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"Agent 47 makes another clean kill"

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin leaves off where the first Hitman game left off. Since there are numerous plot twists etc. I won’t go deeply into the story as not to spoil it. I am going to break this review down into 5 categories: Graphics/Gameplay, Sound, Control, and Shelf Life.

Graphics/Gameplay: The graphics in Hitman 2 are average to good at best. I HAVE seen better but then again I have also seen worse. I think a couple more months in development would have shot few kinks out of the graphics engine. However the character models are nice and overall graphically it feels nice. With a wide range of locales ranging from Russia to Japan the scenery has a nice pace of change to it. The towns and cities are decently mixed up although there is some repetitiveness in buildings it's still mixed up enough that it doesn’t get so bland that you get bored with it. The animations are nice and for the most part are really tight. Although there were a few times I strangled someone and the animation was slightly off. There are 3 modes of difficulty for novice to highly skilled players. There are many guns for you to collect and take your targets out with and many ways to do so. One thing I like about HM2 is the Rag doll Physics engine. When you drag someone or shoot them it is very realistic and if you’re a rather sadistic sick individual you can have some fun ''posing'' the dead bodies. However besides all the eye candy that HM2 throws out the main game play engine is very awesome. The thing I like about HM2 game play engine is the fact that you are not some pansy government secret agent who has to ask questions and shoot later. Your a contracted killer and your personality will show based on how you play. About 80% of the missions you could go all Rambo and kill everyone in sight of your aiming reticule. You could also play it cool and quiet and sneak past the guards with clever disguises and the. The choice is up to you and even in that respect there are multiple ways to pull off both styles in each mission. Granted there are a few missions where stealth is mandatory but those are actually far and few between. The game also rewards you for playing it stealthy you can unlock new guns and other equipment for getting a Silent Assassin rating for your mission. Overall the game is a great step away from the usual ''stealth action'' games. And is a good investment of your money.

Sound: Hitman 2 has the run of the mill sound effects there all there from gunshots to yells and screams of your victims. There is however some really nice BG music. It is rather subtle however it still sets the mood. Not much else to say about this part...

Control: The gamecube controller adapts quite nicely to the Hitman 2 control scheme. I guess there’s not a whole lot to say here as well as this mostly comes down to if you like the Gamecube controller or not. I can say however the controls are responsive and the learning curve is probably 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on how quick you adapt to new controller settings.

Shelf Life: This is where you will have a fun time trying to get the Silent Assassin rating on All missions will take a LONG time and countless hours of retries. It will make you want to rip your hair out in the sheer frustrating requirements to get it. However once you achieve your goal it is quite satisfying. As for unlockables there are some guns and a few other things you can unlock for the most part this area is dry on goodies. So it just comes down to how well you like the game. And if your willing to spend the time honing your Assassin Skills.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/15/04

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