Review by NoOneSpecific

Reviewed: 06/16/04

Wow, this game is awesome!

For those of you who don't want to read this review, I can tell you that Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is an amazing game. If you read any other review you would probably know that it has open-ended levels that try to make you think creatively.

While from a technical standpoint the graphics aren't amazing, but artistically they are really good.The graphics are colorful and are well used throughout most of the levels. The character models are also pretty good and they're motion captured too. Although this game has rag doll physics, which is a really neat effect, the characters really do seem like they have the weight of a rag doll. Another thing to point out is that the frame rate isn't always consistent because it tends to go down a bit when a lot of things are going on screen at once and when you're in a snowy outdoor area, but the slowdown doesn't make it unplayable.

SOUND 9/10
The sound effects in this game are really good. From the muffled sound of a silenced pistol shot or the slicing of a knife to the boom of a shotgun blast, it all sounds very good. The voice acting in the game is also good, 47(the main character) is voiced very well and everyone speaks the language they're supposed to. Although what is by far the best is the music. The music is done by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and Choir, and after hearing it for the fist time you will be amazed at how well it is done and how it creates the atmosphere. Hitman 2 has really good sound and the only thing that keeps me from giving it a 10/10 are some sound effect bugs, they're definitely not enough to ruin the atmosphere or the tone of the game though.

Although the other qualities in Hitman 2 are really good, what really stands out the most is it's gameplay. I've played the PC, Gamecube, and ps2 versions of Hitman 2,and although they all have good controls, the Gamecube version's streamlined controls are my favorite. Another really great thing about gameplay is that the levels are nonlinear so you can use multiple strategies to make the hit. Another thing is that you can disguise yourself as almost any unconscious or dead male in any level. Though that may sound like you could just take a person's clothes and fool everyone around you, it doesn't work that way. Usually you'll have to walk when you're around an enemy in disguise to avoid getting to much suspicion (you have a suspicion meter to warn you).

There is a lot of replayability in this game because you don't have to be stealthy, but if you are you could get a silent assassin rating by silently making the hit, and not being noticed by anyone. It's very rewarding when you come up with a good strategy and use it to get a silent assassin.

It's about $20 now and well worth your money.

Renting would be a good idea if you aren't a big fan of stealth/action games, but otherwise you should buy this NOW if you don't have it already.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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