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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Rojan

    Version: 1.1a | Updated: 05/29/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
     Silent Assassin Walkthrough Version 1.1a
      By Rojan
      E-mail: Samrjk@yahoo.com
      Alt E-mail: Rojansheepy@yahoo.com
    Stewie from the Family Guy
    Louis “Ah… look at Stewie, doesn’t he look adorable playing with his Sesame
    Street phone.”
    Stewie “Put me through to the Pentagon!”
    Ernie “Do you know what a sound a cow makes?”
    Stewie “Don’t toy with me Ernie.  I’ve got six armed men stationed outside Big
    Bird’s nest.  I’ve dispatch with Mr. Hooper, and as for Linda… well it’s rather
    difficult for a deaf woman to hear an assassin approach.
    This FAQ is copyrighted and shouldn't be used for your own laziness (I.E
    posting it on your site saying you made it) or profit.  This was made for
    personal use such as helping with the game.  Do not post this on your site
    without my permission.  You can download the walkthrough to your computer.  You
    can give it away but do not charge cash for it.
    -=-FAQ History
    Here is a small update for an alternative path for mission 1 that was
    contributed by Mr. Ford.
    All the weapons, and items have been updated quite nicely.  All missions have
    been added for you pleasure.  Also cheats, items and patch info have been
    added.  Since this is on my web site, I’ve added on a few missions, maps to
    help.  In my opinion it’s pretty complete.
    Check on my website for the other version with maps and such.
    This is the start of the full game walkthrough.  As you might know, this FAQ is
    changed from my demo walkthrough.  So just to emphasis, this is the full
    walkthrough, not the demo.
    Note: This walkthrough/FAQ contains spoilers to the story.  Please do not read
    farther unless the story means nothing to you.  With that out of the way,
    -=-Table of Contents
    1. Story
    2. Characters
    3. Combat strategies and tips
    4. Items and weapons
      I. Akimbo Gun Technique:
      II. Two SMGs in your coat:
     4a. Handguns
    I.	Berretta 92f
    II.	Desert Eagle
    III.	5.45 Russian Pistol
    IV.	.22 Suppressed Pistol
    V.	Hard Ballers
    VI.	Colt Python Snub nose
     4b. Rifles
    I.	R93 Sniper rifle
    II.	12 Gauge Shotgun
    III.	Dragonof (SVD) Sniper rifle
    IV.	AK-47
    V.	SP 12 Shotgun
    VI.	M4 Colt Carbine
    VII.	M60 light machine gun
    VIII.	M195 Anti Vehicle rifle
    IX.	Hunting Crossbow
    X.	MP5
    XI.	UZI 9mm
    XII.	Sawed-off shotgun
    XIII.	W2000 Sniper rifle
    XIV.	W2000 Custom rifle
     4c. Melee weapons
      I. Fiber wire
      II. Knife (Kitchen, Combat, Surgeons Scalpel)
      IV. Golf club (Driver)
      V. Katana Sword
      VI. Fire Axe
    VII.	Anesthetic
    4d. Items
      I. Spoon
      II. Magnum ammo
      IV. Pistol ammo
      V. Shotgun ammo
      VI. Sniper ammo
      VII. Flowers
      VIII. Binoculars
      IX. Locks pick
      X. Groceries
      XI. Car Keys
      XII. Basement Key
      XIII. Night Vision goggles
    XV.	Foreign Chocolate
      XVI. Sushi
      XVII. Cheque
      XVIII. Bomb
    5. Walkthrough
     5a. Prequel Mission/ Training
     5b. Mission 1
     5c. Mission 2
     5d. Mission 3
     5e. Mission 4
     5f. Mission 5
     5g. Mission 6
     5h. Mission 7
     5i. Mission 8
     5j. Mission 9
     5k. Mission 10
     5l. Mission 11
     5m. Mission 12
     5n. Mission 13
     5o. Mission 14
     5p. Mission 15
     5q. Mission 16
     5r. Mission 17
     5s. Mission 18
     5t. Mission 19
     5u. Mission 20
    6. End Mission Rating
    7. Bugs
    8. Extra things to do
    9. Cheats
    10. Copyright stuff
    Note: The patch is now out.  It doesn’t fix the blue screen but it fixes a lot
    of things.  Go download it.  The console menu appears now and you can use the
    invisible cheat in the game.  Type it out like in the demo.
    -=-1. Story
    You are the best, a legend whispered through out the business.  No one has
    heard from you for a while and think of you as dead.  You have found GOD and
    have donated your vast accumulated fortune into the Sicily church.
    Unfortunately (and it would be a very boring game unless) some people are
    forcing you back to the trade.  You find a note attached to a kitchen knife
    saying that they want 500,000 or they will hold your friend Father Vittorio
    until then.  You don the suit and answer with your weapons.
    -=-2. Characters
    Code 47
     This character is your basic silent badass killer.
    Dianna from Agency
     She is your contact within the agency.  She enjoys having you because her
    rating goes up with the legend employed in her services.
    Father Vittario
     The father and mentor who is kidnapped by a group of mafia men
    -=-3. Combat Strategies and tips
    1. Use doorways as choke points so that if guards want to kill you, you know at
    least that they have to come and get you one at a time.  The uses of melee
    weapons near choke points help lengthen your life as well.
    2. Each weapon can be used as a melee weapon.  You can swing your firearms if
    you are close enough to the enemy.  This is a slow process but better than
    3. Use stealth as much as possible, hence the title, Silent Assassin.  It may
    be slower going but it's better than a game over logo.
    4. Reload, reload and make sure to reload after gun battles.  There is nothing
    more aggravating than to hear "Click, Click."
    5. Do not run while in disguise.  Guards will yell at you and lets face it,
    which wouldn't question a bald guy in a group of mafia men who all have hair.
    6. Push q to holster weapons and items.
    7. Look through keyholes.  It can save you the embarrassment of dying from
    walking into a room full of guards.
    8. Use the first person mode if you need to aim.
    9. The third person camera is good to look around with and can look almost
    above any door.
    10. Shoot lamps to create stealthier approaches.  Even though, you cannot break
    them with melee weapons for some reason.
    11. Use the map function to scout and to tell you where the targets are.  You
    can never be too careful.
    12. AI will remember you.  Even if you didn't pull out your weapon they will
    still remember to be curious of you.
    13. Study the movements of the guards.  (Green=innocents, blue=guards,
    red=target, important, and white=important people)
    14. If the game is pissing you off due the guards seem to be supremely smart at
    the wrong time, play through the level shooting everybody.  You will let off
    steam and you can always reply the level if you want.
    -=-4. Items and Weapons
    I. Akimbo Gun Technique:
    You will first need either the version of the hard balers.  First drop the hard
    balers on the ground.  Then pull out the handgun you want in your left hand.
    Pick up the balers.  You can now pull out any handgun and you will akimbo them
    together.  You cannot reload the gun in your left hand however.
