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    Alastor Rainbow-V Challenge Guide by Skya

    Version: 1.80 | Updated: 03/31/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Viewtiful Joe
    Rainbow-Viewtiful Challenge As Alastor
    By Maxime Mariscalchi (Skya)
    **** I. Table Of Content ****
    I. Table Of Content
    II. History
    III. Introduction
    IV. Introduction To Alastor And The Others
    V. Important Necessary Informations
    VI. Enemies
    VII. Alastor Tutorial
     VII.I Controls
     VII.III Moves
     VII.IV Tips for improvement
    VIII. Alastor The Devil
    IX. Some Like it Red Hot!
    X. Two Million Leagues Under The Sea
    XI. The Viewtiful Escape
    XII. The Midnight Thunder Boy
    XIII. The Magnificent Five
    XIV. Alastor And Goldie
    XV. Conclusion
    XVI. Hall Of Fame
    XVII. F.A.Q.
    XVIII. Thanks
    XIX. Legal Informations
    **** II. History ****
    1- "Gimme a break! I love a challenge!!"
    Finished every sections, later corrected some spelling mistakes and modified
    some techniques.
    1.40- "A man's true passion lies in battle."
    Added the Alastor Tutorial, also modified the strategy for some parts,
    corrected some spelling mistakes and rewrote some parts that were a complete
    1.80- "Now's your chance! Finish him off!"
    I revised my walkthrough and found out that it was a big mess, so I rewrote a
    lot of parts. I changed a bit of the Alastor Tutorial. I added the strategy for
    the two tasks I hadn't put in stage 2-1, the "Normal Way" in stage 4 and made
    the walkthrough for stage 3-1.
    **** III. Introduction ****
    The Rainbow-V Challenge is a really hard challenge, particularly with Alastor,
    but you should have unlocked Alastor if you're reading this, so you should have
    mastered the game enough to stand a chance. It consist of obtaining a perfect
    rate (RV) at every task of every stage. To obtain such a rate, you must have
    the perfect rate (V) in each of the three aspects of the tasks which are:
    V-Points, Defense and Time. Each task have a determined amount of V-Points to
    collect and a determined time you must not exceed. The Defense homever, is
    always the same. You must never get hit or if you do, you MUST do a Ukemi,
    doing so will save the day, or at least yours. Remember that only parts where
    Silvia says "Just Go For It!" until she says "Finished!" are tasks, you can
    relax and do anything you want between them, like collecting canisters or life
    you might have missed but remember that you can't always go back. Finishing the
    Challenge will unlock Super Alastor, which possess infinite VFX. I think it's
    clear that you must have finished the game at least once on the save you're
    going to attempt it on to have all (or most if you want the challenge to be
    harder) the power-ups nessessary to accomplish the challenge, as well as
    getting used to Alastor's gameplay style. Finally, I must mention I did this
    FAQ to have a guide specifically made for Alastor, since other RVs guides
    aren't really accurate because of his particularities.
    **** IV. Introduction to Alastor and the others ****
    Here are my short descriptions of every characters you meet in the game.
    This part contain some major spoilers about the storyline of each characters.
    Alastor is the sword master, half of a powerful ancient demon ruler of the
    underworld. All he ever wants is to test his strenght, he isn't even interested
    in the throne of evil that he is supposed to occupy. After he challenges Blue
    while watching him fight in one of his movies, Blue kidnap and traps Goldie in
    the movie and before he knows it, Six Majin takes him into the movie too. Now
    even with his dark magic blocked by the V-Watch Blue gave him, he roams in
    movieland to test his strenght, find some preys to kill, defeat Blue and save
    Goldie is the twin sister of Silvia, Alastor's girlfriend. In Alastor's
    scenario, she get kidnapped by King Blue which wants to use her sacrifice to
    get his hands on the true powers of Alastor. In Silvia's scenario, she get
    kidnapped by King Blue which wants to sacrifice her to steal the soul of Silvia
    and rule the world together. At the end in Silvia's scenario, she beg her
    father (Blue) to give her a V-Watch in order to follow Silvia in her
    adventures. At the end in Alastor's scenario, she beg her father (Blue) to give
    her a V-Watch in order to follow Alastor in his adventures.
    Joe is the biggest fan of Captain Blue, he never missed one single movie of
    him. After King Blue kidnapped Silvia and took her into the movie, Six Machine
    takes him into the movie too. With the help of the V-Watch, gift of Blue, he
    become Viewtiful Joe and rush to the rescue of Silvia with his viewtiful moves.
    Silvia is Joe's passionate and devoted girlfriend. She get kidnapped by King
    Blue while they were watching an old movie of Captain Blue and wait tirelessly
    for Joe to come and save her during the whole movie. At the end, she beg her
    father (Blue) to give her a V-Watch in order to follow Joe in his adventures.
    -Captain Blue-
    Blue is the hero of his own movies since he got mysteriously dragged in one of
    them. He became a tad bit too much obsessed by his superhero powers and soon
    forgot his family. He in fact became so obsessed that he decided to take his
    revenge on humanity by getting out of the movie with his army and dominate the
    universe. How original.
