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    V-Rated Boss FAQ by HyperBlissey

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 10/30/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ultra V-Rated Boss FAQ
    By HyperBlissey (HBlissey@aol.com)
    Version 1.6
    Created 10-13-03
    Latest version 10-30-03
    This guide is only licensed for usage on www.gamefaqs.com. If you see it somewhere
    else, contact me at HBlissey@aol.com.
    Table of Contents:
    Update information (1.0)
    Bosses             (2.00)
    Helicopter         (2.05)
    Charles the Third  (2.10)
    Two helicopters    (2.15)
    Hulk Davidson      (2.20)
    Harrier            (2.25)
    Gran Bruce         (2.30)
    Gelby              (2.35)
    Another Joe        (2.40)
    Two tanks and jet  (2.45)
    Alastor            (2.50)
    Fire Leo           (2.60)
    Two Metal Leos     (2.65)
    King Blue          (2.70)
    Captain Blue       (2.71)
    Credit information (3.0)
    Update information (1.0)
    Version 1.6 (10-30-03)
    Added some useful information given to me by one 'SilvrDragon52' regarding Metal
    Leo. Since one of the subbosses is technically two metal leos, this was added.
    Also added was a small note about one area in chapter seven, in addition to some
    clarification about just what the SlowRHOH was. I can't believe it took that long
    for it to be added, but hey...
    Version 1.55 (10-24-03)
    Minor changes throughout the guide.
    Version 1.5 (10-23-03)
    New info came in on Fire Leo. And I spellchecked the document. I have no idea why
    I didn't earlier _. And, of course, I updated the credits section. Can't not do
    Version 1.4 (10-22-03)
    Jamescom1 allowed me to use a Gran Bruce strategy, as well as a Captain Blue strat.
    Awfully nice of him... Also, corrected what leads into what on Another Joe's
    special attacks, as well as expanding the strategy a bit on said boss.
    Version 1.3 (10-21-03)
    Subbosses added.
    Version 1.1 (10-21-03)
    Boss titles added. Another Joe and Captain Blue don't have them... Also, lots of
    information is added on Another Joe, as well as a few differences between Ultra
    V-Rated and other difficulties. It seemed unnecessary to me, but hey, it was
    Version 1.0 (10-16-05)
    Boss FAQ completed, all the way through. King Blue and Captain Blue strategies
    Version 0.95 (10-15-03)
    Fire Leo completed. Few changes made in this version, extra way to deal damage to
    Fire Leo, tip against Fire Leo, Hulk Davidson strategy expanded. to help against
    the second fight against him.
    Version 0.9 (10-15-03)
    Another Joe and Blade Master Alastor completed. Added new attacks AJ can use, and
    completely remade Alastor strategy.
    Version 0.8 (10-14-03)
    Gran Bruce strategy corrected. There were more than a few problems with that, and
    I forgot to list his attack pattern.
    Version 0.7 (10-13-03)
    All information uploaded. Author has not yet completed Ultra V-Rated mode so guides
    from Another Joe and on with the exception of Alastor and Captain Blue will be for
    V-Rated mode, slightly adapted for use in Ultra V-Rated, so they will still be
    useable, if not necessarily the best information available.
    Bosses (2.00)
    I strongly recommend you get VFX Charger. VERY useful. Get it as soon as possible,
    hold off all other powerups for it. Next in line is Red Hot Kick. This becomes
    Dragon Kick if you zoom in after it's used, and you can hit someone with RHK then
    zoom in for a good two-hit combo. Finally, you will want lots and lots and lots
    of LIFE. You should buy some voomerangs before you're first boss fight, but other
    than that, Life is more important than everything except VFX charger. If you
    have transferred data from other difficulties, use it. You'll need all the life
    you can get. An exception to this is if you've unlocked Super Unlimited VFX, then
    use that. It's impractical and slow as hell, but you're almost invincible if you
    hold Slow down the entire game, and you can skip VFX charger and go right to Red
    Hot Kick and LIFE. You might want to use it and go through a different difficulty
    then transfer data to Ultra V-Rated mode, though. Anyway, the above should help
    you greatly. But above all else, the single most important thing for fighting
    bosses is... The SlowRHOH. The RHOH stands for Red Hot One Hundred, and it is the
    the zoom-in punch, but it's more than that. Hold punch down instead of just tapping
    it to execute a fairly fast punch attack. This is the RHOH, not tapping punch in
    Zoom. Slow when using this to deal a LOT of damage.