    II. Two SMGs in your coat:
    Generally, you are only allowed one SMG in your coat, either the UZI or the
    Mp5.  You can conceal both guns in your coat by first placing one or the other
    in your coat.  Arm yourself with the other SMG.  Then pick up a rifle or pistol
    and you will holster the SMG.
     4a. Handguns
    Handgun note: All handguns can be holstered within your person.  You can only
    carry up to 3 different types of handguns at one time.  Dual guns such as hard
    ballers are considered one gun in your inventory.
    I. Berretta 92f (SD, Non-SD)
    Caliber: 9mm
    Clip Capacity: 15 Rounds
    Length: 21.7 cm
    Weight: .95 kg
    Bullet Power: light
    Description: The most popular military handgun.  It is light and effective.  It
    can hold a generous clip and can be slipped into your jacket.  This baby also
    comes in SD or silenced.  This handgun is the standard gun that all other
    handguns are judged.
    II. Desert Eagle (.45 and .50)
    Caliber: .45 or .50
    Clip Capacity: 7 Rounds (.45) or 8 Rounds (.50)
    Bullet Power: Powerful
    Length: 15.9 cm
    Weight: 1.897 (.50)
    Description: This is one of the most well known handguns in the world. This
    weapon can take down a person with two shots to the chest.  A very noisy weapon
    and shouldn't be needed unless you like going into a mission with guns blazing.
    IV. 5.45mm Pistol (Russian Service Pistol)
    Caliber: 5.45
    Clip Capacity: 10
    Bullet Power: Weak
    Length: 16 cm
    Weight: .46 Kg
    Description:  A very weak pistol.  You really shouldn’t use it.  You should
    only really try to add it to your collection anyway.
    V. .22 Suppressed Pistol with integral silencer)
    Caliber: .22
    Clip Capacity: 12
    Bullet Power: Weak
    Length: 42.2 cm
    Weight: 1.12 Kg
    Description:  A rare but ultimately a poor weapon.
    VI. Hard ballers (Dual, Single, SD .45)
    Caliber: .45 ACP
    Clip Capacity: 7 Rounds - Note in reality, the guns are akimbo guns so you
    actually have 14 rounds but you fire both guns at the same time.
    Bullet Power: Medium
    Length: 41.6 cm (SD) or 21.6 cm
    Weight: 1.257 Kg (SD) or 1.076 Kg
    Description:  Speed and power, are the two qualities you will love in these
    akimbo weapons.  Cleaning rooms shouldn't be a problem with these babies.  And
    best of all you can holster them so no one has to know about them.  IO really
    made these better than the original.  They also come in single and SD versions
    as well.
    VII. Colt Python (Snub nose .357 Revolver)
    Caliber: MAG
    Clip Capacity: 6 Rounds
    Bullet Power: Powerful
    Length: 20 CM
    Weight: 1.06 Kg
    Description:  To quote Clint Eastwood.  "Did I fire 6 shots or 5 shots?  Now I
    have a question for you, do you feel lucky, punk?"  Not only is it a powerful
    gun, but also you can spew out the bullets at a rapid pace.  Of course it has a
    slower reload time but you easily took everyone out with it.
     4b. Rifles and shotguns
    I. R93 Sniper rifle
    Caliber: .308 Winchester
    Clip Capacity: 6 Rounds
    Bullet Power: Powerful
    Length: 119 Cm
    Weight: 4.8 Kg
    Description:  This weapon is dreamy.  It is one of the status symbols of being
    a hit man.  With each zoom, the shaking increments of the sight moves so you
    have to wait for that perfect shot.  Never reload or use it in a close range
    II. Double-Barreled Shotgun (12 Gauge double-barreled shot gun)
    Caliber: 12 Gauges
    Clip Capacity: 2 Rounds
    Bullet Power: Powerful
    Length: 11.5.7 Cm
    Weight: 3.2 Kg
    Description:  This is my boom stick.  This has almost no kick back to it.  You
    can rapid fire off two shots and one hit will take down a man in the chest.
    Use this with a choke point and no one will come through alive.
    IV. Dragonof (SVD) rifle
    Caliber: 7.62mm
    Clip Capacity: 10 rounds
    Length: 175.5 cm
    Weight: 4.31 kg
    Bullet Power: Powerful
    Description: This is a semi automatic rifle.  It is Russian made and one of the
    many rifles you will gain through out the game.
    V. AK 47 (Russian AK-47 Derivative)
    Caliber: 5.45 mm
    Clip Capacity: 30 rounds
    Bullet Power: Medium
    Length: 67.5 cm
    Weight: 3.1 Kg
    Description: This is regarded as one of the best-made rifles in the world.
    VI. SP 12 Shotgun (Full-Automatic combat shotgun)
    Caliber: 12 Gauges
    Clip Capacity: 8 rounds
    Bullet power: Medium
    Length: 93 Cm
    Weight: 4.2 Kg
    Description:  Excuse the drool from the side of my mouth.  This weapon is one
    of the best room cleaners in the game.  With very little kick back and a quick
    trigger finger will clean the floor with those dirty mafia men.
    VII. M4 Rifle (Carbine assault rifle)
    Caliber: 5.56 mm
    Clip capacity: 30
    Bullet power: Medium
    Length: 84 Cm
    Weight: 2.54 Kg
    Description:  The better of the AK-47.  It has a better firing rate and also is
    better detailed as well.
    VII. M60 (Light Machine gun)
    Caliber: 7.62
    Clip Capacity: 100
    Bullet power: A little bit above mediums
    Length: 110 Cm
    Weight: 10.5 Kg
    Description:  For the badass last big weapon you get, it feels really weak
    compared to the rest of the bigger guns.  The rate of fire really leaves a lot
    to be desired, the power is good but not great and you miss more times than you
    hit.  IOI give me back the mini gun.
    VIII. M195 Sniper (Cal .50 Anti-Vehicle rifle)
    Caliber: .50
    Clip Capacity: 6 rounds
    Bullet Power:  Off the charts
    Length: 114.3 cm
    Weight: 10 Kg
    Description: This is the best weapon in my opinion. You can take out a head or
    two easily with this.
    IX. Hunting Crossbow (Compound hunting crossbow)
    Caliber: Crossbow bolts
    Clip Capacity: 1 Round
    Bullet Power: Weak
    Length: 124.8 cm
    Weight: 2.9 Kg
    Description:  The only silent firing weapon in the game.  It kind of stinks, do
    to the excessive shaking the developers put behind it and the fact that it
    reloads very slowly.  Did IOI forget the Half Life crossbow with 5 rounds
    instead of one?
    X. Mp5 SD or Regular (Delayed blow back sub machine gun)
    Clip Capacity: 30 rounds
    Caliber: 9mm Parabellum
    Bullet Power: light
    Length: 68 cm
    Weight: 2.55 Kg
    Description: The step up from handguns.
    XI. Uzi 9mm (Rugged Sub machine gun)
    Caliber: 9mm Parabellum
    Clip Capacity: 30
    Length: 47 Cm
    Weight: 3.7 Kg
    Description:  The brother of the Mp5.
