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    Boss/Shop Guide by BWood

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    Viewtiful Joe Shop Translation and Boss
    I - Shop Translation
    II - Beating the Bosses
    	General Tips
    	1 - Charles
    	2 - Davidson
    	3 - Gran
    	4 - Another Joe
    	5 - Alastor
    	6 - Leo
    	7 - King Blue
    	8 - Captain Blue
    I Shop Translation
    Cheeseburger - Same as what it does in the game. Seeing as you don't get your
    energy back between sections, can be useful if you are looking not to continue.
    Shocking Pink - 10 bombs. Hold down the Kick button to use it. If you are not
    sure, wait until lev 3, you can pick some up for free, try them out.
    Voomerang - 10 boomerangs. Hold down punch. Quite cool, and effect some bosses
    in interesting ways or may some enemies a *lot* easier, but never vital.
    Sliding - Down + kick. Slide along the ground. Sometimes good for linking
    combos together.
    Air Joe - In the air, alternate between punch and kick. Produces a nice mid-air
    Redhot Kick - Down + kick in the air. A downward slide kick, the angle of which
    is also sometimes good for collecting objects.
    Mach Speed 2 / 3 - After buying level 2, level 3 goes on sale. Increases the
    number of after-image Joes that appear during Mach Speed. Useful for getting
    the boxes in the background quicker, and level 3 is pretty much a must have for
    the first half of the final boss.
    Viewtiful Forever - When in the auto-dodge (during slow) zoom in. Can be
    already zoomed in when the dodge starts. Pretty useful, uses all your FX bar up
    but clears out all the enemies around you - and a dodge takes so much VFX you
    are pretty drained by this point anyway. Also very useful on bosses.
    Ukemi - just before you hit the ground after being knocked over, zoom in. You
    *cannot* do this move by just being zoomed in all the time, you have to do the
    zoom at the right point. Reduces the damage from knockdown moves, (most of
    which have *big* damage, making this quite useful.)
    VFX Turbo Charger - Speeds up the recovery of your FX bar. Buy this first. The
    very first thing you buy. It makes the game a lot easier, just because you will
    turn back into Viewtiful so much quicker, and have a lot more FX to use. No
    special move is better than this.
    Life - Add another life marker to the top of the screen. Starts cheap, gets
    expensive. Very expensive. In fact, *massively* expensive. But worth it,
    obviously - and toward the end of V-Rated, you won't have much else to spend
    money on.
    Take 2 - When you die, your hearts will just fill back up on the spot and you
    carry on. Useful for boss battles and the like, and stays pretty cheap.
    LIV - An extra life. Nice if you don't want to continue or need to get through
    a long section (first half of level 5 and level 6 come to mind) without
    continue points. But gets more expensive each time you buy one, until you reach
    20,000 at which point they will always cost this much.
    II - Beating the Bosses
    General Tips
    Fighting the bosses in the rock hard game comes down to one thing - a pattern.
    Especially on Adult, the bosses will repeat the same attacks until they die,
    never really getting any harder or bringing out any near-death attacks, so what
    you need is to find a pattern that eliminates all chance of being hit, and then
    just repeat this flawlessly. That is what this FAQ is here for. Then, the real
    skill in boss battles comes from dealing with when this pattern is broken - but
    it is best to avoid this altogether.
    Also, the best boss tip there is - a slow red hot one hundred (zoom and punch).
    Aside from Alastor (and Charles for the first time, because you won't have
    zoom) I have found this to be the best attack for hitting every boss. During
    the FAQ, this move will be referred to as the SlowZ-RHOH.
    The strategies are based upon my experiences on Adult and V-Rated modes, and
    will include tips for fighting them during level 6. I may later add to the FAQ
    to include info on fighting bosses in Ultra V-Rated.
    1 - Charles the Bat
    If you hit him whilst he is flying around, he will split up into a lot of
    little bats. Killing each of these will cause him a little damage, and gives
    you some Vs, but aside from using this to stop him throwing his boomerangs
    there is little point in beating him his way.