    Ivory is Blue's wife. Not much is known about her. She gets kidnapped by the
    dark side of Blue, King Blue, which wants to get Blue's power in order to be
    the supreme emperor of light and darkness. At the end, she beg her husband
    (Blue) to give her a V-Watch in order to follow him in his adventures.
    **** V. Important Necessary Informations ****
    Here I collected all the important informations you MUST know before beginning
    your RV.
    -The Challenge must be made in Adult, V-Rated or Ultra V-Rated in order to get
    Super Alastor. I know it seem easier in Kids but you wont get anything from it,
    except anger from having to do it again. But remember this guide is based on
    the supposition that you are playing on Adult.
    -DT mean Devil Trigger, and UT means Untrigger. Don't forget that to trigger or
    untriger it's the Z button. I'll use these words frequently.
    -The S-RHOH is my term for the Slow-Zoomed Red Hot One Hundred, a great friend.
    This move is performed by using Slow-Zoomed continually (Slow+Zoom+Y and hold).
    This technique is the most V-Point rewarding and most powerful in the game so
    you'll use it a lot of times. When I talk about S-RHOHing an enemy to death it
    means to S-RHOH him until he couic. Unless I say so, don't dodge when I tell
    you that.
    -Ukemi is another good friend. To use it, Zoom when you are merely touching the
    floor after getting hit by an enemy. Don't forget you must buy it to use it.
    Also if you are not sure when you'll land, you can try to Zoom-in, Zoom-out
    like crazy to get an 80 percent or so chance of sucess, this is mostly used in
    stage 6 when you fight Raging Gran, or you can do like me and use your
    instinct. Using a take two is the same as using an Ukemi. Why? Because if you
    get hit and it takes all your life (like Raging Davidson's charge attack), you
    can't make an Ukemi. But if you happen to have a take two, you will get up and
    all your life is back, no penality. And when you think about it, you fall, you
    get up and get life back. Similar to an Ukemi right? Ok, I shut up.
    -Rock-on mode begins when you target an enemy (by dodging his attack for
    example), press and hold Slow (Zoom and Mach Speed can be used at the same time
    but Slow is necessary). In the rock-on mode, you'll get your V-Points
    accumulated during it multiplied by the number of enemies you hit, some enemies
    can be hit multiple time (Cromartys and Gelbys for example). It will end when
    you release Slow, get hit or run out of VFX.
    -The best way to get V-Points in a melee of normal enemies (Biancky and
    Cromarty of all types) is to line them then to dodge the attacks until the one
    in the front is dizzied, hit him four normal times (three punches and one kick
    so you won't trigger his sword combo), DT and S-RHOH the first in the line so
    he hit the others, then hit the second so he hit the others and so on. This
    technique is officially known as *zemickey*'s. I used the technique before even
    knowing this but I won't protest about this since *zemickey* is the first one
    who claimed it as his. No offense to *zemickey*, of course. ;D
    -To destroy quickly with lot of V-points Metal Leos, simply get in front of
    him, dodge his first attack and DT, S-RHOH him until he slash again, UT, dodge,
    DT and S-RHOH him until he slash again, UT, dodge then DT and S-RHOH him until
    he die.  But if you can't manage to kill it before he spins, don't worry,
    simply dodge his attacks until he gets dizzied, then S-RHOH him to death or you
    can try to get far away from him and he will maybe stop. Thanks to *zemickey*
    for the technique.
    -The Bianco Billy technique I invented is as far as I know the best way to kill
    them quickly with a lot of V-Points. Get in front of him, and wait until he
    begin to spin his guns. Right when he's gonna fire, DT and Slow punch, if you
    did this quickly and in the right order, you just punched the bullet. UT and
    run to him, he's dizzied now, if you did everything correctly. Make sure he got
    a wall behind him. Punch him twice normally then DT and Slow. Hold slow and
    punch him normally, jump to him and punch him again, then use a kick to finish
    him. You just got 160 V-Points, if my memory is good.
    -Use Mach Speed when in Slow to move faster then you normally do in Slow.
    -Don't think, when I say to UT/DT there IS a reason. Because I have the answer
    to the meaning of life.
    -To use your Super Alastor you must make a new game then when you select your
    character, put your cursor over Alastor then press and hold Z until the word
    "super" appear over Alastor then accept. You must have finished the challenge
    for this to work, of course.
    **** VI. Enemies  ****
    Here I have collected informations about every enemies you fight in the game. I
    have put on each baddy its name, desciption, attacks and a rank on its
    resistance based on VJ.
    Description: Black mechanicals bats with a oversized red eye.
    -Grip: He will dive on you and immobilize you until he explode
    Resistance: D'oh.
    Description: The common enemy you'll find during all the game. They are also
    about the easiest enemy you'll fight (except the rare one-hit-kill enemies).
    They are white with some black stripes. One of his eye is red and the other is
    closed and his mouth is a speaker.
    -Punch: He will weave his hands then make a high punch.