    XII. Sawed off
    Caliber: Shotgun shells
    Clip Capacity: 2 rounds
    Bullet Power: Powerful (Up close)
    Description:  This is considered a handgun in the game.  It has the only
    visible glitch of the shells not popping out of the chambers.
    XIII. W2000 Sniper (Collectors Sniper rifle)
    Caliber: .300 Win Mag
    Clip capacity: 1 round
    Bullet Power: Powerful
    Length: 90.5 Cm
    Weight: 8.31 Kg
    XIV. W2000 Custom Sniper (Custom Version of the W2000 sniper’s rifle and few
    Caliber: .300 WinMag
    Clip Capacity: 10 rounds
    Bullet power: Powerful
    Length: 90.9 cm
    Weight: 8.6 Kg
    I. Fiber wire
    Description:  Ah, piano wire.  This is godly of a weapon.  Its silent, leaves
    no blood and the only thing wrong are that IO took out the twang sound when you
    ready it.  Love this weapon and it will serve you well.  Also during searches,
    it isn't considered a weapon and can go through metal detectors.
    II. Knife (Kitchen, Combat, Surgeons Scalpel)
    Description:  Oh my goodness.  IO changed this for the better.  It has a faster
    attack than the golf club and when used from behind you can slit some throats.
    Another thing is that in melee combat, it has a powerful attack and can take
    down guys in a few attacks.  The only thing bad is that it is very messy.
    IV. Golf club (Driver)
    Description:  Swing and knock some teeth out.
    V. Katana Sword
    Description:  Be a ninja.
    VI. Fire Axe
    Description: Try planting this baby into someone’s face.
    VII. Anesthetic
    Description:  It’s pretty much a rag soaked with alcohol to knock out people.
    Its effects wear out pretty fast.  Hold down the fire button until they stop
    squirming so that they are knocked out longer.
     4d. Items
    I. Spoon
    Description: It's a spoon that is made of wood.
    II. Magnum ammo: For magnums and desert eagles.
    IV. Pistol ammo: For berretta 92s.
    V. Shotgun ammo: For shotguns.
    VI. Sniper ammo: For sniper rifles.
    VII. Flowers
    Description:  They are pretty and not a whole lot useful.
    VIII. Binoculars
    Description:  They are your standard variety other than it can double as a golf
    ball distance finder on the green.
    IX. Locks pick
    Description:  Open any lock except when noted.
    X. Groceries
    Description: Food or at least crates you can hide your guns in.
    XI. Car Keys
    Description:  They are on one of the top guards.  This can easily get you out
    and have a new ride.
    XII. Basement Key
    Description: The key to where they are hiding Father Vittorio.
    XIII. Night Vision
    Description: The goggles that allow you to see at night.
    XV. Foreign Chocolate
    Description: Chocolate is good for only one thing, to eat and nothing more.
    XVI. Sushi
    Description: The well-known dish of the Japanese
    XVII. Cheque
    Description: A check
    XVIII. Bomb
    Description: It goes boom.
    Bomb Remote
    Description: It makes the bomb go boom.
    Church Key
    Description: The key to the church and is also good for a bottle cap opener
    (Bottle openers were called church keys.)
    Dust wand
    Description: A duster
    Server key card
    Description: None
    Description: Never found it but the game gives it to you when you cheat though.
    -=-5. Walkthrough
    5a. Prequel Mission:
    1.	Go to confession
    2.	Find the package
    3.	Start the mission
    Optional Objectives:
    1.	Do the training Mission.
    Father Vittorio
    Prequel Mission notes:
    This is the basic training mission/introduction to the world that you will be
    entering.  You start in your shed.  You can explore a bit but nothing really
    out of the ordinary.  There is another shed.  Although you cannot enter it,
    look through to see the outlines of firearms.  Check the map to see where is
    the confession booth.  Shortly after, you will see two armed men greet the
    Father.  One will knock the poor guy out and the other leaves a package for
    you.  You find a kitchen knife with the note that draws you back to the
    profession (quite a fast change of heart if you ask me).
    Note: The only real way to fail this is to cheat to get the guns and kill the
    priest before he gets out.
    5b. Mission 1:
    Suggest Equipment:
    1. None
    1.	Kill the Don
    2.	Collect the key on the Don
    3.	Find the Father
    4.	Escape
    Mafia guards
    Mafia Boss's Brother
     Desert Eagle
     Car keys
    Mafia Boss Son
     Desert Eagle
    Mafia Boss
     Colt Python
     Basement Keys
    Mail Man
    Female Chef
     Kitchen Knife
    Delivery Boy
    There are two main ways to enter the mansion.  First there is the mailman and
    the second is the delivery boy.  However, there is a third path as well.  The
    number of guards doesn't changes with the difficulty.  Also if you played the
    demo, the AI has been boosted nicely so try not to fall back on your old habits
    playing the level.
    1a. Entering as the mailman
    The mailman can be seen wearing blue uniform and carrying flowers.  He will be
    walking into view from your left.  He will stop near the bushes to take a pee.
    Sneak up behind him and piano wire him.  Drag him behind the brick wall and
    swap clothes with him.  Make sure to pick up the flowers and go to one of the
    crates of groceries.  Plant your firearms into the crate so you can get your
    guns into the place.  If they frisk you, make sure you do not have any guns on
    you.  Enter through the front gate and enter the mansion.  Give the flowers to
    the maid and you are in.
    1b. The delivery boy
    You will have to take out the delivery boy the second time he comes around.  A
    guard will pop out with the first groceries and you wont be able to get him.
    This is a little better solution because at least you have your weapons with
    you even though you really wont need them.  Just walkthrough the gate the same
    way the computer does it and you are in.  Make sure though, the guns are in the
    crate you are carrying.
    1c. As a guard
    IF you look forward from you starting point you should see a side door.  Go to
    the right side of the door arch and wait.  You should see a guard coming out to
    take a pee.  Sneak up behind him and piano wire him.  Drag him through that
    door and you should see a small garage back door.  Drag him through that door
    and drop him.  Take his clothes and the berretta.
    1c. Alternative
    "I know another way to kill the guard that walks out through the door in the
    archway to pee. It doesn't really help but its kind of fun to do. Here's what
    you do. Go to the door and open it, stand there long enough for him to notice
    you then run and stand next the archway and face the wall. If you did it
    correctly then the guard will just stand there and eventually walk away,
    thinking that you're another guard or something. Now you can sneak up behind
    him and kill him. This makes it a little bit easier because the guard will walk
    out faster giving you enough time to get the sniper rifle if you're usually to
    slow to make it." By Cd Rifle
    2. Taking out the Don
     2a. Sniper Rifle
    There is a sniper rifle in the garage.  It has three shots and can easily take
    out the don.  First go back out to the hills where you start.  On the farthest
    balcony, the Don should be practicing his golf swing unless you are too slow.
    Take careful aim and shoot.  As long as you do not give yourself away, you
    should be able to not raise alarms about the Don being dead.  The only problem
    is that it's very hard to get to his body and get the key to the basement.