    When he does throw the boomerangs, you have two choices. Drop off the ledge and
    into the water below, and then run back to the start - if up jump as much as
    possible, you should not get hurt. This takes quite a lot of time though. You
    can also jump over them, and then watch carefully for when they come back. Use
    slow to dodge them if you feel things are a little tight, but make sure your
    VFX recovers before you attack him so that you have a full bar.
    Then he will hover for a moment - you will see dust blown up on the ground from
    his wings - and spiral up into the air. If you are unsure about dodging the
    falling stalactites, use slow to check their positions. Then Charles will move
    back and forth for a short while. Now is your chance. Again, use slow if you
    wish to make sure of a hit. Uppercut one of the stalactites up into the air so
    that it hits him. He will drop to the ground. You know have time to give him a
    pasting before he recovers and flies back up into the air. Be warned though -
    this recovery will hurt you if you are close. It is best to hit him in slow
    anyway for more damage, (and zoom if you have it), and so you will dodge his
    recovery so long as you have some VFX left. If you change back to Joe, get out
    of there.
    On level 6, if you dodge him when recovering then you can always just take it
    to a Viewtiful Forever and repeat.
    He will also sometimes perform a vortex like spinning move across the screen.
    He will do this four times in a row, at the height at which Joe is when he
    starts the move. If you slow him down, you can hit him out of it and then get
    dizzy hits like above.
    There is also another method of beating him, which in theory does not allow him
    to attack at all - but which requires some Voomerangs. By level 6 you should
    have picked some up, even if you never buy them. Anyway, after knocking him to
    the ground, proceed to lay into him as normal, but stop before he recovers and
    *before* you change back into normal Joe. Back away to a decent Voomerang
    distance and quickly hold down punch to start one up. When he recovers and
    flies up into the air, he will do a boomerang attack almost right away.
    However, unleash your Voomer before he does do - it will hit him, and knock him
    back to the ground. Your VFX should have recovered enough for another beating.
    Rinse and repeat. So long as your Voomers last, I don't see why you can't do
    this forever.
    On stage 6, be sure to collect all the film reels on the screen as quickly as
    possible. If you do so, you will get 60, and so an extra block of VFX, which
    will be vital here, and also set you up for another block during Davidson who
    comes next. To get the box in back ground, knock him down and use Mach Speed so
    your after images collect it, and for the ones too high to jump to, uppercut a
    stalactite into them during slow.
    2 - Hulk Davidson, the Rhino
    Hulk will react in numerous ways to various attacks, and knowing his reaction
    and the correct response is the way to beat him. The biggest problem here is
    the screen size - he will often be off screen, making it hard to tell if he has
    lost his axe, is about to charge, is jumping around, whatever. Use sounds as
    you guide here.
    His basic attack pattern is to jump into the air 2 - 3 times. The red splash
    which he lands will damage you, so don't get too close. If you move up close to
    him when he is on the ground, he will swing his axe and three skull marks will
    appear low. This attack with *always* be low, making it very easy to dodge. You
    can now hit him if you like, but even a SlowZ-RHOH will not do much damage. If
    you remain at a distance, then he will throw his axe at you. This will bounce
    around the room for a while, unless you get him, and then he will catch it
    If you stay close to him, then after 2-3 axe swings he will get ready to
    charge, (I believe he says something like "Time to say goodnight.") He does not
    "rev up" for very long before he charges, so get out the way by jumping onto
    one of the platforms above. It can be hard to tell when he has hit the wall
    even if you are on one of the lower platforms, but you will get a feel for the
    timing of this move after you have seen it a few times. If it hits you, will
    get a very big feel for it - ukemi can save you a little of that heartache.
    Once he hits the wall, you can lay out some big damage. Obviously SlowZ-RHOH is
    your best bet here. You will not really be able to see much of his reaction,
    but if you notice that he has turned around, if you see his axe handle blocking
    your attacks or if you see the big red skull mark of death (BRSMOD), turn
    around and Mach Speed out of there. It is best to *never* take this until you
    lose Viewtiful - always Mach Speed away somewhere during your last bar of VFX,
    at the latest.