    Sub-boss, Helicopter (2.05)
    It starts with a bullet rush, so let's cover how to deal with that. Slow and
    uppercut a bullet (duck and punch to uppercut) to send it straight up, hopefully
    into the copter. If time is slowed, it will deal more damage. It will launch
    biankies as one of its attacks. dodge the Bianky's attacks to dizzy them, then you
    can uppercut/kick/punch (to hit them up/diagonally up/forward, respectively) them
    into the copter to deal damage, and if it's slowed then it'll do more damage. In
    addition, an active Rock-On Combo seems to increase the damage you deal to the
    helicopter. If what you have of a VFX meter is full and it's not doing anything you
    can slow down time and it will plummet to the ground. Beat on it in Slow from there
    to deal a little damage, though not much. Attack a chandelier to bring it down, and
    if it hits the helicopter it does okay damage when in slow. Hit the missiles it
    fires back at it to deal damage. Again, slow makes EVERYTHING do more damage ^_^ If
    you transferred data and have zoom-in, though, this fight becomes MUCH easier. Just
    slow down time and zoom-in and SlowRHOH to deal quite a bit of damage. Run you're
    VFX meter to where it's just barely not out before stopping to deal the best damage,
    then attack it normally as it rises. Zoom in as well as slow to deliver even more
    Dark Fiend, Charles the Third (2.10)
    Before the battle begins, buy 20 Voomerangs (will cost 4000 Viewtifuls). At the
    very start, throw one, then ready another. As Charles hits the ground, throw it
    and use Slow. If you transferred data or are fighting it in chapter 6 you'll also
    have Zoom In so use that afterward. Get a voomerang ready before using Zoom In
    or you'll use Red Hot One Hundred. Remember that. Hold Slow (and Zoom In) until
    Charlie stops taking damage. Repeat until he is defeated. On a side note, on Kids
    and Adult one voomerang and Slow is all it takes to defeat this guy. Hit him to the
    ground and use it, and he loses. Easily the easiest fight. But then, this is a FAQ
    for Ultra V-Rated, so...
    Sub-boss, two helicopters (2.15)
    You have Zoom in now, use it! Just jump on top of it and slowRHOH it. When bullets
    come, just upper cut the one closest to you and try to kick the next one in the
    direction the helicopter is going. Zoom in before the bullet hits and keep it 
    slowed to deal maximum damage. Remember, hit the missiles back at it, and hit
    Biankies into it after dizzying them.
    Iron Ogre, Hulk Davidson (2.20)
    From the start let him get close to a wall. Get between him and the wall, as close
    to him as possible. When he takes his axe back horizontally, dodge up and he'll
    swing it below you and miss. Use SlowRHOH for four hits. Do this two more times.
    Then he'll charge up (very noticeable) and dash. Jump up on the platform above you
    (don't do this until he charges up or it won't hit) and when he comes under you,
    hold down and jump to jump down through the platform and after he gets dizzy, slow
    and SlowRHOH until Joe has executed two rounds of four punches. Then stop. You can
    go on more than this but Hulk will interrupt with his napalm smash which does 8
    damage and sets you on fire. He'll bring his axe back vertically first though so
    mach speed out of the way and get on the platform as far away from him as possible,
    as he always follows it up with his dashing attack. Then go down and repeat.
    However, doing this is dangerous so it's recommended you stop at eight attacks as
    previously stated. After you finish, wait for him to swing his axe horizontally
    again three times, then jump to the narrow gap between him and the wall and he'll
    charge up so jump over him again and he'll just ram the wall. SlowRHOH. Repeat as
    necessary. Also, make sure not to attack him when his axe is out as breaking it
    can be beneficial, but it almost always is just more trouble. If you accidentally
    break it get ready for a lot of napalm bombs dropping down, and he'll get on a
    platform and stomp, causing missiles to fire out of the center area. These can be
    hit back but they'll often break the axe he pulls out afterward, and while he's
    vulnerable to attack when he's without his axe, it's still an unnecessary risk.