     2b. Piano wire or a weapon of choice
    Sneak to the back of the mansion as soon as possible.  There is a ladder on the
    left hand side.  Climb up the ladder and sneak to the second door (The door to
    the right).  Open the door and piano wire him.  You should leave him there.  By
    the time the maid finds him, you should be long gone.  Take the key and go to
    the basement.
    3. The basement
    The basement is very easy to find.  You can get there by the kitchen or
    outside.  The father is not there and Dianna will tell you that the Father is
    being dragged by two Russian looking characters and is not there.
    4.  Getting out.
     4a. Cars
    If you killed the Don's brother, you will have an easier time getting out.  He
    has the car keys on him and you should go to the garage.  Leave with style as
    you crash through those puny gates.
     4b. By foot
      Sneak outside and run towards the gate that the mailman first appears and you
    are done.
    Alternative mission plan by Mr. Ford:
    This is a quick and easy way to do the first mission In Hitman 2 Silent
    assassin. Although it may take you a few tries. First you will need to have
    either the custom rifle or the x-bow. Go take care of the guard who takes a wiz
    in the trees with chloroform, just leave him there then run back to your
    starting position. You can run to the left of where your start about 10 steps
    and all the way back as far as u can up the hill. Aim at the don; wait until
    his back is facing you at the far ledge (the ledge with the broken railing).
    Shoot him in the back (head with x-bow for sure kill) and he should fall OFF
    the balcony u can watch after u snipe him to make sure he does. This may take a
    few tries but its worth it then go take the guards cloths and walk slowly and
    carefully up the left wall when u enter the door stay as tight to the wall you
    can. (If the guard at the garage comes over to inspect you just get to the wall
    that is on the right of you and run to the other side of it and he should give
    up and walk back to the garage.
    Walk to the second tree you see then head across the road to the tree near the
    don get out of view and take the key. Then go back the exact way you came
    (watching out for garage guard) and then when at the door make your way to the
    basement. When you see the Father isn’t there walk slowly back out the door and
    leave the area. You have only pacified one enemy and you will most likely get
    100% stealth took me about 2 tries to get him off the balcony (custom rifle
    works best) but then its clear sailing.
    This may take longer but, if you want to use the normal (loud sniper rifle) you
    can. You chloroform the postman, hide him. Kill guard with fiber wire, hide
    him. Then use your regular rifle (or get the one in the garage) to kill the don
    the same way I said before. Although you killed a guard as long as he didn’t
    see you then it shouldn't count against your rating. I have done it this way
    but it just takes a bit longer that’s all.
    5c. Mission 2
    Suggested Equipment:
    1.	None
    1.	Kill one of the generals at the meeting
    2.	Do not harm anyone else at the meeting
    3.	Return to the subway train to escape
    Brown Soviet guard:
    White Soviet Snow Guard:
     AK 47
    Personal guards:
    Generals 1-4
     Target Video
     Map of the area
     Photo #1
     Dragonof (SVD) Rifle
     Berretta (9mm)
     AK 47
     Night vision goggles
     9mm ammo
     7.62 mm Sniper ammo
     Glass of water
    Weapon Locations
     Dragonof (SVD) Rifle is in the locker #137
     Berretta 9mm is in the locker #137
     9mm ammo is also in the locker
     7.63mm sniper ammo is in the locker
     AK47 is on the White Soviet Guards
    1a. Sniper
    This is the basic route.  You can be stealthy and still have an easier time
    taking out the target.  First do not go after the rifle so soon.  You want the
    white soviet uniform first before walking around with it.  Go up the stairs and
    keep going up the stopped escalator.  Turn left and you should see a white
    soviet guard there.  You can take him out but there is another uniform more
    easy taken.  Go down in that locker room and there should be a metal door to
    your right.  Go through that door and there will be another door leading to the
    sewers.  Pick the lock and make sure the guard isn’t near or he will come and
    shoot you for no reason what so ever.  Run all the way towards the end.  Go up
    the ladder and check your map.  You will see a single guard stopping near the
    two other guards at a roadblock.  Wait till the guard walks away and sneak to
    the truck.  A uniform will be there.  Go back through the sewers to the locker
    #137.  You will find all you really need for the job.  Walk outside of the
    subway area into the snow.  Turn right and go around the building.  Turn right
    again into the alley and then left.  Make another turn right and head towards
    the building on your map.  Go to that building and go up 4 flights of stairs to
    a small bedroom with a cracked open window.  You should see three generals and
    one pacing through out the room.
    The Target
    He is over 60 years old.
    He is right handed.
    He is a heavy drinker and is a non-smoker.
    He is in full uniform and is bald.
    If you still cannot figure him out, it is the closest one to the window sitting
    down.  Now as quickly as you can go down to the street, making sure no one is
    alarmed of you.
    1b. Piano wire
    This is a lot harder to do since there is no immediate uniform to take without
    having it to be a real problem.
    2. Escape
    You have only one escape route.  You can take the sewer back to the subway or
    walk back the way you came.
    5d. Mission 3
    Equipment Suggestion:
    1.	Anesthetic
     1. Kill the second general
     2. Kill his mafia connection.
     Berretta 9mm gun
     Dragonof (SVD) rifle
     Car bombs
     Night vision Goggles
    White Soviet Snow Guards
     AK 47
    Black Suit Guards
    General #2
    Soviet Mafia
    Personal Drivers
    Mission 3 Notes:
    This mission isn't hard; it’s just very annoying.  There are too many guards
    for my liking but I love the way you come into the level.  Mr. 47 tells Dianna
    to take the standard pay and to triple it.  She agrees and you are to continue
    your profession.  Make sure to quickly get your supplies before the snow guard
    comes and tells you to go away.
    1a. Car bombs
    This is the path many of you whom have played the original know about.  Quickly
    head towards the garbage canisters and behind them is your equipment.  Take
    only the car bombs, ammo and the 9mm.  The guard will run up towards you and
    tell you to go away.  Go down into the sewers.  Check your map and head to the
    southwestern sewer exit.  You should see the underbelly of a limo.  Place the
    bomb and then onto the next car.  Go up towards the northeastern exit out of
    the sewers.  Once outside you should see you are near a box.  The limo driver
    has drunk too many diet sodas and takes a pee frequently.  Take him out with
    your knock out drops and take his uniform.  Walk up to the limo and set the
    bomb.  Now you can escape onto your speedboat.
    1b. Sniper rifles are raining bullets
    This path is a lot harder than the first path.  You cannot just grab the rifle.
     You need another uniform.  Go up to the church (on your map, it should show up
    as a cross road sign).  What for the guard outside the side door to go to the
    behind the building and pick the lock.  Run up until the very last of the
    stairs.  Sneak behind the whistling guard and take him out.  Take the uniform
    and go back towards the rifle.  Holster the weapon and go back to where you got
    the uniform, to the place over looks the park.  Be sure to be quick and take
    the shots.  The guards are alarmed and go to the exit.
