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    VFX Guide by Warrior of Zarona

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 02/05/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Viewtiful Joe
    VFX Guide Version 2.5
    Created by Warrior of Zarona
    Email: trekon85@hotmail.com
    AIM: WarriorofZarona
    Copyright 2003 Andrew Bautista
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    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
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    I will try to find the VFX for the other characters in the game. For 
    now, I'll concentrate on Joe.
    Please feel free to e-mail me with any information you may have to 
    help support this guide. You will be credited for your contribution. 
    Thank you for your help!
    Table of Contents
    1. Revision History and Updates
    2. Introduction
    3. What is VFX?
    4. VFX Meter
    5. Henshin A Go Go Baby!
         5a. Slow
         5b. Mach Speed
         5c. Zoom
         5d. Other VFX
         5e. Using Items with VFX
         5f. Miscellaneous
    6. Closing and Credits
    1. Revision History and Updates
    2/05/04 Version 2.5: After playing through the game, I decided to add 
    some extra notes and things I've discovered with the VFX in the game. 
    Also forgot to add the Red Controller in the Items section.
    10/28/03 Version 2.0: Some Major Updates. I've changed the Voomerang 
    section to fit someone else's use for it. I've also added a beautiful
    strategy to gain V-points as best as you can. Check under 
    for details. 
    10/27/03 Version 1.5: With the voting process taken at the GameFAQS 
    message board, I've managed to make the unofficial names for the Zoom 
    In Attacks. Thanks to all those who participated.
    10/19/03 Version 1.3: This guide has recently been added to IGN. Also, 
    fixed grammatical errors in the guide.
    10/14/03 Version 1.1: Named some of the moves on my own. If anyone has 
    the official names, feel free to e-mail me.
    10/11/03 Version 1.0: Started this FAQ with basic knowledge of 
    2. Introduction
    Welcome to Viewtiful Joe! By now, you must be experiencing the 
    wonderful world of Movieland where Joe, our hero, transforms into an 
    action-packed hero with many tricks under his sleeve! This guide is 
    designed to give a better explanation of the moves Joe will use most 
    often in the game, because it's essential to use them in order to kick 
    everyone's butt and to move on. 
    I won't get too detailed into the actual game itself, as the focus for 
    this guide is VFX. It's assumed you know the basic default controls, 
    so I won't explain which control layout. Enjoy!
    3. What is VFX?
    Standing for "Viewtiful Effects," it is the source of Joe's power. In 
    the world he's in, VFX allows Joe to slow down the environment, speed 
    it up, or use special attacks while zoomed on, and all this while
    keeping it stylish. Note that all of these moves are NEEDED to past 
    certain parts of each episode, so get used to juggling all three basic 
    VFX with crazy combinations and moves that'll make your head spin. 
    Remember that to perfect Joe, balancing each and every single one of 
    these VFX into the game is important.
    4. VFX Meter
    This blue meter, near the top of the screen, measures the amount of 
    VFX energy you have. Each time you use VFX, the energy bar drains 
    slowly. When it is completely drained, Viewtiful Joe reverts back to 
    Regular Joe, who can no longer use any of the VFX benefits. But don't 
    worry: when you're not using VFX, this meter begins to refill again. 
    Once the first basic bar is filled, Joe will transform once again into 
    his alter ego. On Adult, the VFX Meter will drain much more quickly 
    than it would on Kid. Likewise, the recovery rate of the VFX Meter is 
    slower on Adult than it is on Kid.
    At the beginning of each episode, the VFX Meter starts off relatively 
    small. However, each time you collect 50 Film, you'll gain an 
    extension of the meter in a form of a small bar. There are 5 extra 
    small bars that can be gained, totaling in 250 Film in each episode. 
    It isn't NEEDED to get every single film, but if you want to have an 
    easier time defeating the episodes, you might consider taking your 
    time into doing so.
    5. Henshin A Go Go Baby!
    Let's get started on each and every single VFX there is in the game. 
    Note that I'll give a detailed description of what exactly happens when 
    you use the VFX, and how you can use it against enemies and your 
    5a. Slow
    This is the first VFX acquired by defeating Captain Blue the first 
    time, and can be activated by pressing and holding the L button. The 
    screen, as well as Joe and the environment, begin to move in slow 
    Things that can happen when using Slow:
    - Joe deals much more damage, if not twice as much, to any opponents 
    he faces. If an opponent has an aura of pink energy around them (a 
    barrier of sorts; Captain Blue has a similar shield colored in Blue), 
    it destroys the aura and leaves them open for attack.