    Just try and get the missiles to drop to the ground by running away until they do
    so. Just as a note, if you get hit by his dashing attack, you die. Simple as that.
    Sub-boss, Harrier (2.25)
    Right from the start, get next to him and slow down time and launch two bombs, then
    Zoom-In. Each bomb you fire has the same power as a missile, so slowed down, zoomed
    in bombs have quite the destructive capability. Hopefully you've been making use
    of them and thusly have quite a bit of health... After doing this, head down to
    avoid its charging attack, then back up to avoid its bullet attack. When it's
    in the corner, it launches a HUGE amount of missiles. Shoot as many of them as
    possible then slow and zoom so they deal a lot of damage to it. Slow to dodge the
    missiles and leave you temporarily invulnerable if you can't do anything else.
    After awhile it will dash to the other side and then slowly move upward, firing
    bullets. During this time, slow and launch two bombs then zoom in until it stops
    taking damage, then repeat, all the while moving up, until you get to the top.
    It repeats from there. Remember to conserve as much health as possible. Unlike
    other times, you have to start over from the beginning if you die, even if you're
    at the sub-boss. And remember, afterward when you're falling down, collecting
    film canisters, remember they fall in the middle, then to the left, then the middle
    and then the right.
    Aquatic Terror, Gran Bruce (2.30)
    At the start, SlowRHOH him until he swings his mouth back and starts chewing at
    air (he'll often spit stuff out first, make sure to avoid it).
    Then dash away and wait for him to come after you, then jump over him every
    time. If he hits you with this it does four damage. Rotate the control stick until
    he lets go of you or he'll do four more with every chomp. If you successfully avoid
    his attack while he's not in the water, he will get stunned and you can SlowRHOH
    away, dealing quite a bit of damage, until he starts spinning or you run out of
    VFX. Either way once he spins he will either go and rest and recover HP (hit him
    out of this) and after you hit him out raise the water level or immediately raise
    the water level. From here on it gets a bit more tricky - avoiding his dashing
    attack is a bit harder and he doesn't get stunned when he's in the water. However,
    he can also go to either the central platforms to recover HP. He'll hop around
    getting to it, so follow him and stop him from recovering too much. When he spits
    out fish avoid them and if they're green destroy them. More likely, though, he'll
    dash at you at first, then spin. If he spins while the water level is up mines will
    come into place. Get too close and they'll explode, damaging you, but get behind
    them so they are between you and he'll do a dashing attack right into them.
    SlowRHOH to deal damage and keep attacking and the explosion will go on for awhile.
    Do this quickly or he'll swallow the mine. If you fail it'll keep going, but if you
    explode the mine the water level will lower and he'll do another dashing attack.
    Lure him out of the water and avoid all his dashes and he'll get tired again.
    After you slowRHOH him the pattern will reset, but more likely SlowRHOHing his
    tired body the second time will defeat him. Just as a note, on V-Rated he won't
    rest on the middle platform and on Adults and Kids he'll only rest on the bottom
    platform, for those using this guide for other difficulties.
    Jamescom1 adds... Just fight him normally until he does his chomping attack at you
    (the water level must be low). Keep avoiding his chomping attack until he starts
    panting. Go up to him and do your usual SlowRHOH. Now keep an eye on Gran Bruce:
    as soon as he starts "reeling back" from your punches, start counting your hits.
    When you hit him about five times, disable your VFX (so it can recover) and run a
    little to the right. Gran Bruce will turn his back to you and do some sort of
    short-range spinning attack (I think that's a propeller or something). Right before
    he stops that attack (you'll just have to memorize the timing), use Slow and then
    hold R (to run fast during Slow). Run up to him (he should be just starting to turn
    around now), activate Zoom In, and use SlowRHOH five times. Then stop using your
    VFX and run to the right again. He'll use his spinning thing again. Slow, hold R,
    run up to him, Zoom In, SlowRHOH, run, ... you get the pattern. He should never
    be able to raise the water level at all.