    If you make a clean escape, the chances are he will return to bouncing and you
    can repeat this process. This is probably the best way to beat him, and if done
    smoothly it will go quite quickly and you may never see his other attacks.
    Another way is, when he throws the axe, slow to make sure it will miss you,
    then Mach Speed under it and lay into his unprotected hide. If you time this
    right, you can get a lovely SlowZ-RHOH into him without him getting away.
    If you attack him in slow or with a SlowZ-RHOH at any other time, he will block
    the attacks on the handle of his axe. Keep this up, and there is a good chance
    the big red skull mark of death will appear. This can be dodged, but this
    attack hitting the ground will also cause the napalm to fall from the ceiling,
    and probably lead to missile attacks, neither of which are good.
    However, if you attack in moderation, then eventually his axe will break. Now
    you can lay a beating on his unprotected self - although he is likely to call
    some Napalm or missiles which may cause you trouble. It can also be hard to
    tell where he is on the screen, and when he is going to get a new axe.
    If the napalm falls, and you get set ablaze, use Mach Speed to put yourself out
    before you get hurt. This is more an annoyance than anything, but it prevents
    you from being able to stand still and attack him as you will get damaged.
    If the desk in the back opens up, then missiles will come out. Using a slow
    zoom spinning kick will repel them easily, but also take quite a bit of VFX to
    get them all. If you do repel them all, and no napalm gets in your way, you may
    well find that he will lose his axe to the missile damage. Again, it can be
    hard to tell if he has or not, and often he will be collecting a new one before
    you realize the old one was gone.
    For safety, I recommend the close axe dodging charge technique, although you
    must be careful of his the charge attack because the damage is massive. During
    stage 6, collect all the film reels and when he hits the walls, Mach Speed
    rather than SlowZ-RHOH to get the boxes in the background. A box hidden behind
    the desk gives you 10 reels, and these + the others in the room + the ones from
    Charles will give you 2 extra blocks of VFX.
    3 - The Shark
    Probably the easiest boss, just because you can do *so* much damage to him.
    When it starts, run up to him and start a SlowZ-RHOH right away. He may start
    spitting stuff from his mouth, which you will dodge, or he will turn away and
    use the tornado like attack which will also cause you to dodge and push you
    Then he will start his main attack - flying through the air toward you,
    snapping his jaws. He will travel in a straight line for a short time - get a
    feeling for how long this is based upon how long the snapping sound goes on for
    and get into this rhythm. He will change direction 7 times, each time heading
    toward where Joe is at that point. I find it best to stay on the far left, out
    of water section of the screen, and lead him in a triangle.
    After the 7th time, he will start panting. Now is your chance. A SlowZ-RHOH
    will really cream him now, especially out of the water.
    Eventually he will use the spinning attack, or recover. Now he will probably
    head into the water. Follow him *right away*, because if he starts panting in
    the water he will get energy back. Catch up with him, and SlowZ-RHOH again,
    which will lead to you dodging again eventually.
    Now the screen will fill with water. He will spit out fish - either a set of
    piranhas who will chase after you (zoom spinning kick will take them out) or
    others which will just travel straight until they hit a wall. Then he will
    twirl and mines will appear. Quickly position yourself (preferably back up on
    the left side, which will be out of the water again later) with a mine directly
    between you and him. He may swim a little to position himself first, so be
    careful. Then he will start the chomping attack again. So long as I hit a mine,
    it will stick in his mouth. Move in for the attack, SlowZ-RHOH by all means but
    not for too long.
    The water will now go down, and it should be back to chomping. If you are
    close, he may throw things from his mouth again. However, even on stage 6, even
    on V-rated, you will not have to do this many times to kill him.
    4 - Another Joe
    Annoying because you can fight him for a long time without really getting
    The secret is to always keep as close to him as possible. He has two main
    attacks. When he says "Henshin a go go baby" spinning images will emerge from
    him, and either rotate around him or around you. You can destroy the ones
    around him with a zoom spinning kick (which is your friend during this battle.)
    If they are around you, he will also send images flying from the background.