    -Kick: He will dance like a boxer and weave his hands then make a low kick.
    Resistance: Crappy.
    Biancky Boxer
    Description: A Biancky wearing a white helmet with blue stripes and spiked
    -Punch: He will weave his hands then make a high punch.
    -Kick: He will dance like a boxer and weave his arms then make a low kick.
    Resistance: Baaad.
    Biancky Primas (aka Ballerina)
    Description: A Biancky wearing a white helmet with yellow visor, a yellow dress
    and ballet shoes.
    -Spin: He will spin and attack high or low.
    Resistance: Crappy.
    Bianco Billy
    Description: A tall biancky wearing a cowboy uniform and guns.
    -Shot: Spin his guns like a cowboy during about a second and fire at you.
    -Multiple Shot: Jump, spin his guns like a cowboy in the air and fire four
    shots, one in ever directions or in every diagonals.
    -Plunge: Jump, spin in the air and dive diagonally in your direction.
    Resistance: Baaad.
    Black Leader
    Description: A tall guy wearing a black uniform, a red military cap and a weird
    -Slash: He deliver a single sword slash either high or low.
    -Multiple Slash: He deliver a rain of swift stabs without precise aim.
    -Rain of Swords: He spin his sword creating swords either over your head or on
    your side and make them attack you.
    -Plunge: Jump, spin in the air and dive diagonally in your direction.
    Resistance: Viewtiful
    Black Thunder
    Description: A combat helicopter
    -Bullets: Aim down and shoots bullets at you.
    -Enemies: Lets out four Bianckys/Cromartys to attack you
    Resistance: Rainbow-Viewtiful
    Description: A black Biancky wearing a black helmet with a black visor.
    -Multiple Attack: Punch or kick four times. The two first will have a skull
    indicator then the third is the opposite of the second and the fourth is the
    opposite of the third.
    -Plunge: Jump, spin in the air and dive diagonally in your direction.
    Resistance: Awesome.
    Description: A Cromarty with a huge bazooka on his back.
    -Multiple Attack: Punch or kick four times. The two first will have a skull
    indicator then the third is the opposite of the second and the fourth is the
    opposite of the third.
    -Plunge: Jump, spin in the air and dive diagonally in your direction.
    -Bazooka: Take his bazooka, aim, then fire a really big bullet.
    Resistance: Awesome.
    Description: A Cromarty with a small gun on his back.
    -Multiple Attack: Punch or kick four times. The two first will have a skull
    indicator then the third is the opposite of the second and the fourth is the
    opposite of the third.
    -Plunge: Jump, spin in the air and dive diagonally in your direction.
    -Grenade: Take his gun, aim, then fire a homing bullet.
    Resistance: Awesome.
    Description: A huge yellow creature with black stripes and a black chest.
    Really powerful.
    -Punch: He draws his arm back then deliver a great punch.
    -Jump: He beats his chest while he yells and do a spin jump over you.
    -Baseball: He draws his arm back then throw a baseball ball at you. (he'll only
    do it if you're far from him)
    Resistance: Viewtiful
    Description: A combat plane
    -Bullets: Aim diagonally and shoots bullets at you.
    -Enemies: Lets out four Bianckys/Cromartys to attack you.
    -Missiles: Send some missiles to attack you.
    Resistance: Rainbow-Viewtiful
    Metal Leo
    Description: A metal lion with a shield and his head covered with a blue flame.
    (the flame is occasional, but if he doesn't have one he can get one from the
    sort of floating  blue flamethrowers)
    -Slash: He deliver a single slash with his claws either high or low
    -Spin: Spin and deliver five slash randomly high or low.
    -Fireball: Spit a blue fireball in your direction.
    -Raine of Fire: Sometimes when he spins he can let some little blue fireballs
    fall on you, like snowflakes. I think he mainly do it when you try to jump over
    him when he spins.
    Resistance: Viewtiful
    Red Leader
    Description: A tall guy wearing a red uniform with a strange red helmet and a
    weird sword
    -Slash: He deliver a single sword slash either high or low.
    -Plunge: Jump, spin in the air and dive diagonally in your direction.
    Resistance: Baaad
    Description: A hostess with pink clothes.
    -Punch/Kick: She make a weird little dance then either punh or kick high or low.
    -Pound: She jumps in the air then pound the earth creating a wave of
    -Super Rose Kick: She jumps in the air and make something similar to the Ultra
    Violet Kick
    Resistance: Baaad
    Description: A really big tank with a Cromarty in the cockpit.
    -Shot: He charge then make a loud sound and shoot a big rocket at you.
    -Charge: He become red then charge to about three meters in front of him.
    -Spin: He become red then spin on place.
    -Biancky: He send six Bianckys at you.
    Resistance: Rainbow-Viewtiful
    **** VII. Alastor Tutorial ****
    Since most people have difficulties mastering Alastor, I made this tutorial
    that explains everything about how to control Alastor. First, we will go over
    the basics you learn in the game, as well as Alastor's little details that
    makes him so special
    *** VII.I Controls ***
    These are the default action controls, I recommand you to stick with those.