    Sub-boss, Gelby (2.35)
    Since this is Ultra V-Rated, you've seen this thing before. This really isn't so
    much a sub-boss as it is a thing you fight before you get to save. On most of my
    times through this level, I've taken the short route and not even fought it... But
    that's another story. Anyway, get close to it and dodge it's punches in slow. When
    it starts pounding it's chest, SlowRHOH it. On lower difficulties, this defeats it,
    but here, it will leap up and attack anyway. Stop after dodging it's attack in slow
    then SlowRHOH it in the back as it get confused as to where you are. Don't worry if
    you run out of VFX, just SlowRHOH as soon as you get the chance, as it stays
    confused for awhile. This should finish it, but if it doesn't, just repeat.
    Another Joe (2.40)
    Oh boy. Fun. The trick for Another Joe is to just stay on him. Right from the start,
    head to him and start SlowRHOH (He'll be on the right if you've just finished
    the cutscene and on the left if you've just died to him). Don't even bother with
    the VFX rolls, they aren't terribly necessary unless you've been ignoring all the
    ones in the level, just keep beating on him, and when he moves, move after him.
    If he stays in one place, hit him with SlowRHOH. If he moves, move after him. If he
    doesn't, keep it going until he counters, the slowness will protect you. Whenever
    he says 'Henshin a go-go, baby!' beat on him. Whenever he says 'Henshin a bye bye!'
    beat on him. Whenever he says 'Come on, Six Machine!', you guessed it - beat on him.
    If you attack him before he finishes a large attack it won't be used at all, so
    just keep up the pressure and you'll win fairly easily. Also of note is the large
    electric pit in some places below you - if you hit him into this he'll appear on a 
    platform above after taking some damage. Quickly get above and hit him. He also has
    a basic physical attack, he'll disappear completely, then reappear to use. If you
    see him disappear wait a SHORT time them activate Slow to dodge it. He also has Red
    Hot Kick and Sliding, if you have them the first time you fight him (if you
    transferred save data from Adults or V-Rated and had them then. Also worth noting
    as that he won't use attacks the second time you fight him (in The Magnificent
    Five) that he didn't have the first time (The Viewtiful Escape). But on a more
    serious note, his Henshin a Bye Bye move can hurt you a LOT. If you can't prevent
    him from using it (say you're playing as Alastor or something and can't dash to him
    because you're meter isn't high enough to use Devil Trigger) then use the zoom-in
    spin kick to stop the clones sent after you. Now, this refers to the second Henshin
    a bye bye. There are two. The first one he dashes around, laying clones, then goes
    off you can hit him out of it if you hit him as he lays clones. It's difficult, but
    doable. The second attack occurs immediately after his Henshin a go go, baby and
    first Henshin a bye bye attack. He fires off clones of himself at you. Another
    strategy for this is to jump to avoid them and get to him, as then he stops, but
    this is good only if you can get to him QUICKLY as all the clones turn around and
    attack you again if not dealt with. Also, if he successfully calls Six Machine,
    don't worry too much, it's bombs are easy to avoid and it's lasers seem to never go
    near you for some reason. Nevertheless, if you slow when it's firing lasers they
    get bigger. Much, much bigger. I've never been hit by them but you'll want to avoid
    them just as much if not more. They're harder to avoid and I'd assume they would do
    more damage to you, like they did to you're enemies in level three. Interestingly,
    if Six Machine drops bombs it can help you. If you get Another Joe to the top layer
    and he becomes vulnerable to attack, then if you are positioned correctly than a
    bomb drops down onto him, you punch it, it hits him in slow and zoom-in for extra
    damage. This happens rarely, but I have seen it happen and it can deal extra damage
    and therefore it is worth mentioning. Also relating to Six Machine, If you want you
    can destroy Six Machine for a hamburger, but it only restores one health and while
    you're beating on Six Machine he can use another attack. His main 'Henshin a go go,
    baby', attack is pretty easy to avoid and if you're close enough to him as he uses
    it it won't hit you, so it's the one you should worry about the least. Nonetheless
    the clones will attack you after awhile, so zoom in kick to protect yourself. And
    that's it. He doesn't really have a distinct pattern that I have noticed.