    Don't slow down, but zoom and use the spinning kick repeatedly. The secret here
    is that you can zoom out to check what is happening and then zoom back in
    *without* stopping spinning, if you are quick enough. To deal with the images
    he is throwing and the ones around you, you will have to push your VFX to the
    max, and you won't dodge the images attacks in slow so there is no Viewtiful
    Forever get out clause. However, once you have tried this method a few times,
    as with everything, you will get used to it. Also, even on level 6, you should
    have plenty of VFX by now.
    If he says "Henshin a bye bye" then he will lay images across the platforms. If
    you can find and hit the real him whilst he is doing this, you can stop the
    attack, but this is quite hard. Otherwise, wait until he says it again - which
    means the images will start to attack - and start spinning. I sometimes find
    that jumping and then descending spinning can help. Also, this method is not
    100% perfect - unfortunately, although very rarely, the images will sometimes
    hit you.
    When he calls Six Machine, deal with the craft as quickly as possible. Two slow
    hits will knock it from the air, and then finish it off on the ground. I have
    tried using it's bombs / shot against the boss, but to no real effect. If you
    think there is something there, please try it, as it is one angle I have not
    fully covered. Anyway, Six will always drop a hamburger, which is very useful.
    Also, to get the boxes in the background on level 6, knock him to the ground in
    that area and then Mach Speed. There are maybe 2 burgers, the rest are Vs.
    If he is doing the shot attack, be careful. If you use slow, the shots will get
    bigger, just like they did when you used the craft on stage 3. These will then
    a lot more damage. If you hit him from above or below you will have an easier
    time preventing this.
    Now you just need to stay as close to him as you can. When he starts an attack
    he is vulnerable, so SlowZ-RHOH him. You will hit about 5 times and then he
    will spin kick, you will dodge. Viewtiful Forever if you like - it will kill
    any images nearby.
    Sometimes he will do a skull mark attack - be sure that you have actually
    dodged it before counterattacking and a SlowZ-RHOH will do a full 5. Sticking
    close to him and putting the pressure on is the way to do it. When jump between
    platforms to get to him, however, be careful not to zoom too early to start the
    SlowZ-RHOH - you will do the downwards dive and almost no damage, making him
    run away. He tends on hang around on the sets of platforms on either side of
    the generator, rather than at the end.
    5 - Alastor - The Midnight Thunderboy
    Here, do not use the SlowZ-RHOH. The first blow will send the poor thunderboy
    flying, and you will have tougher time doing more damage. Instead, don't bother
    slowing down, just do the move at normal speed. Even on V-rated level 6 this
    should get an energy bar each time.
    Alastor is not that hard because you can keep the pressure on him quite easily.
    The air raid is easy to dodge because when the move starts, a flicker of
    lightening (that won't hurt you) will show you where the move is going to hit.
    Just get out the way of this before the real attack comes.
    If he uses round trip, a slow zoom spinning kick will send the swords back at
    him, which - whilst not great damage - is better than nothing. However, he will
    throw a lot of swords, and so your VFX bar will not last to return them all in
    this way. Either hit them normally, or your double jumps to lure them up into
    the air.
    When lightening falls from the round things flying in the air, you have a few
    choices. Hitting one of them will stop it where it is. Jump on top of one and
    you can ride is around. These are not especially hard to avoid alone, they just
    make taking time to hit him a little harder.
    If he uses vortex, which is quite rare, at worst slow and dodge it. To be
    honest, I have seen this attack (and indeed stinger) so few times that I don't
    really know if you can take advantage of it in any way.
    If you knock him into the larva than he will appear dazed in the closest
    fountain. This is a great chance to RHOH him.
    His ultra violet kick can be dodged much like Captain Blue's kick, best to try
    and get under the arch of it and then hit him in the back. You can always knock
    him to the ground if you can find and hit him in the air, and just avoiding his
    attacks will give you plenty of chances to do so.
    6 - Leo
    Ok, this is the tough one. Definitely the hardest boss in the game.
    As soon as it starts, get up to a rock and Mach Speed punch it until you get
    set on fire. This will protect you from the fireballs. Then head toward him.