    -Control Pad: Move Joe around (not recommended)
    -Control Stick (up): High Dodge/Make Alastor fall slower (if you jump while
    high dodging it will be counted as a Air Hike)
    -Control Stick (down): Low Dodge/Make Alastor fall faster (remember that
    Alastor will hover slowly automatically when transformed, you have to make him
    fall manually)
    -Control Stick (left/right): Move Alastor around (works when hovering too)
    -L Button: VFX Slow
    -R Button: VFX Mach Speed
    -C Stick(up): Zoom-In (not recommended)
    -C Stick (down): Zoom-Out (not recommended)
    -Z Button: Devil Trigger(DT)/Untrigger(UT)/Skip Event
    -Y Button: Punch
    -X Button: Kick
    -A Button: Jump: Air Hike
    -B Button: Zoom-In/Zoom-Out
    -Start/Pause: Pause the game
    *** VII.II VFX ***
    These are all the powers you gain as a demon from the underworld.
    -1/6 Show No Fear-
    "With a fearless grin, he sidesteps the most vicious attack. His life-or-death
    battles only serve to sharpen his ninja instincts!"
    This is simple, when an enemy attacks you low, a skull mark will tell you so.
    When you see it, high dodge. This will cause the enemy to spin and become
    dizzy. When dizzy the enemies have their defense weakened and you can start a
    Rock-On combo by holding slow and hitting them.
    -2/6 War Dance-
    "Quailing before Alastor's rage, the enemy flails helplessly. His last vision
    is of a dance of death; a demon and its prey."
    Just like before, when an enemy attacks you high, a skull mark will tell you
    so. When you see it, low dodge. This will cause the enemy to spin and become
    dizzy. When dizzy the enemies have their defense weakened and you can start a
    Rock-On combo by holding slow and hitting them.
    -3/6 Invincible Demon
    "This demon from the past fights with VFX! When the energy reaches Full, press
    the Z Button to pull the Devil Trigger!"
    This is VFX Slow. When using it, everythings turns slow, hence it's name.
    Slow's characteristics are...
    -Some enemies that can't be hurt during certain attacks or when they have an
    aura can be hurt while in Slow.
    -Dodging is easier and make some attacks that can't be dodged are dodgeable by
    using the auto-dodge (like with bullets).
    -Some attacks can also be used to your advantage by sending them back to your
    -Rock-on mode can be activated
    -4/6 Kamikaze Demon-
    "Alastor the Destroyer- His anger strikes like a thunderbolt from the blue,
    leaving a trail of charred destruction in its wake.- from "Delinquent Devils"
    Vatican Library Special Edition"
    This is VFX Mach Speed. When using it, everythings becomes accelerated, you AND
    the enemies. Mach Speed's characteristics are...
    -You can hit multiple enemies as well as things in the background by hitting
    something while in Mach Speed, which sends after-images.
    -5/6 Demons Don't Cry-
    "The last VFX Power. Before the mighty beast, enemies stand petrified. More
    petrifying than Medusa, Alastor's gaze promises death to all who behold him."
    This is VFX Zoom. When using it, the camera zooms on you and you make an
    awesome pose. Zoom's characteristics are...
    -The weak enemies shake at the sight of you.
    -When you attacks while you are in Zoom-in,holding the button will make Alastor
    continue his attack until you let go of it or until you run out of VFX.
    -In puzzles, it's mainly used to hit those poles you must hit 5 times
    -6/6 A Battle Out of Legend-
    "He rises towards the sky like a lightning blade, and descends to earth with
    the power of an earthquake. In a realm beyond imagination, a legendary battle
    is about to begin!"
    This is again VFX Zoom. This time it's about the unique powers you get while
    using Zoom-In. These are...
    -When you jump by using it, Alastor will use Vortex.
    -When you use it when you fall, Alastor will do Shockwave, the shockwave
    created by this attack will hit anything near the ground within about a 5 foot
    *** VII.III Moves ***
    Alastor possess most of those moves to begin with but he needs to buy some.
    Some needs him to have his transformation activated and sometimes Mach Speed or
    _Normal Moves_
    -Punch (Y): A simple, good punch.
    -Kick (X): A simple, good kick
    -Punch Combo (Y,Y,Y,Y,Y): Three punches, Alastor hit with his sword and another
    -Kick Combo (X,X,X,X,X): Five kicks.
    -Uppercut (down+Y): Alastor uppercut the enemy high in the air.
    -Trip (down+X): Alastor kicks the enemy in the legs.
    {Transformed Moves}
    -Air Alastor (in the air, Y+X+Y+X... until forever if you want): Nothing
    special, it only looks nice. Bought.
    -Sliding (down+X): Alastor will slide for about 6 foots. Bought.
    -Ultra Violet Kick aka UVK (in the air, down+X): Alastor will do a powerful
    drop kick in whatever direction you face. Bought.
    *VFX Moves*
    -Vortex (Zoom+jump): Alastor will jump in the air while spinning and will have
    a purple aura, you can double jump with this too.