    Sub-boss, Two tanks and a jet (2.45)
    This battle is distinguished only by the fact that it's three large enemies in
    quick succession. In early fights, there is only one tank here... Anyway, tanks
    first. You can slowRHOH the tanks for VERY low damage. Much more effective is
    slowing to dodge the Bianky's attacks to dizzy it, then slowing and punching them
    towards the tank then zooming in. Also, you can slow and punch it's cannon shells
    back at it, keeping it slow and zoomed in for maximum damage, of course. If you can
    get a Rock-On Combo going, do so, and then attacks on the tank will do more damage.
    After defeating the tank, another tank will approach from the left. Then, a jet.
    Jets don't fall to the ground when you slow, but they also don't have an annoying
    helicopter blade to keep you from just SlowRHOHing them during their bullet run.
    And they take a lot more damage from this than tanks do. Since they launch
    Cromarties instead of Biankies, it's a lot harder to dizzy them, but remember that
    if a Cromarty's second attack is down, it's third will be up and it's fourth will
    be down and if it's second is up it's third will be down and it's fourth will be
    up. Anyway, just get on top of it and RHOH it. If it fires it's missiles, hit them
    back, but it likely won't be necessary, and there may be a bianky or two at the
    start of the battle for you to uppercut into it. An easy battle.
    Blade Master, Alastor (2.5) (First part of strategy by sir shout) 
    He always starts out with a stinger so jump over that then hit him
    in the lava or Dragon Kick him to set him on fire. he will hop in to the fountain
    and be dizzy so hit him with SlowRHOH twice then hit him with a dragon kick to
    set him on fire and repeat. (HyperBlissey would like to add that if you fail to do
    this he'll jump into the air and you can jump on the building and then knock him
    down for a little extra damage and repeat, but this is a bit harder to do
    successively and isn't recommended). Now, he'll set the blocks in motion and they
    will shoot lightning. Hit them to stop them if you want, but he always follows this
    attack with Round Trip, so be ready to hit his swords back at him. Alternatively
    ride a lightning block to him and the swords should all miss but hit the ones that
    get too close and when you get close to him you can SlowRHOH him to the ground
    and try some more Dragon Kicks. Remember, Dragon Kick = Red Hot Kick, then zoom in.
    When he starts using Air Raid, just jump. a thin lightning bolt will appear, when
    it does, just jump straight up to dodge the oncoming attack. Then he'll taunt you
    and you can beat on him some more, but the lightning blocks will likely be active
    so watch out for them. They don't do much damage, but it adds up.
    Inferno Lord, Fire Leo (2.60)
    Ugh... Just... Ugh...
    I would just like to say that if either you or he falls into one of the holes he
    will jump down and then back up and at his dashing phase. Avoid this at all costs.
    At the start, he'll dash off. If you get hit as he dashes, 12 damage to you. He
    fires boulders out of his back. These hit you as they come up or go down, 8 damage.
    Use mach speed and punch these to go on fire. After he finishes dashing he'll
    blow flames at you for 8 damage but if you are on fire you won't take damage.
    Before he can start dashing again go up to him and punch him while you're still on
    fire to blow his invincibility away. SlowRHOH him instead of punching him, though,
    and he'll take about a third of a lifebar in damage. You can try to hit him as he
    dashes but you'll take the 12 damage and you might fail, so it's not recommended.
    After you hit the flames off of him he'll start using physical attacks for eight
    damage each. Avoid these and dodge the roaming fireballs until they leave then
    SlowRHOH him for just a few hits then mach speed and run off before he can hit you,
    keeping up slow so that if he hits you you'll avoid it. Repeat until his shield is
    broken and then SlowRHOH him until he starts spinning. When he does this he'll
    either attack high or low for 4 damage per hit, with two hits. Don't let yourself
    get hit by this, and attack him as he spins. He'll execute five attacks and then
    stop attacking but keep spinning. Only attack him during one spinning phase as if
    you fail to dodge all attacks (using slow to dodge dodges the attacks works but not
    for the purposes we want. You have to dodge up or down) he won't get dizzy. Also,
    you can dodge his attacks, then SlowRHOH for two hits, for a little extra damage.