    However, *don't* attack him straight away. Instead, Mach Speed again on the
    closest rock to him, to build your burning time back up. As there is no
    "burning meter" or whatever, again, this relies on your experience with
    burning, and getting a feel for how long you need to attack for.
    Then hit him and immediately jump away. His flames will go out, but you will
    probably still have some fireballs flying around the area. If you start to
    attack him right away, these can easily hit you in the back. The rock you
    attacked before you hit him should have given you enough burn to make it
    through until the fireballs disappear - if you are not sure, use slow if any
    come close and jump between them.
    Once the fireballs are gone, move up to him. Skull marks will appear, so dodge
    his attack and then hit him 3 times in slow. He will attack again, dodge and
    then start to hit him in slow again. After 3-4 more his shield will break. Now
    comes the *vital* part, especially on V-rated - zoom in right away and get 2
    hits with a SlowZ-RHOH. Only 2. Then zoom back out and dodge the attack that
    Although this does not do a massive amount of damage, you will find that it
    adds up. Also, on V-rated, when his energy goes into the second-to-last bar, he
    will go *crazy*. Insane. Moving at a super fast speed, and become highly
    unpredictable. If you use this extra SlowZ-RHOH every time, you will only have
    to face this crazy beast once. If you don't, then you will have to face it
    twice, and even with full energy it can easily wipe you out.
    OK. So now he will start spinning on the spot. He with make two different types
    of growl - one for high attack, and one for low. Obviously there are also skull
    marks (unless you are playing Ultra V-rated... but let us not go there.) You
    can use the sounds, but I prefer to slow when he growls, see which one it is,
    and then unslow and react. After 5 dodges, he will be dizzied. SlowZ-RHOH him
    for 5 hits. He will leap into the flames.
    And then jump out again. At the moment he jumps out, I find it prudent to use a
    little Mach Speed and dash along the platform a little - there is a chance that
    he will decide to come out right on top of you. Then he will start to run
    around spitting out the rocks that you need to use to flame up. If you have to
    jump over him, do so in slow, just incase you have to avoid a rock. And, when
    you are on the ground, use slow to make sure the falling ones are not going to
    hit you. If you happen to dodge one when jumping him *and* when one comes down,
    this will probably rob you of Viewtiful, and may well get you hurt seeing as
    you won't be able to flame up in time.
    This boss gets really tricky when he decides to break his pattern, or when he
    stops on the edge of one of the gaps in the platform. In the gap case, just
    make sure you are well fired up before heading over. If he breaks his pattern -
    sometimes he will just decide to jump back into the fire without giving you a
    chance to hit him, for example - always think of what move his going to be
    doing next, and use slow to keep your wits and bearings. There is nothing worse
    them him leaping into the flames and then coming out right on top of you, but
    it can be avoided if you think clearly.
    It takes 10 or so times on V-rated to take him down, and with him getting
    harder at the end, you will need a lot of skill, patience, and practice, to
    beat him. However, the smaller, finer points I have detailed here will
    definitely help - get fired up again right before you hit him, make sure the
    fireballs have vanished before you attack him, use the SlowZ-RHOH after the
    shield breaks for that little bit more damage, Mach dash when he jumps out just
    in case.
    7 - King Blue
    As soon as it starts, he will be floating around in the background. He will
    actually come forward enough for you to hit him here, so do so.
    The key to air hitting King Blue is this. Jump, slow when you are alongside
    him, and punch. *Then* zoom in. This will prevent you from doing the downward
    dive in the air, which may make you lose your position. This is actually a
    great tip for the game as well, if you wish to do a spinning kick in the air or
    whatever and don't want the dive to come out. Anyway.
    Then just SlowZ-RHOH him. This first time, he will not attack, so you can go
    right to the end of your VFX, although best not to use it all.
    For his basic lightening attack, just *stand still*. This is one of the few
    attacks in video game history, that I can think of, which requires you to stand
    still to avoid it. But it makes sense.
