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    Extra Characters FAQ by ripthesystem

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    Viewtiful Joe - Extra Characters FAQ version 1.00
    Written by thomas james burke (ripthesystem)
    e-mail: jsrfuture@msn.com
    Hello to all.
    I'm writing this FAQ for all those kids out there who want to know just 
    what it is they're going to be unlocking before they dip into the 
    harder difficulties of the game, or those who aren't skilled enough and 
    would like a synopsis of what the extra characters are like.  I've also 
    written it as a motivational tool for those who need the little extra 
    push to take a shot at V-Rated and Ultra V-Rated.  And finally, I've 
    written this FAQ because I loved this game to death and find it very 
    hard to put down.
    Onto the "legal mumbo jumbo" - without sounding too high up on myself 
    and throwing out the pseudo-legal crap that's in other FAQs, no other 
    sites aside from Gamefaqs.com may use this guide unless I'm e-mailed 
    about it and give permission.  If you want to use the FAQ on your site, 
    just drop me a line and I'll probably let you use it, so long as your 
    site doesn't contain any kind of questionable content.  Don't reprint 
    my guide, take credit for my work, try to sell it for money or change 
    anything in the FAQ, or anything along those lines without my 
    permission first.  Like I said, just throw me an E-mail me if you want 
    to use any portion of this FAQ, and odds are that I'll give in.
    If you wish to e-mail me to add some strategies in the character 
    section, please do.  I'm just writing this FAQ based on what I know - 
    any contributions will be greatly appreciated and you will be given 
    full credit for them.  Please don't e-mail with fanboyish statements 
    like "Captain Blue totally sucks!!!! or "Alastor is the best OMG WTF?!"  
    Such e-mails will be sent directly to the trash bin.
    Table of contents.
    1. Extra Characters Overview. 
           1.1 Unlocking Methods and Difficulty Hierarchy.
    2. Sylvia
    	2.1 - Sylvia overview and description.
    	2.2 - Advantages compared to Joe.
    	2.3 - Disadvantages compared to Joe.
    	2.4 - Tips while playing as Sylvia.
    3. Alastor
    	3.1 - Alastor overview and description.
    	3.2 - Advantages compared to Joe.
    	3.3 - Disadvantages compared to Joe.
    	3.4 - Tips while playing as Alastor.
    	3.5 - Fact or Fiction (unconfirmed information).
    4. Captain Blue
    	4.1 - Captain Blue overview and description.
           4.2 - Advantages compared to Joe.
           4.3 - Disadvantages compared to Joe.
           4.4 - Tips while playing as Captain Blue.
    5. Thanks.
    1. Extra Characters Overview.
    For those expecting the extra characters to have totally unique moves 
    exclusive to themselves, you're in for a huge letdown because they 
    don't have access to anything that Joe can't do.  Every character can 
    purchase the same exact moves from the shop and they all behave in the 
    same manner as they do when Joe uses them.  The bombs and voomerangs 
    work in the same manner, except each character throws a slightly 
    different voomerang.  They have slightly different names for the moves 
    which will be covered in their respective sections.  Don't fret - the 
    characters are different enough from Joe to warrant a change in 
    gameplay, as will be covered later.  
    The story sequences also change, but the dialogue is not really spoken 
    - it's just some gibberish dubbed over subtitles.  It's not nearly as 
    bad as some people make it out to be and the extra stories do have 
    funny dialogue.
    I don't know if I'll do a text-by-text of the story sequences - it 
    won't be in this update, and it would be a pretty big FAQ in itself, so 
    I would more then likely make it separate from this one.  You also 
    cannot pause the game during the story sequences, which would mean I 
    would need my girlfriend's help to copy everything quickly.  Still, if 
    I get enough requests, it may be done.  If Nintendo had used 
    conventional discs, I could've just done a text dump and called it a 
    Unlocking Methods and Difficulty Hierarchy.
    To unlock Sylvia, finish the game while playing on "Adults" mode.  
    Adults mode is available from the start of the game.
    To unlock Alastor, finish the game while playing on "V-Rated" mode.  To 
    unlock V-Rated mode, finish the game on "Adults".
    To unlock Captain Blue, finish the game while playing on "Ultra V-
    Rated" mode.  To unlock Ultra V-Rated mode, finish the game on "V-
    Viewtiful Joe has a quasi-new game plus mode.  Every time you finish 
    the game on a set difficulty, you can start over at level 1 on that 
    difficulty with all your life power ups, moves, lives and items.  