    It's fairly useful, but as you could otherwise recharge you're VFX meter during
    this time, I don't really recommend it as an actual strategy. Anyway, He will make
    a different sound for up than for down. It's hard to describe the sounds he makes
    so slow as he attacks and learn the growls. Get the timing for when he'll attack
    and slow, hear what attack he'll make, and unslow and dodge it to conserve VFX.
    After you clear a series of attacks he'll get dizzy. SlowRHOH until he breaks off.
    His dash will speed up when you get him below a lifebar and a half, and he'll shoot
    more boulders, so ALWAYS slow if you are jumping over him as you may not be able to
    avoid boulders on just timing alone. Also note that the sounds he makes for attacks
    are the same when he's just using standard melee attacks, not spinning, so you can
    learn them then if you want and use them to avoid those attacks, too. Granted,
    skull markers WILL appear on lower difficulties, but unfortunately you'll need to
    learn the growls for Ultra V-Rated. Just remember, the low attack is lower in pitch
    than the higher attack, and I believe it is also slightly shorter.
    Note: Kame of GameFAQs message boards alerts me to the fact that after you SlowRHOH
    Fire Leo and he dashes off and attacks you, if you hit him at the right time then
    he will start spinning again, but it only works some of the time. Quaker Oats
    confirms this and says that you must hit him RIGHT after he attacks, and that he
    might jump in, attack again, or start spinning, and if he attacks do it again until
    he does spin. Kame did this with Slow and Mach Speed active, whereas Quaker Oats
    was low on VFX at the time, but performed it with Silvia. So you'll need to mach
    speed up to Fire Leo unless you're Silvia. Of course.
    Sub-boss, Two Metal Leos (2.65)
    The first one is at the top of the area, the second is at the bottom. Like the
    Gelby this is really more of a regular battle than a sub-boss but since sub-bosses
    come before save points, I'm classifying them as one. You've fought these things
    before so you should know how to deal with them, but anyway, SlowRHOH their shield
    at the start. Remember, they use a growl for an upper attack and a laugh for a
    lower attack. After breaking the shield, SlowRHOH and dodge the attacks until they
    start spinning. Avoid their attacks five times to dizzy them and then SlowRHOH them
    to destroy them. If it doesn't destroy them, try it again while they aren't dizzy,
    one or two hits finishes them off in almost all cases. Also, note that they have
    a blue fireball attack. If you duck and you're up close this won't hit you, so
    don't worry about it coming when you're beating on them. I don't know what causes
    them to use this and I haven't seen it often. If someone could tell me, I would
    appreciate it, and it would be fully credited, of course...
    Update: SilvrDragon52@aol.com has added the information requested. What they said,
    unchanged, is...
    Just on the metal Leos, they only shoot fireballs (and use no other attacks) if the
    flame on their head is not lit. If it is, then they'll go to their spin and slash
    technique. So make sure to push them into fire, (ex. when you're on the moving
    platform in Ch. 7's 2nd part ) -obviously not a boss part but maybe its mention
    could help some people out.
    Indeed it will. And I intend to add basic enemy strategies in version 2.0, and this
    will be useful information to have.
    The Omnipotent, King Blue (2.70)
    It is highly recommended that you get Mach Speed Level 3 before this boss fight.
    He'll hover in the background for a moment and then come forward enough for you to
    hit him so when he does jump and use SlowRHOH. RHOH immediately so if you
    accidentally do the downward attack as you zoom in you'll still be able to hit him.
    Hit him with this 17 times, then immediately stop and move away to avoid his
    counterattack. Then he'll use a lightning attack. just stay still to dodge it.