    Then, the missile command tower will emerge from the ground, and King Blue will
    start to do crazy lightening attacks. Don't worry. When the tower starts to
    emerge, make sure you are right next to it. As soon as it is high enough, Mach
    Speed and start to pound it. Your after-images will fly into the background and
    hit Blue, *stopping his attack.* This lightening attack is very hard to avoid
    otherwise. When there is a big ship in the background, your after-images will
    also destroy that as well.
    Keep an eye out for the missiles in the background. Unfortunately, as far as I
    can tell, there is no way of telling if they are going to fly on high or low. I
    thought maybe it was related to them starting from the left or right, but it
    does not seem to be. Anyway knows how to tell this, let us know.
    But anyway, keep pounding the tower and watch out for the missiles. If they are
    high, you ignore them until the second-to-last one, crouch that one, then jump
    the last one. Use slow liberally until you know if they are high or low. If
    low, jump, dodge or punch the first one, and then crouch the second.
    Then finish off the tower using Mach. It will sometimes drop a hamburger (I
    think maybe on the 4th or 5th time.) Although the images will not do massive
    damage to him, it stops his attacks, gets rid of the laser from the background
    and all damage adds up.
    He will then do a normal lightening attack. Just stay still. If you jump, don't
    double jump, as the animation from this alone can be enough to push you into
    Now the Die Fighter attack. Double jump and kick or punch twice in the air to
    hang there for a moment - this should lead the fighters off. Then, using his
    now floating cane as a guide, drop down next to him, slow, punch, zoom,
    SlowZ-RHOH. If you do this for too long then the lightening from the cane will
    start up and hit you, so again, get a feel for how long you can push this.
    Normally into your last bar of VFX is OK.
    Then drop to the ground and crouch. Even at its lowest point, the lightening
    from the cane won't hit you if you are crouching. He will also make lightening
    rain on all sides, but just stay still.
    The big ship will have appeared in the background and so you will have the
    laser to contend with as well. If it is going to hit you when you are crouched,
    obviously you can't move, so slow and dodge it.
    Then the missile tower will come out again. Get some images out as quickly as
    possible to stop his attacks and destroy the big ship. Be mindful of the lasers
    movements here - you may have to dodge it before it stops completely.
    Which brings up back to the missiles, and back around. Rinse and repeat.
    Actually pretty... easy?
    8 - Captain Blue
    The full powered blue fights much like his earlier versions, aside from a new
    rain of lightening attack which is pretty tough to avoid. Actually, I am not
    sure *how* to avoid it.
    The best method I have found is, when it starts, double jump and then kick /
    punch to hang in the air *above* the effects of the lightening.
    However, he is quite easy to pressure. Keep close to him. SlowZ-RHOH will do
    plenty of damage even on a normal hit, and even on V-rated he does not have
    much energy.
    The times you are really looking to hit him is when his aura "disperses." If
    you dodge one of his skull mark attacks, or if the lightening uppercut misses,
    you will see the blue aura around him fly off, leaving him unprotected. Now you
    can SlowZ-RHOH him to your hearts content.
    He will often jump away from you and then quickly come back with a Captain Blue
    kick - Mach Speed under him, and then close from behind and get some hits in.
    He is basically a composite of the three versions your fought earlier, and so
    learning his attacks in these previous, more controlled conditions will help
    you a great deal here. He is really not that hard, though, especially after -
    dare I say - level 6.
    Version History
    Release 0.5 - Boss stuff based on Adult and V-Rated, as Joe. Shop translation
    with a few tips. Thinking of adding some stuff once I finish Ultra-V.
    Other Stuff
    Thanks to Capcom for the best, and hardest, action game since Devil May Cry. I
    fear that Ultra V may well be harder than Dante Must Die. Gotta love all the
    DMC references as well. "Trigger me baby!"
    In case you are wondering, all stuff relating to this game is the copywrite of
    respective owners and so on.
    Also, if you want to use this FAQ, or any part of it, or anything, please let
    me know. However, I really intend for it to just stay up on GameFAQs.com.
    If you have any pointers, questions, more tips, whatever, you can mail me on

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