    -Shockwave (fall+Zoom): Alastor will fall rapidly to the ground like an arrow
    and will have a purple aura. This create a shockwave. Best used with Slow.
    -Spinning Kick (Zoom+X): Alastor will spin horizontally while kicking. It kicks
    on the left and on the right sides at the same times. You are invincible as
    long as you keep doing it.
    -Red Hot One Hundred aka RHOH (Zoom+Y): Alastor will punch continually. This is
    the most powerful attack of the game if used with Slow.
    -After-Images Level 1/2/3 (Mach Speed+Y or X and hold): If you hit something
    repeatedly in Mach Speed, images of Alastor will fly to something near or in
    the background that can be hit.
    -Stylish Forever aka SF (right after auto-dodging, Zoom-In): After you
    auto-dodge, if you Zoom-In Alastor will strike a pose so stylish enemies will
    be hurt. Best combined with Slow. Bought.
    -Ukemi (before hitting the ground after hit, Zoom-In): If you ever get hit and
    you are sent flying, you can save your rank by using Zoom-In right before you
    hit the ground. The best way to do this is by using Slow a before entering the
    "ground zone" and using Zoom at the right moment. Sometimes, Slow makes the
    ground too much dark to see, so you'll have to either rely on your instinct (my
    favorite) or you can press B as fast as you can while holding Slow to get an
    80% or so chance to succeed. Bought.
    *** VII.IV Tips for improvement ***
    Those are little tips concerning Alastor that should improve your skills.
    -You should practice Ukemis a lot, they are life savers and at the same time
    can be very difficult and tricky to pull off (thinking about the disappearing
    floor when zooming for absolutely no reason).
    -When DT, remember Alastor floats because of his wings. As annoying it can be,
    this might come in handy sometimes. Just remember, if you wish to hit the
    ground, you must either hold down to make him fall of UT, which is sometimes
    more risky but a lot of times useful and rewarding.
    -When your VFX is not absolutely needed or when you get a few seconds free of
    enemies or tasks, UT immediately. Remember that VFX is crucial and a minimum
    (the first bar filled) is *needed* to be able to DT.
    -When you are not DT, you can still air hike, a feature of Alastor which is
    required in some cases, seriously.
    -SF is a strange move. It is both useful and deadly, it depends on when and how
    you use it. Using it to rack some points, to get rid of some annoying little
    enemies, to get out of a tight situation and maybe all at once is a good idea.
    On the other hand, your VFX is assured to run out when it's used, you will be
    left vulnerable for a little while and a lot of enemies don't care about it and
    are unaffected. This move should only be used when necessary and only when your
    VFX bar is about to reach its limit.
    **** VIII. Alastor The Devil ****
    This stage is not too hard,  there are a lot of tasks before the first save,
    which can be annoying. The only real threats to your sucess are the Corridor
    and the two Barrel tasks.
    ***Part One***
    _First Bianckys_
    Don't get too close to the box to let the Biancky stand in front of you. DT,
    then S-RHOH him and the other one to death and UT. Wait until the third one
    comes down, DT and S-RHOH him to death. You can now proceed.
    _Four Enemies_
    Wait until the Biancky and the Biancky-Primas are lined up and you are to the
    left of them, DT, dizzy the Biancky and S-RHOH him. Run to the Biancky-Primas
    (which should be lying on the floor now), S-RHOH him twice and give a last
    S-RHOH to destroy the Biancky then UT. Now a Biancky and a Biancky Primas
    should be to your left. Repeat the process.
    _Captain Blue_
    As soon as Blue appear in front of you, S-RHOH him twice. Finished, not too
    though huh?
    _First Joker_
    When the cutscene begin, press Z to skip it, then immediately S-RHOH in front
    of you until he's dead. Then put the coin in the Machine Slot. Get the three
    coins symbols, jump high and punch/kick in the air until you got all the coins.
    Now get the three viewtiful symbols, get the key and Mach Speed to the exit.
    *Note: To get a good time in this task, you must be quick with the Machine
    Slot. Press Slow/ Have a look/Release if not satisfied/Press Slow Again etc
    until you get the 3 symbols you need. UT if you begin to run out of VFX and
    then DT when you got enough. Don't let the VFX run out because you might hit
    out of slow, thus not getting the correct symbol.
    Let the Bianco Billy begin to spin his guns, then use the Bianco Billy
    technique (refer to the important necessary informations part). Now turn to
    face left, and wait for the Bianckys. Make sure the Bianckys are lined up and
    dodge the first one's attack. Punch him twice then DT and use the  technique UT
    when they are all finished. When the books comes out, kick it to the right
    until they get on the switch. Now quickly, jumps twice and Dragon Kick to hit
    the door.
    *Note: The Bianco Billy trick is a little hard at the beginning, make sure to
    master it since you will use it about each time you see one.