    If you didn't hit him the first time he'll use a hard-to-dodge attack so hug a
    lightning bolt (but don't touch it, of course) and it'll miss. a tower will come up
    so use the Mach Speed attack it to cancel his hard-to-dodge lightning attack, but
    don't keep attacking the tower, because missiles will come. Stay still to dodge
    the upper two, dodge up for the lower one and down for the lower-middle one. It
    will either come from down to up or from up to down and I haven't found a way to
    tell which one it will come from so watch out and use Slow after mach speed
    attacking it. After dodging the missiles destroy the tower, sometimes it will drop
    a hamburger. Mach Speed attack it to destroy it for that little extra damage. After
    this he'll use the basic lightning attack, so remember to stay still to dodge it.
    Then he will summon Die Fighters. Jump into the air and get next to him, then air
    SlowRHOH him with your knee below his hand and you'll dodge the die fighters and
    he'll take damage. Hit him 17 times, you can hit him less but it won't do as much
    damage, you can hit him more but hitting him 18 times causes you to take damage so
    after 17 stop and move away from him. After that he'll use his staff lightning
    attack. Duck to dodge it. Then a radio tower will come up and he'll use his
    secondary lightning attack, so mach speed attack the radio tower to knock him out
    of it. Then dodge the missiles and Mach Speed attack to destroy the tower. It loops
    from there. Remember not to move much horizontally unless you can't really get to
    him and even then go back to where you were afterward or else the radio tower
    might come up at the wrong place, and his secondary lightning attack isn't exactly
    easy to avoid if you don't know it's coming. Also, there's a ship in the background
    that fires a laser. You can pretty much ignore it but if it gets too close, dodge
    it and if you can't (say it comes down on you during staff lightning) then slow to
    auto-evade. Mach speed attacking the tower will explode the ship but another one
    will come back after awhile, so just watch for it.
    Note: Jamescom1 of GameFAQs message boards says to you 'can take the cheap way out
    and use Voomerangs on King Blue.:)'. I would like to add that I, in response to
    this, have tried this and he uses normal lightning after doing this so just stand
    still to avoid it, and use Zoom and Slow beforehand for that extra damage when
    using voomerangs. Remember that you have to get up a voomerang before zooming in
    or you'll do RHOH instead.
    Captain Blue (2.71) (first part of strategy by sir shout) 
    Use the zoom in midair kick (in slow) on him, it will take away his aura and knock
    him down. do this until he is in a corner then slow RHOH him like 5 times. knock
    his aura off with a slow zoom in midair kick but don't RHOH him wait till he gets
    up then knock him down again then RHOH him. that way you will recover your VFX and
    still not give him a chance to attack. If you fail in this, he may do a lightning
    attack. Hug the wall to avoid it. If he attacks you regularly, slow and avoid it,
    then immediately SlowRHOH him as much as you can to deal quite a bit of damage.
    Also you can SlowRHOH after one of his attacks to knock his aura off and do a
    little damage, but he'll interrupt with Captain Blue Kick so dodge it and keep
    attacking to do a small bit more damage. This doesn't loop, though. If you can't
    move to the side to dodge the attack where he falls to the ground in a lightning
    surge because of lightning in the way, jump and attack in the air to keep you up
    and then fall and try and use the slow, zoom in midair kick as stated at the start.
    This is a pretty tough battle otherwise as without it there's no really good ways
    to avoid damage, since he doesn't really have a distinct pattern.
    Jamescom1 adds that you can use a Voomerang on him. Right before it hits him, use
    Slow. The Voomerang will hit him twice; the first hit will dispel his aura; the
    second will hit him towards you. Since he's right in front of you (or if he's not,
    run up to him), use SlowRHOH. Hit him about ten times, recover some VFX if needed,
    throw another Voomerang, and repeat the pattern (and pray that he won't use
    Credit information (3.0)
    Credit to CJayC for making GameFAQs. Again, this guide is only licensed for usage
    on www.gamefaqs.com. If you see it somewhere else, contact me at HBlissey@aol.com.
    Credit to sir shout for help on Alastor and Captain Blue.
    Credit to Jamescom1 for Voomerang info on King Blue and Captain Blue, as well as
    secondary Gran Bruce strat.
    Credit to Kame and Quaker Oats for that extra note on Fire Leo.
    Credit to SilvrDragon52@aol.com for Metal Leo fireball information.
    Credit to Capcom for this wonderful game.
    Copywrite 2003.

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