouldn't play this game ever again unless I was with friends, which I doubt would still play it. Probably since the engine, first player mode, movement and graphics are all sub-par.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 04/10/03, Updated 04/10/03

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