    - If Joe is attacked, he will dodge it, taking out a large chunk of the 
    VFX meter. Works on most attacks. If you revert back to Regular Joe 
    because of this, Joe will be invulnerable for a few seconds. If you 
    have the VFX Charger, he will be invulnerable long enough to transform 
    back into Viewtiful Joe.
    - Any propellers that are moving are slowed down, thus bringing down 
    whatever it was carrying. (I.E. Helicopters, Flying platforms, etc.)
    - Any bullets that are shot out of guns and cannons are extremely 
    slowed down and visible, whereas normally you wouldn't. 
    - Any explosions by bombs or mines are blown to proportion.
    - Any water that drips from pipes enlarges and become heavier.
    - Anything equipped with a jet propeller to push it forward gets more 
    powerful and launches the object even farther (I.E. The bus on episode 
    2 and the giant missile during Episode 4).
    - When in Rock-On, attacks knock most opponents out in one hit. (Check 
    "Other VFX" for more information)
    - Allows you to slow down and possibly hit objects in the environment, 
    such as the knights that wield the axes in Episode one, or the spinning 
    wheels on Episode 4.
    - Electricity is amplified and becomes longer and more powerful.
    - During episode's 2 and 5 in the sewers near the beginning of the 
    level, the water/lava level decreases, due to less water/lava that 
    pours from a pipe in the background.
    - While riding the Six Machine, energy blasts grow larger and more 
    Slow will be the VFX you use most, as the game can be very high paced, 
    and you will most likely want to see what is happening around you. 
    Slow also helps deal the most damage when attacking, and Rock-On is a 
    move that can really help rack in the bonus points. However, don't 
    overuse it, as the "timer" for some stages does not slow down when you 
    do. When facing Another Joe, be aware that the energy blasts from his 
    Six Machine also grow more powerful and bigger.
    5b. Mach Speed
    This is the second VFX you'll be getting after you defeat Captain Blue 
    a second time, and can be activated by pressing and holding the R 
    button. The screen, as well as Joe, will move at lightning fast speeds, 
    but your opponents won't.
    Things that can happen when using Mach Speed:
    - Joe's attacks become faster and even more threatening. It does as 
    much damage as normal, perhaps even a little less. When continuously 
    attacking, Joe eventually gets "on fire" and burns anything he attacks. 
    His range also increases. Chances of getting VFX potions after each hit
    Increases as well.
    - After-images appear and hit random opponents and items in the 
    - Joe's running speed is faster, and when in the air, will drop to 
    the ground almost instantly.
    - Any propellers that are moving speed up and will let it ascend 
    slowly into the air.
    - During episode's 2 and 5 in the sewers near the beginning of the 
    level, the water/lava level increases, due to more water/lava that 
    pours from a pipe in the background.
    - When riding the Six Machine, energy blasts gain rapid fire and 
    attacks enemies with non stop shots.
    Mach Speed is useful when running around in a fast pace, as well as 
    clearing out weak enemies with style. Not recommended for stronger 
    enemies, as it will usually will not  have much effect. Great when you 
    want to pummel an enemy when he's dizzy, and it can rack up a great 
    deal of damage in a short amount of time. The after-images help attack 
    objects that are floating in the background as well, as long as you're 
    attacking something. (More information later on)
    5c. Zoom
    One of the best VFX, it is the third you receive after defeating 
    Captain Blue once more. It can be activated by tapping 
    C+up, or by tapping B. To deactivate, tap C+down or tap B once again. 
    The screen will zoom in and focus on Joe, and as a standing animation, 
    he poses for the camera. Joe will gain new attacks that specialize in
    kicking butt. 
    Things that can happen when using Zoom:
    - Some of the weaker enemies will be stunned when you activate Zoom 
    near them. This is a chance to attack them with one of the following.
    - Red Hot One Hundred: Press and hold Punch to unleash a massive 
    barrage of combos. Hold down and punch to give the opponent a nonstop 
    uppercut attack.