    5e. Mission 4
    Suggested Equipment:
    1.	Anesthetic
    1.	Find your equipment in the army depot marked “FCK.”
    2.	Kill the third general, Mikhail Bardachenko
    3.	Free the prisoner from the 2nd basement.
       4. Escape by blowing up a weak sectional of the base.
    Optional Objectives:
    1.	Knock out the surveillance camera system
    2.	Find a officer uniform
    White snow soviet
     AK 47
    Officer soviet
     AK 47
    General Bardachenko
     Combat Knife
     SD Berretta
     AK 47
     Berretta (SD, and Non)
     Combat Knife
     Dessert Eagle
     Mag (.50mm) ammo
     Cell phone
     Bomb trigger
    Mission 4 notes:
    This is all about timing.  If you are having problems navigating through the
    sewer, just look at the map (m).  Make sure you don't kill anyone.  This time,
    you will not be able to kill anyone except the target.
    1a. Sneak through
    There is only one real path on this level.  First go to the first exit out of
    the sewers.  Again check the map.  When you exit the sewer, sneak towards the
    first guard you see.  He will stop long enough for you to quiet him.  Take the
    uniform and the AK 47.  Check the map for the hitman logo.  Walk towards it
    while using the green crates as cover.  The game will tell you that the truck
    is starting up.  Take the equipment and sneak towards the back of the truck.
    Crouch down until the truck stops.  Get out and go to the right front side of
    the truck.  Wait for the guard to walk back inside the building.  Run towards
    the back of the green crate near the door in the alley way.  There is another
    AK 47 near the right wall as you enter.  Wait for the guard to walk out and
    towards the truck again.  Walk in and be sure to notice where that single guard
    is in the building.  Go up the stairs in the office is a dessert eagle and Mag
    ammo.  Go towards the lift or elevator.  Go down and you will be awarded a
    save.  When the elevator stops, you will see a guard with his back towards you.
     Wait for him to start walking.  Follow him slowly and use the sections taken
    out of the wall to avoid guards.  There will be two entrances to the video
    surveillance room.  One will have an officer while the other at the far end
    will not.  There is another AK in the gated room at the end.  Go through the
    second door.  Walk near the platform near the two guards sitting down.  Go
    through the door you see, not the one with the (-) sign.  That area is empty
    except for one guard.  Turn out into the long hallway.  You should be coming up
    near a room with a ! on the map.  This is the camera system.  Pull out your SD
    berretta and shot the panel on the console in the center.  The camera system
    will be knocked out.  Go out towards the hallway.  Go down the hallway.  The
    room most southeastern has the officer uniform.  Go in there and change.  Now
    walk towards the second elevator.  There is one guard walking the hallways and
    one room with three guards in the outer ring room.  Go towards the observation
    room, and pick the lock.  You will see the general smacking a familiar face (to
    those who played the first).  Pull out the old SD pistol and take out the
    general.  Climb through the window and take the prisoner back towards the
    elevator.  A guard somehow knows you are doing something and hits the alarm.
    Do not panic and just go towards the sewer room with the weakened wall.  Go
    into your inventory and arm the bomb.  Set it off and run towards the exit.
    5f. Mission 5
    Suggested Equipment:
       1. Anesthetic
       1. Take out the last general
       2. Secure the suitcase
    End mission award: None
    Black suit guards
    General #4
     .45 Pistol
     Kitchen knife
    Male Guests
     9mm Berretta (SD and non)
     Sub Machine Gun
     .45 pistols
     Kitchen knife
     Champagne Glass
     Door key
     Dust Broom
     Cocktail Tray
    Mission 5 notes:  The equipment near the front has many things you could want.
    Take the poison and anything else.
    1a. Invitations and black suits
    Well for once, no one will just sell you a suit.  No matter though, you should
    be able to pick one up and an invitation.  Just wait for an invitation carrying
    person to come near the entrance.  This will be a more complicated matter
    because of the 4 guards near the entrance.  You cannot kill innocents so bring
    the old anesthetic.  (Don't you feel bad leaving poor guy in the freezing snow
    in their underpants?)
    1b. White suits and champagne glasses
    When you get off the boat, you should see a waiter taking a smoke.  Knock him
    out and take the uniform and door key.  Know you can enter.  Do not go through
    the garage door.  There are too many guards through there.  Instead go through
    the front entrance and go to the kitchen.
    1c. Entering as yourself
    Well, one mission where dressed as yourself draws even less attention to
    yourself than in uniform.  You can walk straight inside.  Just go to the side
    entrance and pick the lock.  Walk up towards the entrance and you are in.
    2a. Poison wine
    This is one of the ways to get the last general.  Go to the kitchen in your
    waiter uniform.  Have the glass in your hand and then select the poison.  You
    will line the glass with it.  Do it with each glass and put them back.  Make
    sure to watch out for the chef.  He will turn around every once and awhile.
    There is a kitchen knife in there if you want it.
    2b. Berretta to the head
    Check the map for a red position marker for him.  You can piano wire him
    easily.  He is a womanizer and loves to be around the maid.  The maid will run
    if she finds you doing the deed.  She won't pin you easily though and you can
    slip through the confusion.
    3a. The suitcase
    Now there are four safes, two on each floor.  The ambassador has the
    combination.  The only problem is that whenever you follow him into the main
    hall with all the other guests the agent will hold him up with a 5.45 pistol.
    Follow them and the agent will shoot the ambassador.  Pop him in the face with
    the SD berretta.  Take that suitcase out of the safe and exit.  You are now
    5g. Mission 6
    Suggested Equipment:
    1.	Kill Hayamoto JR
    2.	Plant Bug on Hayamoto JR’s Corpse
    3.	Escape
    Additional Files
    1.	Target Video
    2.	Location Map
    3.	Hayamoto JR
    Black Asian Suits
    White T shirt Asians
    Fat guard
    Female Serving girl
     Kitchen Knife
     Poisoned fish
    1a. Getting inside
    The first thing to do is to get near the large rock near the right wall.  Wait
    for the two guards nearest you to walk away before running towards it.  There
    will be a single guard next to the large garage.  Wait for him to turn his back
    and then go into the garage.  There will be a broken old car.  Use the horn and
    run and duck behind the door.  A guard will come to investigate the noise.
    Remove him and take his clothing.
    2a. Killing Hayamoto
    The most silent way is to first go towards the (!) on the northern center part
    of the house. There will be a change of clothing for you.  Change and wait for
    the two guards in the hallway to leave.  Go to the kitchen and cut a piece of
    the poisoned fish and plant that with the transmitter on the sushi.  The
    serving girl will take this to the JR to eat.  You are done.
    3a. Leaving the party
    You can leave the same way you entered near the giant rocks you started at.
    Just make sure you don’t attract any attention and you will do fine.
