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"This game sneaks up and slits the throats of all others!!!"

Hitman 2 silent assian is one of the best stratgy/shooter games I have ever played. If your looking for a game that takes a little more thinking than the shooting game this is the best. Its not one of those ''heres a gun, go up to a person and shoot things'' it takes skills and thinking if you want to master this one.

Gameplay 10/10
This is a very fun game to play, like I said before it takes more stratgy than most shooting games, but this isn't just any other shooting, it has different diffulcty settings and allows for so many different stratgys you can play it once or one hundred times and it will never get old, but it does have its down points like some content is unsuitable for kids so they slapped a mature rating on it. Other than that its one of the most inovative games I have ever played.

Story 8/10
You are a retired hitman with legendary skills but, now you just live in a church doing grounds keeping. Then, one of your friends, a priest, is take with nothing but a knife left in a package for you. You decide its time to call up your old agency and see what they know, unfortanatly they say you need to do a few jobs if you want the information. so, you dust off your pistols and decide its time to brush up on some old ''hobbies''. Then your off to do some jobs.

Graphics and sound 11/10
This games soars above the competiors in graphics and sound. You can hear every last cough when choking someone. When you have to crawl under a car you can see every last detail on the bottom. When useing your bonuclars you can even see somthing when you zoom in on a man peeing. The unrealistic thing is that every person you take chloths from seems to wear the exact same size as you. The music is perfect and changes when you sneak up on people, it had me jumping out of my chair. For once you can acutally understand what people are saying when the talk.

This game will have you hooked in the first ten minutes, sense there are so many stratgeys on each level you can play for hours on each level and, with that nagging rating system at the end of the level your always trying to be rated silent assian. Sense you keep what ever weapons you end the level with and you can only carry one rifle/hitting weapon you will play each level more than once for sure. Even when you beat it you will play it again.

Final recomendation
If you haven't already realized it I recomend this game 500% so go buy it and it will be worth it. So why are you still reading? Go now get it!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/28/03

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