    - Red Hot Round House: Tapping kick will have Joe spin in a 360, 
    feet outstretched, and hits anything close to him. Continuously tapping 
    Kick will have Joe use this attack nonstop. 
    - Red Hot Cyclone: When pressing Jump, Joe will use a drill attack head-
    first that deals large amounts of damage or anything it has contact 
    with. It can be used a second time in the air, and the angle can be 
    changed from slightly to the left, straight up, or slightly to the 
    - Red Thunder: Tap Zoom while in midair, and Joe will launch himself 
    straight down, feet-first. Anything he hits in the air will 
    continuously get hit as long as he has contact with them. When landing 
    on a platform, the aura of pink energy that surrounds Joe will spread 
    out throughout the surface of the platform, hitting any opponent on 
    both sides for large amounts of damage.
    - When riding the Six Machine, pressing the punch/jump button allows 
    for a similar drill attack that launches forward. Pressing Kick allows 
    for a similar 360 attack that hits any opponent surround it.
    Zoom may be the second most used VFX you'll have, as the attacks can 
    be helpful against large amounts of enemies or bosses. The punch 
    attack is most useful against bosses or stronger enemies. The kick is 
    best used when surrounded by enemies or missiles that fly your 
    direction. The jump attack can help hit any airborne opponent, as well 
    as breaking through certain ceilings to move on. The stomp attack 
    is useful for hitting airborne opponents, various amounts of 
    enemies below Joe, or against breaking through certain floors to move 
    on. (More information later on.)
    5d. Other VFX
    There are other VFX and special attacks that can be used when bought 
    at the shop.
    Rock-On - Used in Slow
    When facing standard opponents, try to dodge every attack they give 
    you to get them dizzy. (When dodge, use High Dodge (Footloose Joe) or 
    Low Dodge (Saw That One Comin') Only. The auto-dodge used in slow will 
    not count.
    At this point, hold slow, and you'll notice a pink target that locks 
    that opponent. Any attack you dish out will knock the opponent FAR with 
    one hit. Once you've done the first hit, any opponents in the screen 
    will also be locked with the pink targets. 
    As long as you hold Slow, these pink targets will be on every opponent 
    that comes by, and one hit sends them flying. Any opponents that are 
    in the way of someone who's been knocked by during Rock-On will get 
    hit as well. This is useful, as it can help get large amounts of 
    enemies off your back. This is the ONLY way to gain large bonus points 
    in order to get a V ranking. 
    The scoring system for Rock-on works in the following:
    Each direct hit you land on a targeted opponent gives you 10 V-points each.
    Each indirect hit, as in, you knock your opponents into the others, adds a 
    multiple to your score. To better explain, read this example:
    Let's say there were four biankies in the screen, all lined up. You activate
    Rock-On, and punch the first Bianky, which heads towards a wall. That hit 
    gives you 10 V points. The first Bianky then flies into the other 3 Biankies 
    in the process. Since there were 3 Biankies each that were hit indirectly, 
    your V-point total is multiplied by 3. So now your V-points should look 
    like: 10V*3. You chase after the Biankies one by one, which are four of them. 
    You uppercut the first 2, adding 20 to your V-points, then kick the third one, 
    which is another 10. This third Bianky hits the initial Bianky, now bouncing
    off the wall, adding another multiple to your score. So now you should have
    40V*4. In total, that's 160 V-points! Sure, it doesn't sound like a lot, but
    imagine going after a horde of opponents. The best way to get the highest score
    is, of course, knocking your opponents into the each other to add more multiples
    to your score, but that to do that is by hitting your opponents, adding 10 V-
    to each hit. The only exception is that if a direct hit kills off an opponent,
    it doesn't count towards your score.
    Use Rock-On to your advantage, and learn to let the opponent attack you 
    first to activate this powerful technique. There are also other ways of 
    getting the opponent dizzy. Find how to deal with each opponent. A basic 
    strategy is to let a weak enemy attack you, dodge, then use Rock-On to 
    deal with the stronger enemies on the screen.
    On the ground, tap down and kick to let Joe slide across the ground. 
    Useful for Rock-On and combining attacks.
    Air Joe
    Joe will gain a new aerial combo that's useful when you attack 
    opponents in the air.
    Red Hot Kick 
    In the air, tap down and kick to let Joe kick down at an angle.