    5h. Mission 7
    Suggested Equipment:
    1.	Find the secret passage
    End mission award: None
    White Ninjas
    Black ninjas
    White Ninja Snipers
     Custom Rifle
     SD SMGS
     Night Vision goggles
    Additional Files
     Target Footage
     Area Map
    1a. Underground route
    This is the safest passage to the castle.  Use the binoculars to track the
    snipers eyes and make your way towards the truck on your map.  There will be a
    single snow ninja there.  You can take you things quickly before he turns
    around and faces you.  Getting into the underground tunnel is a lot harder than
    getting out.  The easiest way through is on the trucks that go through.  Just
    wait for the truck to come out and stop.  Get in and let the truck do all the
    darn work for you.  Make sure you are ducked and all the way in the back so the
    guards checking do not see you.
    1b. Overland route
    This one is a lot harder.  Not only will you have to contend with snow ninjas
    but also snipers.  It’s all about timing again and just wait for the right time
    to pass.
    5i. Mission 8
    Note – Xs indicate power generators
    Suggested Equipment:
    1.	Get to the castle undetected
    2.	Wait for Briefing on alarm grid
    End mission award: None
    Snow ninjas
    Snow ninja snipers
     Custom Rifles
    Black ninjas
     SMGS and SD versions
     Custom Rifles
    Additional files:
     Target Footage
     Area Map
    1a. Patients
    Getting to the castle is quite a lot of time, so get a drink and lets get
    ready.  The binoculars come again quite handy when it comes to spotting
    sniper’s eyes and guards.  Just getting there takes huge amounts of time.  Once
    Diana contacts you, go after the right generator right to the castle.  A snow
    guard is there so do what you do best.  Turn of the generator and go onto the
    next one.  Do not go into the first long alleyway in the castle.  A large
    number of snipers are there.  The second (hidden) generator is in the right
    second wall divider inside the castle with two guards.  Wait for them to move
    or remove them and turn off that generator.  The last one is near the right
    front wall inside of the castle.  Watch out for snipers again.  There is a
    small crack on the top wall near where you are.  Drop down it towards the inner
    courtyard.  Turn of the generator and go towards the exit.  Do not worry if you
    do not make a silent assassin award the first time.  I barely did it the 6th
    time I played.
    5j. Mission 9
    Suggested Equipment:
    1.	Eliminate Hayamoto
    2.	Secure the missile guidance system
    3.	Escape
    Addition Files
    Snow ninjas
    Black ninjas
    Serving girl
    Asian “girl of the night”
     Special Keycard
     SMGS and SD versions
     .22 pistol
     Special card
    1a. Entering the castle
    Go towards the first right wooden arch.  There is a hidden door there.  Go
    through the door and towards the stairways.  Make sure to sneak and to stay off
    the wooden floors as much as possible.  There is another hidden door on the
    wooden wall.  Open that door and go through.  To the right of you, you should
    see a card on the shelf.  Pick that up will allow you deactivate most laser
    beams.  There might be a white ninja praying you can take him out or let him
    walk away.  What you really need is the black ninja suit.  At the bottom of the
    castle are three rooms.  First go to the third one through the right hand door.
     Sneak because there are two ninjas in the room.  Grab the uniform and then you
    can go to the left room.  Deactivate the lasers and grab the bomb, remote and
    the SD SMGS.  Go back towards the upper room with the squeaky floorboards.  Go
    and deactivate the lasers and go on up.  There is a dojo here with one guard.
    Just walk up the next set of stairs. The fourth floor has the female companion
    from the first hitman.  She will give you a card and say to take her with you.
    You can take her if you want but it makes no difference in the game.  Go down
    the 1 set of stairs again and make your way towards the other end of the hall.
    You can strangle the old man, get his card, and go through the window.  Go back
    to the laser stairway and go all the way down to the basement floor. Deactivate
    the lasers and grab the guidance system and the .22.  Sneak towards the
    helicopter and escape.
    5j. Mission 10
    Suggested Equipment:
    1.	Find and Kill Charlie in the basement.
    2.	Disable the surveillance system for direct elevator.
    Malaysia guards
    Male and female bank clerks
    Fire fighters
    Pizza boy
     Pizza box (Ha, didn’t guess that one, hu’h.)
     Dessert Eagle
     Smoke bomb
     Night vision
     Computer bug
    1a. Smoke bombs and firefighters
    This method involves getting to your locker #137 of course.  There will be one
    annoying guard in there but its no matter.  Grab the smoke bomb and equipment
    and head towards the laundry room.  Drop the armed smoke bomb and any weapons
    down the tubing.  The smoke bomb will set off the alarm and everything will go
    crazy.  Pick one fire fighter and knock him out.  Take his clothing and axe and
    hide the body.  Go towards the elevator and go down.
    1b. Pizza
    A note will appear telling you if Charlie (the hacker) has ordered a pizza.
    Follow the pizza boy until it is safe to knock him out.  Take the uniform and
    pizza.  Make sure you do not have any weapons.  You can use the laundry tubes
    if you want your firearms down stairs.
    1c. Guards
    Just follow a guard in a security office and take his clothing and weapon.
    2a. Elevator
    Go down the elevator.  Just watch out for those blasted guards.  There is a
    security room with two guards.  There is a lock box with a berretta.  Go down
    to Charlie’s room.  Open the door.  This is a stereotypical gamer’s room
    littered with pizza and soda.  Just watch out for the chips on the ground and
    you should do just fine.  Piano wire him and you will find out he has a twin
    3a. Computer systems
    The security room has the computer that has the security system on it.  Shoot
    the monitor and run towards the elevator.  You win.
    5k. Mission 11
    Suggested Equipment:
    1.	Plant hacking device
    2.	Find an exit
    End mission award: None
    Malaysia guards
    System Administrator
     Key card
     Computer programmers
     Berretta and SD
     Key Cards
     Night vision
     Additional Files:
    1a. System Administrator
    Check out the map and go towards the system administrator’s room.  Along the
    way you can quietly “persuade” the programmers to lend you their clothing.  Go
    into the guy’s room and quiet knock him out or not.  Take the keycard and go
    towards the server room and plant the bug on the computer.
    2a. Exit
    Unfortunately the only exit involves the glass skyway window, shoot through the
    window and make your way towards the bridge.  Go up the scalpel and you are
    5l.Mission 12
    Suggested Equipment:
    End Mission Awards:
    Malaysia guards
    Female bathing suit guards
    Backup guards:
    Bank clerk
     Dragon Statue
     Wade of cash
    Additional Files:
    1a. The mission is easy
    First sneak along the side of the building past two huge windows.  Jump over
    the side retaining wall into the small area.  You will see a female clerk
    playing on the computer. Soon she will leave and then it is time to work.  Go
    through the door and you will soon see another one.  Go through this door.
    Smash the fuses and run back to the office with the painting.  Slide it open
    the painting and there will be a safe behind it.  Open it and grab the cash.
    Close everything and go to the living room with the piano.  The statue will be
    there.  Grab that too and go to the hot tube room.  There are a lot of female
    guards willing to give Charlie “boom, boom.”  Strangle his ass and go to the
    elevator.  If you did this correctly, you would still be under the cover of a
    black out.