    _Banquet Hall_
    As soon as the task begins, walk a bit to get the two Verdys to come out. Get
    between them, DT and Slow to get them to fall to each of your sides. Dodge both
    of their attacks (DT, use Slow and UT if necessary), punch both TWO times each,
    DT and S-RHOH both of them. Now UT to the other end of the table until you see
    the Verdy and get in the middle of them. When your VFX is back, repeat what you
    have done with the others. Now you can either from the end of the table launch
    a Round Trip at the switch (this is the easiest but it can fail) or jump on the
    platform, DT, Slow to get the platform to go down and slide to the switch.
    After having done either of them, Mach Speed slide to the chandelier and jump
    on it, UT, then when you're all the way up, DT and Mach Speed to the end.
    This is more though, run under the little chandelier to make the Biancky-Primas
    appear. Dodge the attacks of both of them, punch both twice and DT, Slow, kick
    the right one in the armor and uppercup the left one in the little chandelier.
    Repeat on the other Biancky-Primas until you get the key, then run to the door.
    *Note: It's important to kick the Biancky Primas to your right into the armor
    before sending the other in the little chandelier, because if the little
    chandelier falls on the left one before you kicked him, he will get destroyed.
    _Black Thunder_
    As soon as you get the control of yourself, Mach Speed to the right until you
    are at the top of the stairs. UT and get the canisters. When the Black Thunder
    comes back and begins to shoot, jump, Air Hike and punch/kick in the air until
    he stop shooting. Repeat until he lets out Bianckys. Dodge one's attack, S-RHOH
    him and another one in the wall, S-RHOH the third one into the Black Thunder as
    well as the fourth one and he's probably dead. If not, S-RHOH him until he's
    <Break Time>
    Nothing special to buy, maybe some Round Trips for Charles The Third but it's
    far from being necessary.
    <Break Time>
    ***Part Two***
    _Water Barrels_
    Right when you get control of yourself, walk forward a bit, then Slow, jump to
    the bat and S-RHOH him. The drop of water should have activated the switch by
    now. Sprint to the right with quick hits on Mach Speed and jump over the
    barrels until you reach the end. But before exiting S-RHOH one-two bats so you
    get enough points. You can now proceed.
    _Captain Blue Second_
    All you have to do is S-RHOH him, but be sure to hit him two or three times on
    is blue shield.
    Mach Speed to the right until a Biancky appear to your left, S-RHOH him to
    death. Do the same for EVERY Biancky and then you can Mach Speed to the end.
    _Spiked Barrel_
    Basically the same as the last barrel, except this barrel seems to be faster,
    be really careful. Of course, you can turn the situation in your favor by using
    a Ukemi after getting hit by him, but I warn you, it's hard because the stairs
    needs an "uncertain ground Ukemi" (refer to the Ukemi training section).
    _Dark Fiend, Charles The Third_
    This is the easiest of all the bosses. Of course it's the first one so it's
    kinda obvious. As soon as the fight begins, jump and UVK him or simply send a
    Round Trip to knock him out of thin air. Now all you have to do is S-RHOH him
    and knock him out of thin air again when he gets up with another UVK or Round
    Trip and repeat if he is not already dead. Fast huh?
    **** IX. Some Like It Red Hot ****
    If you're enough satisfied of the first stage being completed, let's continue
    shall we? This stage isn't really though but the Bus part in the beginning is
    REALLY annoying, since if you miss it, you must start over from the beggining.
    ***Part One***
    _Unnecessary Task One; Red Canister _
    This task can be found by going left at the beginning of the stage. As soon as
    you trigger it, go completely to the left of the screen. Line the enemies,
    dizzy the first one and apply the  technique. The best way to not get hit by
    any missile is to send a Biancky in it. After applying the  technique four or
    five times all the enemies should be dead.
    *Note: If one of the Verdys go up high and you can reach him, either Air Hike
    as high as you can and throw a Round Trip or wait for him to launch a missile
    and send it back to him.
    _Twin Billy_
    Get in front of the first Bianco Billy, then use the Bianco Billy technique.
    Jump on the above platform and get to the other Billy. Repeat the technique
    with this one and you got your RV.
    _Unnecessary Task Two; Captain Blue Third_
    This task can be found by going where you usually get the Zoom VFX. Fight him
    as usual, S-RHOH him and make sure to land a few hits on his blue shield.
    _Water Sewers_
    When the task begins, UT and fall off the platform. From there, DT and Air
    Hike, Alastor's wings are finally useful for the RV. After the door closes
    behind you, walk forward to make appear to Verdys. Slow when you're between
    them to get one on each of your sides. Dizzy both, then punch the left one
    twice then S-RHOH the left one twice, and the right one once, if he's not hit
    already (which is good). now make appear two other Verdys and repeat. You
    should get at least 400 points in total. Now Mach Speed to the exit. Jump on
    the floating platform, UT and wait. DT and Mach Speed when the lasers already
    passed and jump to the flag.
    _Second Joker_
    Go next to the first Biancky and wait for him to try to hit you. DT, Stylish
    Forever and hold to get a maximum of V-Points. Repeat until you did it 7 times.