    This attack can be used twice, and can be canceled by any mid-air 
    punch or kick. You can also switch the direction you use the kick the 
    second time.
    Dragon Red Hot Kick
    During Red Hot Kick, tap Zoom and Joe will use a spinning drill kick 
    down the same angle as fire burns around his feet. This move can also 
    be used right after the use of the Red Hot Kick, but without using any 
    other attacks. For example, use two Red Hot Kicks on one direction, 
    then use the Dragon Red Hot Kick in the other direction. Please note 
    that this move cannot be canceled at all, so be aware of where you may 
    be landing.
    Mach Speed Level 2 and Level 3
    After-images that appear during Mach Speed increases in number.
    Level 2 allows for 4 after-images. Level 3 allows for 6 after-images.
    When knocked back by an opponent, zooming in right before landing lets 
    Joe catch himself and flip over to land on his feet. One heart is 
    recovered when the move is a success. It's best used when using Slow, 
    as timing is crucial when using this move. During Ukemi, you can jump 
    before landing on your feet.
    Viewtiful Forever
    A powerful attack that hits all enemies on the screen. When in Slow, 
    let Joe dodge an attack, then press Zoom right before he is done 
    dodging. He will pose for the camera, which activates the attack. The 
    dodge itself takes off a large chunk of energy, but Viewtiful Forever 
    will take off all the energy you have. It's not recommended unless you 
    have a VFX Turbo Charger. Then, use it all you want. If you revert back 
    to Regular because of this attack, Joe will be invulnerable for a few 
    seconds. If you have the VFX Charger, he will be invulnerable long 
    enough to transform back into Viewtiful Joe.
    Use all of these moves to your advantage, as they call can help in 
    making a successful and perfect game.
    5e. Using Items with VFX
    Of course, Joe won't be left alone in the world without a little help 
    from items that can be found throughout Movieland. Here's a list to 
    let you know what they are.
    These points often come out after destroying Pink Boxes or by 
    defeating enemies. They come in small or large coins. Use them to buy 
    moves and items from your shop. 
    You'll often find these scattered throughout the episode, by opening 
    Pink boxes, or by defeating enemies. Every time you get 50 Film, a 
    small bar is added to your VFX Meter. Each blue film gives you one, 
    each Yellow gives you 5, and each Red gives you 10. Try to find all 250 
    in one episode! (3000 point bonus for getting all Film.)
    Blue bottles
    These bottles help regain any VFX energy that you may have lost. They 
    come in small or big bottles that appear from defeating enemies. If 
    your VFX Meter is full, the energy is added to the bar as an extra 
    dose of VFX, colored in green. However, this energy cannot be refilled 
    when it is drained.
    Red Bottles
    You'll rarely find these in levels, but if you do, prepare for some 
    VFX mania! Found from defeating enemies or Pink Boxes, these bottles 
    give you unlimited VFX power. Your VFX meter will turn from blue to 
    pink as long as this is active. Use it wisely, as it can only be used 
    for a limited amount of time. When finished, the energy bar reverts 
    back from pink to blue. Any extra blue bottles gathered will add to 
    the VFX Meter as green energy, but will never be used until the effect 
    dies out.
    Red Controllers
    Occasionally, as you defeat enemies, you'll find a Red Controller lying
    on the floor. When you grab it, it lets out streaks of red lightning,
    and it's main purpose is to stun the enemies around you. Sounds useful,
    but there are times that it'll never work. The only time it MAY work, 
    however, is if your enemies are standing still, and possibly if you are
    NOT using any of your VFX powers.
    VFX Turbo Charger
    A must have when fighting in Movieland, this item can only be bought 
    from the shop. It increases the VFX Meter's recovery rate. Useful when 
    you revert back to Regular Joe or just to merely regain VFX energy as 
    fast as you can. It is recommended to buy this from the shop first, as 
    it can be useful when starting a new episode with a fresh VFX Meter 
    that can run dry quickly.
    Bought from the shop with 10 per each sale, these Voomerangs are 
    launched and homes in on opponents by holding punch. Continue to hold 
    punch and the V will turn into an X, adding more to the power and the 
    length of time the Voomerang will stay in the screen. Try using it in 
    Slow to add even more damaging power. Useful against bosses and any 
    missiles that come to try and attack you.