    5m. Mission 13
    1.	Eliminate Lieutenant Ahmed Zahir
    2.	Get map of location of warheads from lieutenant
    3.	Eliminate Colonel Mohammad Amin
    4.	Get key from Colonel
    Additional Files:
     Target Video
     Map of Area
     Lt. Zahir
     Col. Amin
    Suggest Equipment:
    1.	None
    Middle Eastern Guards
    Lieutenant Ahmed Zahir
    Colonel Mohammad Amin
    Middle Eastern Peasant
     SVD Rifle
    1a. Lieutenant
    Run towards the back of the Lieutenant’s sleeping area.  Pick the lock quickly
    and enter the home.  Sneak up the stairs to find him taking a nap.  Piano wire
    him and take the map.  Grab the map and berretta.  Take his clothing and go
    towards the gate on the map.
    2a. Rifle
    There will be a small place with a SVD rifle to the right of the gate.  Grab
    the rifle and the ammo and go towards the bazaar near where you start.  There
    are two guards at the front. Nearby there is a ladder and couple sets of
    stairs.  Go up these to the open windows on the top of the bazaar.  Wait for
    him to appear and shot him.  Drop the gun and enter through the back of the
    bazaar.  Take the key and go to the exit.
    5n. Mission 14
      1. Find your contact – Get the weapon
      2. Kill the local Khan
      3. Spare the UN-Troops
    Suggested equipment:
    Additional Files:
    Map of Area
    Abdul Malik
    Sheik’s Limo
    Middle Eastern Guards
    Local Khan Abdul Malik
    Middle Eastern Peasants
     M195 Rifle
    1a. Get to your contact
    First go as quickly as you can without alerting any guards.  Make sure to look
    at the map and study it a bit before you go on.  There are guards everywhere
    and those darn towel heads keep appearing out of nowhere.
    2a. Sniper
    Go east to the first stairway you see.  Go up the stairs and the ladder and
    crouch down.  Wait for the Khan to appear in his limo and shoot him.  Take him
    down and quickly leave the area.
    3a. Exit
    Go to the exit and the mission is done, the silent assassin way.
    5o. Mission 15
    Note – The X indicates where Yussef Hussein is.
      1. Access the base
      2. Kill Yussef Hussein
      3. Transport the cargo to the surface.
    Additional Files:
    Target Video
    Map of Area
    Lt. Hussein
    The cargo
    Suggested Equipment:
      1. Antistatic
    Middle Eastern Guards
    Lt. Hussein
     Dessert Eagle
    Tortured Prisoner
     Desert Eagle
     Playstation 2: Hitman 2 games
    1a. Access
    The base isn’t too hard to get into.  Just wait for the guard to turn or leave
    the area around the circular entrance.  Pick the lock and you are inside.
    2a. Generators
    In the middle of the base, there is a small generator.  You can turn that off
    so that it is easier to move about the base.  Remember though, before you can
    get the cargo up to the surface you need to come back and restore power.
    3a. The Lt. Hussein
    The general is on the eastern part of the underground base.  If you are still
    having trouble, search for the tortured prisoner.  He will tell you of the
    Lt.’s location.  Go in and piano wire him.  Take his clothing.  You can drag
    him back into his little shack of a closet.
    4a. Cargo
    Go up towards the cargo in the northwestern part of the map.  Make sure to be
    careful and if you kill anyone make sure the corpse is not in the path of the
    elevator doors.  Now you must clear the area for the helicopter.  The guards
    should still be knocked out.  If they are still awake, put bullet holes in
    their heads and the mission is done.
    5p. Mission 16
      1. Meet with the Agency’s contact
    Additional Objectives
      1.Kill the two assassins
      2.Take pictures of them
      3.Bring them back to the contact
    Additional Files
    The Hijack
    Cult Leader Ji
    Map of Area
    Suggested Equipment:
      1. None
    Orange cultists
    Assassin (golf hat) 1
     R93F rifle
    Assassin (sun glasses) 2
     SD Berretta
     Dessert Eagle
     Dessert Eagle
     SD Berretta
     SP Shotgun
    1a. Finding your contact
    The contact isn’t hard to find.  It is his additional objectives that are
    annoying.  The first assassin is in the first market square.  He will be
    wearing a bucket hat and sunglasses.  He is on the second floor overlooking the
    area.  The best thing to do is to walk under the overhanging areas and make
    your way to the central open market area.  Go up the stairs and sneak behind
    him.  Strangle his ass and take the picture.  The second assassin is the harder
    of the two.  He will be similarly dressed as the first and he has the SD
    berretta with him.  I recommend is to take the second one out slowly.  Saving
    the game is a good idea at this time.  You may however just want to pull out
    your SD berretta out and shot him.  Remember to take the picture.
    2a. Contacts and escape
    Go back to Agent Smith and he will thank you and pass out.  Be careful when
    exiting that no additional assassins rush in and kill the agent.  Make your way
    to the exit and be done with this mission.
    5q. Mission 17
    1.	Pick up the key to hiding place
    2.	Kill Dr. Von Kampard
    3.	Hide the body of Dr. Von Kampard in hiding place
    4.	No civilians must be killed
    Suggested Equipment:
    1.	Anesthetic
    Orange cultists
    Brown suited guards
    Dr. Von Kampard
    Rich white patients
     SD berretta
    1a. Entering the place
    There are two methods of entering the place.  The first is to wait behind the
    boat until the guard comes walking along.  He will turn his back and you can
    silence him.  Take the clothing and go to the second entrance.
    1b. Entering via the sewer
    There is a large open sewer on the far side of where you start.  Go through the
    sewer and make sure that the guards do not see you.  If you are having trouble
    still getting in, take the guard’s clothing before you enter the sewer.
    2a. Keys
    If you do not have a uniform, there are several orange cult ones near the lower
    left hand rooms.  Use the connecting room doors to get around if you came
    without the uniform.  If you already have a guard’s uniform, go towards the
    hitman logo on your map.  There will be a guard in there and he will take a
    bathroom break.  Walk towards that room and obtain the key, poison, and SD
    3a. Getting a check up
    Now the next thing you will want to do is to get a patient’s uniform.  The
    uniform is in the northeastern room.  Grab the clothes and you are able to walk
    straight north into the guarded circular room.  Go up the stairs.  The guard
    will compliment you on how you look.  Go into the doctor’s office.
    4a. Two ways of paying
    The doctor is a stuck up person in my opinion.  You have two options in doing
    the deed.  You can wait till she is up near the window.  You can either poison
    her water or you can piano wire her.  Now check your map incase of any of her
    stupid patients decide to visit her.  Now drag her into that room with the huge
    red circle on the map.
    5a. Exit
    Go back towards where you started the mission.  Jump onto the boat and drive
    off.  You are done.