    Now Mach Speed slide to the electricity, UT and wait. DT and Slow the
    electricity to open the door, then Mach Speed slide through the door and until
    the Joker cutscene appears.  Run to him and use a Dragon Kick to stop any
    attack he's beginning. S-RHOH him to death, then do as usual with the Machine
    _Eight Enemies_
    Walk around to trigger the enemies, DT and Slow down to make land the Verdys,
    then UT to recover some VFX, DT and use the  technique. I'd say get about 800
    points, then destroy what's left the most quickly as possible.
    UT, and stay where you are until the Bianckys are placed to both of your sides.
    Jump over the three Biancky to your right and turn around to face the first.
    Dizzy him and use the  technique to get at least 1000 points. When the Rosettas
    come, simply S-RHOH them until they die.
    *Note: It's REALLY important to not get hit during that part and to leave the
    hamburger box above you untouched. You will soon see why.
    _Cat-Drived Bus_
    As soon as possible, WITHOUT SLOWING, Zoom and double jump to break the
    hamburger box, you MUST ABSOLUTELY NOT MOVE. After the second jump, UT and
    punch/kick in the air until the bus is under you and let yourself fall on it.
    When the bus is about to climb the ramp, DT and Slow, to get the reactors of
    the bus at full power, then let go of Slow and immediately Mach Speed. You
    should reach the road.
    *Note: If you don't reach the road, you won't have enough VFX to DT and UVK to
    the road, so immediately reset. Also, it's possible that you may not start this
    task immediately under the hamburger box, if it happens go under it as fast as
    _Aerial Attack_
    Do as you did with the first Black Thunder, dodge the bullets until some
    Bianckys are let out to attack you, dizzy them, send two in the Harrier and
    S-RHOH the rest. Repeat with the second Harrier. Don't worry, this is an easy
    *Note: To dodge to bullets, it's better to simply go in Slow and hold Mach
    Speed to run under the bullets, the auto-dodge consume too much VFX, don't
    think or try to use it.
    *Note: You can deal half of a life bar of damage while getting a decent amount
    of V-Points by using a Slow-Zoomed Round Trip when one of them are on the
    ground, but make sure that the Round Trip hits him completely, otherwise it's
    just a waste of VFX and time.
    <Break Time>
    Aaah, finally : ). Buy some Shoking Pinks for the next part, and again, don't
    forget to save. Thinking of taking a break would be good too, even if the
    hardest part of the stage is gone, this part still contains tricky parts. The
    fun is coming : )
    <Break Time>
    ***Part Two***
    _Entrance Hall_
    Go to the Bianco Billy, send him back his bullet and S-RHOH him, then S-RHOH
    the Biancky and the Biancky Primas. When the other Bianco Billy, Biancky and
    Biancky Primas appear, repeat the same tactic. Then use the  technique on the
    other enemies until none seems to appear anymore. Then climb the big chandelier
    and at the top, DT, Zoom-in and jump to activate the switch. Then Mach Speed
    kick (or punch, although I think kicks are better) the statues, collect the
    gems and Mach Speed to the door.
    *Note: A good way to get the gems really fast is to destroy the left statue
    first, collect the gem and then destroy the right statue. Put the gem in the
    door and do a really high Air Hike and the left gem should magically come
    through the floor to you.
    _The Private Frenzy_
    Air Hike, DT at the peak of your Air Hike and Slow to get the platform to your
    level. Jump on it then Air Hike to reach the little chandelier and destroy it.
    UT, take the key and drop to the door, now proceed to the next room. Use the
    techique on the Bianckys until the two Red Leaders appear. Dodge one's attack
    and immediately S-RHOH him and the other. Collect the books, put them in then
    climb the bookshelve, DT and Zoom-in jump to break the ceiling. Go through the
    door and wait for the Bianco Billy to come out. Then, when he does, DT, S-RHOH
    him and the other one coming. After that, take out a Shoking Pink, and Mach
    Speed punch it to break the pink box in the background. Collect the red bottle
    and break through the ground on the left. Simply DT and S-RHOH the Red Leader
    to death, then head through the door. Now this is the fun part I was talking
    about. Dodge the attacks of the Biancky, then uppercup one in the ceiling (to
    get the red canister) and S-RHOH the rest until you have no more VFX. If you
    didn't killed everything, destroy the rest anyway you want, take the key and
    DT and Mach Speed the bomb until the box in the background break, then punch it
    and Slow until it breaks open the door and UT. Enter the room,  DT, S-RHOH the
    bomb and jump over the Red Leader. Slow when the bomb is about to explodes to
    make it break the door. Enter the little room, S-RHOH the Rosettato death and
    take the key. Now  the enemies to get a maximum of point. When all the enemies
    are gone, Slow uppercup the bomb, then when it reaches the ceiling, kick it to
    the left and hold slow. The ceiling should be destroyed, go through it and
    some of the enemies there. Then go to the door, take out a Shoking Pink to
    destroy it and drop down. Before putting the key in  the two boxers.
    _Third Joker_
    the Bianckys in this room and get the most points possible. When you finished
    them off, press the switch and climb the stairs. DT and Mach Speed to the exit.