    However, if you finished on Adults or V-Rated, you may move onto the 
    next highest difficulty in the same manner.  The exception to the rule 
    is if you finish the game on "Kids".  If you finish the game on "Kids" 
    difficulty, you're stuck in Kids mode for good.  You cannot progress to 
    "Adults" from "Kids".
    You can backtrack in difficulty with no penalty.  For example, if you 
    finish the game on Adults, you'll open up V-Rated.  You can play 
    through Adults mode on this save as many times as you want in order to 
    acquire Viewtifuls for the remaining moves or to fill up your life bar.  
    Once you're ready, you can finish the game again and move onto V-Rated 
    with no problem.    
    Now, onto the characters!
    2. - Sylvia
    2.1 - Sylvia overview and description.
    Sylvia isn't all that much different from Joe, aside from the fact that 
    she runs much faster and has a double jump that reaches slightly 
    higher.  Sylvia's normal mode looks exactly like she does in the game.  
    Her "Viewtiful" mode is a basic cheerleader outfit which is the same 
    color green as her dress, along with knee-high white boots complete 
    with orange and white pom-poms.  Instead of Joe's cape, she has a long, 
    blonde ponytail that flows out of her helmet in the same manner.  Her 
    helmet looks just like Joe's, except that it's green and she has a 
    purple visor which covers her eyes. Sylvia's slow down punches have a 
    green glow to them, and her zoom attacks generate a green aura.  
    Sylvia's dodge moves also slightly differ - her high dodge is more like 
    a feint, and her low dodge more or less a "damsel in distress" fall.  
    While causing the enemies to dizzy, they randomly see hearts and angles 
    as well as stars.  She also throws voomerangs from her pop-poms as 
    opposed to throwing them from her helmet like Joe does.
    Move name changes:
    Red Hot Kick changes to "Cool Blue Kick."
    Viewtiful Forever changes to "Sexy Forever."
    Air Joe changes to "Air Sylvia."
    2.2 - Advantages compared to Joe.
    *Sylvia runs fast - real fast.  She's the fastest character in the 
    game, with her normal walk speed being a little less then everyone 
    else's mach dashes.  This goes for both normal and Viewtiful modes.  
    Her mach dash is almost like a teleport from point a to point b and can 
    get you out of nearly any situation.  Silvia can actually outrun 
    helicopters and jets with her mach dash.
    *Her double jump also reaches slightly higher then Joe's, probably 
    because she weighs less.
    *Sylvia is an ideal choice for "Rock On" combos due to her high speed 
    and the fact that her VFX bar drains much slower then Joe's does.  This 
    doesn't make her any more effective against bosses since you can only 
    get a certain amount of hits in on a boss before they revert back to a 
    pattern, but she does have more VFX to work with in terms of dodging 
    *If you play her correctly, Sylvia can make bosses which you require 
    you to keep constant pressure a cinch.  Fire Leo is easily run down 
    with Sylvia's awesome mach speed, negating the time he has to spit a 
    ton of fireballs.  Another Joe will never be able to get an attack off 
    if you fight him correctly and don't give an inch - easily done with 
    Sylvia.  Gran Blue probably won't be able to run off and heal himself 
    since you can stay on him with no problem.
    2.3 - Disadvantages compared to Joe.
    *Sylvia takes horrible damage.  In Viewtiful mode, Sylvia takes twice 
    as much damage as the other characters do.  In her normal mode, she'll 
    take four times as much damage!  Those who want to get a feel for what 
    kind of damage you'll be taking in the harder modes of the game can 
    just pick Silvia, constantly drain the VFX bar and try see what kind of 
    damage she takes from the enemies.  
    *Sylvia's dodges take some time getting used to.  They're not as 
    obvious as any of the other characters' dodges.
    *For every boss that Sylvia can keep pressure on, there's a few that 
    require precise timing in terms of when to attack in order to knock 
    them off.  One Hulk Davidson Axe swing will damn near kill Viewtiful 
    Sylvia - the Hulk Davidson charge would probably kill either version 
    outright.  Charles III isn't that difficult, but a few hits from him 
    could leave you reeling.  If Alastor somehow manages to pin you with 
    Air Raid and one of those lightning pillars, it's going to hurt.  
    Taking damage against any of these bosses as normal Sylvia would put a 
    serious hurt on, if not just flat out kill you.
    2.4 - Tips while playing as Sylvia.
    *Because Sylvia takes such horrible damage, the first things on your 
    buy list should be some extra hearts and the VFX charger.  Staying in 
    normal mode as Sylvia is absolute suicide, and the VFX charger will 
    help you maintain the lowest damage possible.  