    Added Contribution by Shiro NGC:
    The Voomerang can be found from special boxes or bought at the store 
    for a small amount of V-points. You can throw it by holding the Punch 
    button. If you hold it for a longer time the V will change into an X, 
    which will do double the amount of damage. Holding SLOW during impact 
    will further increase the damage. 
    The Voomerang acts like a boomerang and automatically spins to the 
    nearest enemy. This can help a lot because you don't have to fight 
    enemies with your bare hands.
    Lightning pods: 
    Use Voomerang on it to destroy these hard to hit lightning pods. Avoid 
    using Zoom because the electricity will build up. Hit it 2 times with 
    a full charged Voomerang 
    Those slow flying missiles can be a pain if they come in large numbers. 
    Using the spinning kick in ZOOM helps but this will drain your VFX bar, 
    which you need to increase impact with SLOW when the missiles hit the 
    enemies. Instead, throw a Voomerang, you don't need to charge for this 
    off course. 
    <---The Magnificant Five---> 
    Charles the Third 
    Throw in a non-charged Voomerang to knock him down (hold slow during 
    impact). Ones he's down, use SlowZ RHOH on him, the Voomerang should 
    return and do massive damage on him while you RHOH. When he flies up 
    again, throw a Voomerang again. You should be able to repeat this 
    without him doing anything. 
    Hulk Davidson 
    Don't break his axe so he will use the same tactic: 
    When you stand in front of him he'll use a low sweeping attack. You 
    can easily dodge this by holding UP. Hit him after his sweep with 
    SlowZ RHOH. When your VFX meter is almost used up jump away from him 
    just to be sure you won't get hit by his axe slash (which does 6 life 
    dmg when close). After 2 of 3 sweeps he'll charge up to run, now you 
    can use the Voomerang. Jump above his head and throw the voomerang in 
    the opposite direction where he's going to run. When he hits the wall, 
    MACH speed to him and use SlowZ RHOH, during this time the Voomerang 
    should return and hit him during SLOW, which does, guess what, massive 
    damage :) 
    If somehow he does anything else than this, like throwing his axe 
    (hold slow when the axe is near you), or use missiles (throw 
    Voomerangs and hold slow during impact on Hulk), then just avoid him 
    as much as possible. When you're under fire MACH speed yourself clean. 
    Sharky Boy (forgot name, my bad) 
    To avoid his sharkbite attack just jump and use red hot kick, and then 
    mach speed back to the direction you came from (a triangle movement). 
    Ones he stops close up on him and use SlowZ RHOH. He'll do a whirlpool 
    attack/push, if you're not hit then use Voomerang (non charged). Hold 
    SLOW during impact. If you see him charge for the sharkbite attack 
    again, quickly throw another Voomerang (again, hold SLOW during 
    impact). You should be able to continue throw Voomerangs this way 
    until he does other moves. When he p**** junk out of his mouth dodge 
    it with either SLOW or jump away. 
    Another Joe 
    Another Joe has several moves: 
    Heshin-a-bye-bye 1 (split up) 
    Heshin-a-bye-bye 2 (shooting clones at you) 
    Heshin-a-go-go 1 (clone shield) 
    Heshin-a-go-go 2 (clones surrounding you) 
    And some attack moves. 
    You should be able to dodge those attack moves, but the Heshin moves 
    can be a pain. When he uses H-a-bye-bye 1, try to find and attack the 
    real one. If you don't, he'll escape and use H-a-bye-bye 2. Dodge 
    those by jumping up and down. When the many clones attack from H-a-
    bye-bye 1, use MACH speed to run away from it, or just SlowZ(oom) to 
    spin drive towards it, but that's a bit more risky. 
    When Another Joe used Heshin-a-go-go 1 or 2, use SLOW Voomerang to hit 
    the clones. They should explode in a combo. During H-a-go-go 2, 
    Another Joe will use H-a-bye-bye 2. Dodge them by jumping up and down 
    To defeat Another Joe use SlowZ RHOH combo when you're close to him. 
    Watch out for his counter attacks.
