swat looking bianci's attacks in Ultra V ?

  1. started playing the game again and i finished V-rated. I know the patterns for their attacks but in Ultra V u get no skulls. I have to use slow the whole time or take a beatin DX

    So whats the best way to recognize their pattern after the first hit.

    User Info: knes167

    knes167 - 6 years ago


  1. The second attack doesn't really have a tell. All you can do is slow down time right after dodging the first attack and pay attention to where they're going to swing at - it may take some practice.

    The third and fourth attacks are easier to dodge. The third attack will always be the opposite of the second (so if the second attack is high, the third will be low, and vice-versa) and the fourth attack will be the opposite of the second. It's not too hard to dodge their attacks as long as you don't get caught between multiple Cromarties.

    User Info: SirIlpalazzo

    SirIlpalazzo - 5 years ago 0 0

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