    *Unless "Sexy Forever" has drained your entire bar, refrain from using 
    it because it will put you back in normal mode where you are suspect to 
    4X damage.  This is a good tip to begin with, but you shouldn't even 
    buy this move until you have at least the VFX charger and some extra 
    *Master using the Ukemi special move.
    *Make use of Sylvia's awesome speed while in the slowdown mode by 
    holding in "R" during a "Rock On" combo.  There isn't much that Sylvia 
    can't reach during a Rock On combo with a full VFX bar to work with.  
    Learn to mix this up in moderation with the slide and the uppercut.
    *Remember that not every fight in Viewtiful Joe is necessary.  You can 
    run from a lot of fights in this game, and if Sylvia is hurting, it's 
    better to use that awesome Mach Speed and run away.
    3. - Alastor
    3.1 - Alastor overview and description.
    Some people love playing as Alastor because of the obvious Devil May 
    Cry references he carries with him, but I find him to be a mixed bag.  
    Yes, he oozes style and substance, and he's probably the coolest 
    looking character in the game, but he carries a couple of big 
    disadvantages.  The biggest and most noticeable difference with Alastor 
    is that he does not automatically convert into "Viewtiful" mode when 
    the VFX bar charges the first bar up. Rather, you have to manually 
    activate Viewtiful mode (called a "Devil Trigger") by pressing the Z 
    button when the bar has filled up. While in the "Devil Trigger", 
    Alastor's VFX bar actually drains, putting him at a huge disadvantage 
    because you will spend the majority of time running around as "normal" 
    Alastor and being suspect to much larger damage. You cannot activate 
    the "Devil Trigger" until at least the first bar is charged all the 
    way.  Thankfully, activating slow, mach, or zoom powers in Devil 
    Trigger mode doesn't take any more of the VFX bar then it normally 
    would. It doesn't sound like much, but believe me, this is a huge break 
    from traditional gameplay.  
    The normal version of Alastor is somewhat hard to describe.  He looks 
    like a slightly more decrepit version of Joe without the hat, and black 
    hair that goes straight backwards and sort of spikes. He has an all 
    black outfit with a white sash around his neck that has some Japanese 
    lettering one it. If you can picture someone with a tie taken off after 
    a hard day's work just hanging around their neck, that's sort of what 
    the sash looks like. He has the Alastor sword from DMC on his back just 
    like Dante does.  His Viewtiful mode looks exactly like it does when he 
    fights you as a boss, and instead of throwing voomerangs, he throws 
    swords you can purchase in the shop, called "Round Trip".  Alastor's 
    attacks have a purple aura to them.
    Move name changes:
    Red Hot Kick changes to "Ultra Violet Kick."
    Viewtiful Forever changes to "Stylish Forever."
    Air Joe changes to "Air Alastor."
    Voomerrang becomes "Round Trip."
    3.2 - Advantages compared to Joe.
    *Alastor has some sword combos he can use while in his normal form - 
    one can be activated by pressing punch four times.  At the end of his 
    normal punching combo, Alastor will pull out the sword and swing it.  
    This can hit more then one enemy at once and knock the second one down.  
    You can also use this to trigger those poles you have to hit at the 
    same time if you hit one pole four times, and then hit the other one 
    once.  Hit the pole with one light active four more times and he'll hit 
    them both with the sword (credit: HyperBlissey of the Gamefaqs boards 
    for the pole method).  You can also execute a longer sword combo by 
    alternating punch and kick on the ground, or by pressing KKPPP (credit: 
    SuperSamusAran on the gamefaqs boards).
    *The normal version of Alastor can use the double jump.  The jump is 
    exactly the same as Joe's, except he yells "Air Hike!" and has a red 
    circle appear under him, a'la Devil May Cry.
    *While in the Devil Trigger mode, Alastor can stay in the air a much 
    longer period of time then either Joe or Silvia due to the wings on his 
    back which cause him to float.  He can easily hop over helicopters and 
    jets with no problem.  You can also control the rate of his descent 
    while in the air and bring him down really fast by pressing down - if 
    you bring Alastor down with Mach speed this way, he can fall faster 
    then any other character.  Because you can control the rate of his 
    descent, this makes collecting boxes high out of reach easy to do, and 
    makes the "falling parts" of chapter 3 much easier.
    3.3. - Disadvantages compared to Joe.
    *Alastor's biggest disadvantage is that he can only stay in Viewtiful 
    mode for so long before he reverts back to the normal Alastor, meaning 
    that he's suspect to 2X damage the majority of time while playing him.  