    <Thank you, Shiro NGC, for that great tip!> 
    Shocking Pink
    Bought from the shop with 10 per each sale, these bombs are powerful 
    allies when used against stronger enemies. However, note that the 
    bombs are best used in Slow, when the explosion is blown to proportion 
    and the damage is high. Also useful for grabbing any items in the 
    background, as attacking the bombs in Mach Speed can help activate the 
    As I said for anything else, try to use these items to your advantage, 
    and gather as much as you can. It all helps out as you move on each 
    and every single episode.
    5f. Miscellaneous
    In this section, I'll cover combos and tips that you can do with VFX. 
    If anyone has any of their own combos to their game or anything they 
    feel can they add, feel free to send 
    Slow+Zoom+Red Hot One Hundred (Slow-zRHOH)
    This is the most powerful attack in the whole game, and often gets rid 
    of opponents quickly. In the easier difficulties, it can damage your 
    enemies very nicely. You can also gain Bonus points quickly this way. 
    Abuse this move on bosses. 
    Slow+Mach Speed
    When in Slow, press and hold the Mach Speed button. Joe's running 
    speed will be faster, as if he were running normally. Useful for Rock-
    On attacks.
    If the enemy is on the ground, jump into the air and release one 
    Shocking Pink bomb, making sure it lands beside the enemy, but not 
    near you. (If it is close, you might accidentally hit it away). Then 
    Zoom in while in the air, activating his exploding attack that hits 
    straight down. Hold down Slow to power it up even more. When you land, 
    hold Punch right away. Chances are, your enemy will be hit by the 
    powerful explosion from the bomb, the shockwaves of your aerial attack, 
    AND the powerful barrage of attacks from you. It isn't too recommended 
    on bosses unless you can time everything to let the boss stand still.
    Another great combo to use is by letting out a barrage of mach speed on
    dizzied opponents, then IMMEDIATELY hit slow and continue the combo. This
    initiates Rock-On in the middle of the combo, and it damn well looks fancy,
    especially if you have After-Images flying around while in Slow. This is,
    however, a sacrifice in V-points, as this kind of attack barely gives any.
    Still, the stylishness of the attack itself is worth to use, and it may be
    the most effective way to kill of your enemies.
    Buy everything from the shop! (Contributed by RedmonkeyVII)
    This is, of course, ridiculously cheap, and takes away from the game a 
    But you want to do it, don't you! 
    With this, you can get all the V's you'll ever need in less than an hour.
    So, without further ado... 
    Step 1: After getting Zoom from Captain Blue, go into the sewer. 
    Step 2: Punch the right... activator... thing... once 
    Step 3: Move as close as you can to the right activator (between both) 
    Step 4: Zoom in, activate Mach Speed, and hold down Kick 
    See what happens? When the activators buzz, you'll have gained 100 
    So... now you want to do this again. And much easier. 
    This works better if you have two controllers, so you'll have one to 
    Joe with and one to do the trick. If you don't have two, don't worry. You 
    to make sure that the buttons stay pressed down, so you don't have to 
    hold them 
    yourself. There are many ways to do this, here's mine. 
    Step 1: Secure some zip ties. 
    Step 2: Use the zip ties to keep X and R pressed down and C up. It 
    doesn't matter 
    if A or B are also pressed. 
    Step 3: Test it. Replace your working controller with this one (if you 
    had two), 
    and see if you duplicate the results from the first process. If Joe can 
    kicking unaided, congratulations, you did it! 
    Step 4: Go get a drink, eat some lunch, whatever... just leave for a 
    Step 5: Come back, and see how many points you have! It will be tons! 
    Step 6: Finish the level and buy out everything in the store. 
    Step 7: Beat the game with relative ease. 
    So, there you go. Use this method only for good... it has great power. If 
    anybody is interested, I can post pictures of the zip tie setup, although 
    half the fun is figuring out how to do it yourself. Good luck!
    <Thank you, RedmonkeyVII, for that great tip! Also, don't email me for 
    the pictures. I don't have them> 
    6. Closing and Credits
    Thank you, Capcom, for creating this awesome, action-packed game. 
    Thank you, Nintendo, for licensing this game on the Gamecube, which 
    deserves it's own good games.
    Thank you, CJayC and IGN, for hosting this Guide on their webpages.
    Thank you, everyone in the Viewtiful Joe Board of GameFaqs, for their 
    support and help in making this guide. 
    Finally, I would like to thank you, the reader, for taking the time to 
    read this guide. I hope it was of help to you.

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