Review by DARKMorpha71

"This is truly the perfect GCN action game."

I have wanted to play this game ever since it came out on PC. Back then I had a junk computer, therefore rendering my attempts in vain. Then I got a GCN, and Hitman 2 came out on Xbox and PS2. I knew for sure someday it would emerge for GCN. And it did, and oh lord, was it worth the wait! In Hitman 2, you play 47, an genetically engineered ex. Hitman, who is brought out of retirement when his friend is kidnapped.

Graphics: 10/10

Perfection, simply perfection. Using it's revolutionary ''Glacier'' running system, IO Interactive and EIDOS have created the perfect action game. The guns, bodyguards, blood, bullet holes, death, destruction, environments, all are modeled accurately. Nothing is left out, dust is blown by the breeze, trees sway in the wind. The ''rag doll'' physics system used for bodyguards makes each kill an fun and exciting experience. Blood mists the air as bullets hit 47. Guns fly out of guards hands as you blow them away with your weapons. Ninjas drop to their knees and collapse as your katana slices through them. All is modeled perfectly. Perfection.

Music: 10/10

The music in this game is wonderful. Each chord strikes and adrenaline rush as you slowly creep up on your unsuspecting victim and slit his throat. All the tunes were placed perfectly, giving each level the perfect mood the creators were aiming for. Dramatic music during stealthy approaches, fast paced music during gunbattles, it's all good.

Sound: 10/10

Gunshots sound perfect as they ring out through the cold St. Petersburg air. The sound of a bullet embedding itself in your chest sounds just as it should. The guards alarmed cries and shouts as they discover you, the sound of 47 sloshing through the snow, the sound of glass shattering as a guard flies through it from a shotgun blast, the sound of a fresh clip sliding in, all of it sounds exactly as it should. The creators nailed all the sounds, and it makes for an enthralling experience.

Gameplay: 10/10

This game is the king of action/stealth games. No matter what level your in, no matter who the target, you'll find their are several alternate ways to dispose of your enemies. If you missed your chance to snipe the target, bust into the building and spray his room with hot lead. Stealth or Gunfights, it's always a choice you can make. Your never restricted to one thing, and you'll find yourself playing one mission again and again, even after you beat it, just to try out different methods. You collect new guns as you proceed, and it's nice to come back to older missions and unload on the enemy with an M4 or Custom Rifle. Sheer fun, excitement, PERFECTION.

Overall: 10/10

There you have it, great sound, wonderful music, perfect graphics, exciting gameplay, all rolled into one BEAUTIFUL package. This game should be first on your list of GCN games to get. BUY IT, NOW.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/28/03

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