    You also cannot just activate Devil Trigger mode at your leisure - you 
    have to wait until the first bar is charged up all the way.  By the 
    way, this is a huge disadvantage late in the game when some of the 
    bosses and normal enemies can knock half your life bar off without 
    *Because of the set amount of time Alastor has in Viewtiful mode, this 
    can make doing some of the puzzles in the game (like slot machines) a 
    pain until you get the VFX charger.  
    *Alastor doesn't really possess any kind of advantage over any boss.  
    As was said before, spending time in normal mode as Alastor will make 
    you suspect to double damage, and you have to save your VFX bar to do 
    big damage to the bosses or use the auto-dodge in slow.
    *Alastor's VFX double jump will take you some time to get used to.  It 
    takes awhile to understand the concept of pulling yourself down after a 
    double jump.  
    3.4 - Tips while playing as Alastor.
    *The most vital thing while playing as Alastor is to learn how to 
    activate your Devil Trigger and VFX power of choice at the same time.  
    If you want to use the slowdown mode, you can either press "Z" and "L" 
    at the same exact time or hold down L and then press Z.  Every second 
    of VFX power counts with Alastor.
    *Buy the VFX charger first.  It is absolutely necessary because you 
    will want that VFX bar to stay constantly charged.  
    *I'm not sure how well the Ukemi works at Alastor.  I suppose if you're 
    good with the timing, you could possibly deal with an enemy hit like 
    so: once you're hit in normal Alastor mode, quickly press "B" and "Z" 
    at the same time before you hit the ground to really minimize the 
    damage.  You could try this with the C-Stick if you like but the 
    awkward placement of the Z button might make it difficult.  I've never 
    personally tried this but it is theoretically possible.
    *Learn to ration the VFX bar and only use it in the situations you're 
    really going to need it.  Don't go for a huge rock on combo against 
    four easy enemies when you know three tough ones are coming up.
    *If you run out of VFX power and you're desperate for it to recharge, 
    you can execute a double jump as normal Alastor and then hang in the 
    air for a long time just throwing out normal punches and kicks.  Only 
    do this when it's safe and there aren't any enemies on the screen with 
    guns or anything else that could possibly knock you clean out of the 
    3.5 - Fact or Fiction? (Unconfirmed information)
    *Some people claim that Alastor does double damage while in the Devil 
    Trigger mode, and that this is the tradeoff for the VFX drain.  I 
    myself don't see it but it could be true that he does slightly more 
    damage.  Anyone who can confirm this and give me a method to test the 
    information with should e-mail me (you will be given credit).
    *According to SuperSamusAran of the Gamefaqs boards, Alastor has 
    another sword combo that can be executed after a double jump by 
    pressing PPPP.  He claims it is very tough to pull off and you must be 
    in normal mode to do it, and it does insane damage.  I've never done it 
    successfully, but if anyone else has (or hasn't), please let me know 
    and everyone will get proper credit.
    *Finally, one last note.  Many seem to be under the impression that 
    Alastor becomes the best character if you can get unlimited VFX with 
    him.  That's very debatable, since any character with unlimited VFX 
    would be top brass.  I've never tried the Rainbow V challenge, but Joe 
    or Silvia would probably be better suited for it then Alastor.
    4. - Captain Blue
    4.1. - Blue overview and description.
    The hardest character to obtain and also my personal favorite extra 
    character, Blue is worth it just to see his normal form - an elderly 
    looking man in a golf uniform with a red, white and blue color scheme.  
    He also does not save Silvia in his storyline, but goes after his wife 
    instead - she's basically a Silvia palette swap with a brown dress, 
    darker hair and sunglasses.  Blue's Viewtiful mode looks just like he 
    does in the normal game.  While in Viewtiful mode, Blue has the best 
    jump in the game - a super high jump that reaches a little above the 
    height of a standard double jump, but enough to make it worthwhile.  
    What makes this jump so great is that while in the air, Blue can 
    basically hover for as long as he wants once you press the "A" button a 
    second time.  Blue has no double jump, and his attacks have a 
    (surprise) blue aura.  He throws his voomerangs from that strange 
    antenna on his head.  His VFX bar drains at a normal rate.  One last 
    thing to note - Blue acts different when you use the zoom in pose.  He 
    stands still and salutes.  