    5r. Mission 18
    1.	Kill the cult leader
      2. Escape the hospital island
    Suggested Equipment:
    1.	None
    Outer orange cultists
     UZI or SMG
    Outer Brown suit guards
     UZI or SMG
    Inner orange cultists
     Desert Eagle
    Inner Brown suit guards
     Desert Eagle
    Cult Leader
     .22 pistol
     .22 pistol
     Desert Eagle
     SVD Rifle
     Night Vision goggles
    1a. Getting in
    First go around the outer ring of the parameter.  Watch out for the guard on
    the speedboat and one near the boxes.  Do not go up the first set of stairs you
    see.  Check the map to see a (!) on the lighthouse.  Keep going around the edge
    to the lighthouse.  You will see a lone guard with a SMG and a pool.  Sneak
    behind him and take the cult clothes.  You do not even need to bother with him.
     Walk northeast into the mountain path to the western side of the building.
    There is an open window.  Climb in and take the doctor’s uniform, and the
    anesthetic.  Exit that place.
    2a. Checking the patient
    This method involves getting to the hitman logo on your map.  There is a nurse
    is sitting in front of the door.  The only ways to get in is to drug her or to
    jump from the skylight on the second floor.  Grab the night vision goggles.  Go
    to the elevator and go to the basement.  The two doctor’s offices have scalpels
    for you.  The room on the southern wall has the generator room.  Pick that lock
    and go in.  Turn off the generator and make your way past the guards into the
    one that has the cult leader.  Use the night vision goggles to see better.
    Pull the scalpel and end his life.  You can turn on the generator back on or
    you can take several stairs.
    3a. More speed boat exits
    Time to leave the hospital.  Go back towards the speedboat you came on.  Hmm,
    the exit has only one exit and the rest have been blocked off (what could it
    be?).  A clone fires about two shots and then runs away.  Do not follow him.
    It’s a trap if you didn’t already know that by my sarcasm.  Go to the boat and
    end the mission.
    5s. Mission 19
    Mission 19 Notes:
    Play the mission first before reading on.  This is the mission that supposedly
    ties everything back together (poorly).  Never play an action game for the
    story.  Sorry but its true, Half Life is the exception.
      1. Kill Sergio Zavorotko
    2.	Escape to the metro
    Suggested Equipment:
      1. Desert Eagle
    Blue suit guards
     Desert Eagles or SP 12 shotguns
    Brown suit guards
     Desert Eagle
     W2000 Sniper rifle
     Desert Eagle
    Russian person
    Red running Russian
     SVD rifle (broken)
     Desert Eagle
     SP 12 Shotgun
     W2000 Sniper rifle
    1a. Another story
    I do not recommend going after the rifle in the locker.  In fact do not even
    repeat what you have already done.  Instead go through the front door of the
    building.  Someone will be shootings at you on the second floor.  Go up and you
    will see a cardboard cut out of Sergio.  Search around to find a clone of
    yourself.  Sneak behind him and piano wire him.  If not, it doesn’t really
    matter if you piano wire him or not, shoot him if you want.  Sergio will be on
    the line.  Take the clone’s clothing and drag him into a secluded spot.  Take
    the rifle and go back to the metro.  With the clone’s clothing you will be able
    to get onto the metro with no problems.  If the guards were alerted, then take
    the sewers back to the metro.  Be warned, there are guards done there.
    5t. Mission 20
       1. Kill all of Sergio’s guards
     2. Kill Sergio
    Suggested Equipment:
      1. All the handguns
      2. All the knives
      3. All the ammo
      4. M4 if you have it
      5. SP 12 Shotgun
    Blue suits
     Berretta or SP 12 Shotguns, or Custom rifles or SMGS
    Brown suits
     Berretta or SP 12 Shotguns, or Custom rifles or SMGS or SVD
     SP 12 Shotgun
    Father Vitorio
     Church Key
    1a. You don’t need me for this mission
    But if you do, thanks.  Basic it’s a run towards your gun shed.  Grab whatever
    you need.  Take your time and put headshots into the enemies. If the first
    objective doesn’t go away, make sure to look for any moving dots if you are
    playing normal.
    2a. Two ways for fun
    The first method of killing Sergio involves the custom rifle.  Go to the second
    story of the inner church area.  Aim towards the glass panel heart of the
    confession box.  You will shatter the glass and Sergio will be all pissted off.
     Crouch done and fire a headshot.  If not and he sees you it will be a harder
    to kill him.  Eventually, place all that bent anger into shooting him.
    The End
    -=-6. End Mission Rating
    The stealthier you are the better the rating you get.  This is affected by use
    of firearms, how many times you triggered an alarm, harmed and or killed any
    innocent people, and how many people you killed overall.  The best rating is
    the "stealth assassin" rating while the highest is the "mass murder."  Try to
    go for the "stealth assassin," rating because the cooler weapons are given to
    you as a reward.  Also try to use the least amount of saves as possible.  You
    would want to save them for the harder missions as well.
    From Silent to John Woo (Guns Blazing)
    Silent Assassin (Generally 0 kills, and no aggression)
    Professional (1-3 Kills and very little)
    Natural (Balance of kills and aggression)
    Executioner (More kills and almost full aggression)
    Mass Murder (Kill everyone and make sure they bleed)
    End Mission Silent Assassin Awards
    1.	SD .45 Hard Ballers
    2.	Sawed off
    3.	None
    4.	M4
    -=-7. Bugs
    1. One major bug I encountered is that for an unexplained reason, I will bug
    out and restart the game if I cause allot of chaos.  If you have the same
    problem and know the answer e-mail me.  E-mail me if you have any other bugs
    and solutions that are not in the readme.
    -=-8. Extra things to do
    1. Use the sniper rifle to clean out the place.
    2. Try shooting the fish in the back of the pond.
    3. Don't kill anyone except the target(s).
    4. Go crazy and use only firearms.
    5. Use the knife only.
    6. Shoot out every lamp.
    7. Dangle a body over the side of the roof and see if anybody notices.
    8. Use the shotgun excessively.
    9. Be a street fighter and use your fists.
    -=-9. Cheats
    Open up the HITMAN2.INI and type in these two lines.
    EnableConsole 1
    EnableCheats 1
    In my game, I didn’t see any console when I hit the ~ key.  Typing with the
    caps lock on did allow me to cheat though.
    IOIRULEZ - God Mode
    IOIGIVES - All Weapons and Items
    IOIHITLEIF - Health
    IOISLO - Slow motion
    IOIER - Bomb Mode
    IOIHITALI - Ali Mode
    IOILEPOW - Special attack Mode
    IOIGRV - The force of gravity Mode
    IOINGUN - Nail rifle
    IOIPOWER - Mega Power
    With the patch
    ~=Console menu
    Invisible 1=Invisible
    Infammo= Infinite ammo
    God 1= God mode
    Submitted by ACE
    -=-10. Credits
    FAQ written by Rojan
    Developed by IO Interactive A/S
    Published by Eidos Interactive Limited.
    Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is a Trade Mark of Eidos Interactive Limited
    Eidos, Eidos Interactive and the Eidos logo are trademarks of the Eidos Group
    of companies.
    All Rights Reserved.
    -=-11. Thanks to
    Justin Rose, for forcing me to finish this damm thing.
    CD rifle, for her info
    Ace, for the cheats

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