    Captain Blue has one huge disadvantage - you will never see any skull 
    markers on ANY difficulty playing as Blue.  (I thought there was 
    something wrong with my game when I started to play with Blue).  I 
    suppose Capcom figured that if you were good enough to make it through 
    on Ultra V-rated (where there are no skulls) you can do the same with 
    Move name changes:
    Red Hot Kick changes to "Captain Blue Kick".
    Viewtiful Forever changes to "Legend Forever".
    Air Joe changes to "Air Blue".
    4.2 - Advantages compared to Joe.
    *As was mentioned, Blue has the best jump in the game, but it works on 
    all kinds of levels.  He can hop over helicopters and jets with even 
    less problems then Alastor, and even float and follow them around all 
    day long!  
    *Blue's float (instead of a double jump) moves pretty fast - it's just 
    a tad slower less then Silvia's normal running speed.  If you can use 
    this in a rock on combo, you can pull yourself towards many of the 
    enemies much more quickly then just walking along the ground.  Using 
    this with Mach speed will get you out of nearly any situation.
    *Blue can also collect several items that would be out of reach for the 
    other characters due to his very high normal jump.  He can also collect 
    items in the "falling" sequence of chapter 3 with little to no problem 
    since he can float in the air for an infinite amount of time.
    4.3 - Disadvantage compared to Joe.
    *As stated before, Blue doesn't see any skull markers to indicate 
    high/low attacks.  There's a way to tell if an enemy will hit you high 
    and low, but even using that method (details in 4.4) requires precise 
    concentration on one single enemy while ignoring the rest of the 
    *Blue is the most helpless character in his normal mode due to the fact 
    that he doesn't see skull markers.  I would seriously take Silvia's 4X 
    damage normal mode or Alastor's normal mode over Blue's because they 
    can at least dodge at will.
    *Who liked fighting Fire Leo in Ultra V-Rated with no skulls?  Wait, 
    who liked fighting Fire Leo period?  Anyway, during the fight with Fire 
    Leo and the other Metal Leo's in episode 7, you won't have any skulls 
    to go by and you'll have to revert back to using the roars as a method 
    to indicate high/low attacks.  Blue's super jump can actually cripple 
    him big time in this fight if you don't learn to use the mach speed in 
    moderation with the mid-air floating ability.   
    4.4 - Tips while playing as Blue.
    *Remember how I told you there's other ways to tell which way an enemy 
    is going to attack as opposed to just looking at the skulls?  Here's 
    how:  if an enemy is standing still before he's going to hit you (in 
    other words, he's not juking and weaving like a boxer), he's going 
    high, so duck. If he is juking a weaving like a boxer, he's going low, 
    so jump.  Spinning enemies get targets put on them after so many slow, 
    normal punches.  As far as I know, this is the way it works with most 
    of the enemies in the game, aside from the Metal Leo's which hit twice 
    and anything else that doesn't use skulls as indicators.  Using this 
    method is necessary if you want to start a huge combo with Blue.
    *Learn to use the floating power of the jump as your main method of 
    getting around.  It's much faster then walking, and with mach speed, it 
    can really move you across the screen quickly.
    *If you're running low on VFX power with Blue, you can simply soar high 
    into the air and stay there until you're fully charged for another run.  
    There's no reason to ever run out of VFX power with Blue if you use 
    this method.
    *Blue can keep the pressure on some bosses if you learn to use his jump 
    well, but it will take some time, so practice with it.
    5. - Thanks
    Special thanks go out to Capcom for making such a wonderful game.  
    Please don't make the sequel any less challenging, I'm begging you.  
    But a few save points here and there wouldn't hurt, especially after 
    killing King Blue on Ultra V-Rated =)
    Extra special thanks to Ben Wood, who wrote the best boss FAQ on the 
    planet.  I honestly couldn't have beaten the game without it.  If 
    you're stuck in at a boss, I highly suggest you take a look at it.  You 
    can find it here: 
    Thanks to CJayC for the best gaming site on the 'net.  Please don't 
    ever start charging people for access.  
    Thanks to all the people on the Gamefaqs boards who posted thoughtful 
    information which helped me out in writing the FAQ.  Special thanks to 
    HyperBlissey and SuperSamusAran for some of the Alastor information.
    Thank you, Ashley Bauer for having the patience to sit through my 
    playing.  Your kisses are good luck!
    This FAQ is dedicated to all those who wonder, and everyone who 
    requested the FAQ on the boards: HyperBlissey (I know you like Alastor, 
    e-mail me some strategies), Fullgore EXE, Viewtiful Forever, Marken X, 
    Captain ASCII, Zenon, method13, TJC, and Crono da Moogle.
    "There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination."

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