    When the cutscene starts, skip it with Z and S-RHOH the Joker to death. Do as
    usual with the Machine Slot and exit left. S-RHOH the Billy to death and go
    right. Go down through the bath, S-RHOH the Rosetta to death, collect the key
    and run to the exit.
    _Iron Ogre, Hulk Davidson_
    Get in front of him and wait until he will begin to swing his axe. Dodge high,
    then DT and S-RHOH him eight times and UT. Dodge high again, DT, S-RHOH him
    eight times again and UT. Now dodge a third time but this time, S-RHOH him
    twice only. He will now try to rush at you. Simply jump on one of the
    chandelier and he will hit the wall, and get dizzied. Now go to him and S-RHOH
    him eight times. Repeat this process until he dies. Try not to hit him more
    then I said or do anything else then the tactic or he will probably drop fire
    bombs or send missiles. If he drops fire bombs, Mach Speed to get rid of the
    fire, jump on one of the chandelier and wait for him to hit the wall. If he
    sends missiles, the best is to continue the tactic and to ignore them and dodge
    them as much as you can, he wil stop sending them.
    **** X. 2,000,000 Leagues Under The Sea ****
    Now you must be very proud, but don't let your guard down. This time, the whole
    stage might may probably make you want to throw your controller in the wall but
    it can be done with some practice. Some really long practice.
    ***Part One***
    _First Flight_
    You should have a look at those tips, because my walkthrough here is a little
    bit hard to follow.
    -When you get a group of five little enemies (such as bats), go up and down
    while shooting and tapping Mach Speed, the shots should go like this / and \,
    creating a barrage which should take out the group after three shots (the shots
    should look like this: \/\)
    -When you get to the part where you get a lots of bomb-diving fishes, (you
    should have gotten a red bottle) Zoom-in, Mach Speed and use a spin kick, until
    there is no more.
    -To kill the surfing Cromartys or Verdys, simply get in front of them, Zoom-in
    and punch, this is a variant of the Vortex.
    -If a Verdy send a missile and get somewhere you can't see him, don't chase
    him, simply send the missile back to him by shooting him. Make sure you
    Slow-Zoom the missile's explosion, otherwise it's a missed opportunity.
    -To get rid of the Harrier, get in front of the cockpit in Slow a bit higher
    then it's level, Alternatively, press Y and X while holding slow. This is the
    best way I know of. If he's going to let out missiles, go in front of him and
    Slow spin kick, the missiles will do major damage to him combined with your
    spin kick.
    -Points in this isn't the problem, but don't forget to kill the most enemies
    -Time is very precious, so only go in Slow when necessary, and use Mach Speed
    -You cannot use any kind of Ukemi, so you CANNOT get hit.
    So when you begin, you're in Six Machine, which means you cannot DT or UT, the
    VFX works like anybody else's right now. First, a group of bats should appears
    high, then another one low and another one high, kill them, then go as low as
    you can and keep firing in /\/ until two groups of pirhanas are dead. Now two
    groups of bats should appear, high and low, kill them and the two other groups
    coming. Now you'll hear a Verdy launching a missile and he'll try to get to the
    other side, kill before he does with a Slow-Zoom punch. Now go high and Mach
    Speed spin kick until the fishes are dead, go low and repeat. Kill the other
    Verdys coming and kill the groups of bats. Go low and kill the pirhanas and the
    group of bats coming low. Now three Verdys should be coming, packed together,
    kill them all with one or two Slow-Zoom punches. Now destroy the two new groups
    of bats and the group of fishes, kill the Cromarty and get the Red Bottle. Stay
    in Mach Speed and get rid of the five next groups of bats. Two Cromartys and a
    Verdy should be coming, kill them all with a single Slow-Zoom punch.
    Immediately after, go low and use a Mach Speed spin kick continually to destroy
    the six groups of fishes coming at you. Now another Verdy and this time three
    Cromartys should come shortly after, get rid of them as well as the four
    Cromartys and four Verdys right after, making sure to kill the highest Cromarty
    first to get the Red Bottle, shoot any missiles coming at you. Now you are
    against the Harrier, as soon as you can, hold Slow and get in front of him
    while continuously shooting and dropping bombs. If he doesn't die before going
    to the other side, evade attacks until he get to the right side and repeat the
    tactic. If he throws missiles at you, get at the level of the cockpit and Slow
    spin kick continuously, he'll die soon.
    <Break Time>
    Buy some Round Trips, you shall need one at least. Save, and take a break to
    relax a bit, the next part is kinda hard to get the hang of.
    <Break Time>
    ***Part Two***
    _Underwater _
    Before the task, collect most of the canisters in the hamburger boxes, there
    are fourthy of them, try to collect between fourthy and thirty-five. Now, when
    the task begins, try to get between the the two Biancky Primas on the right.
    Dodge both attacks and punch normally three times the two. Now be quick, jump
    over the one to your right and DT, S-RHOH him to the left so that he hits all
    the others and continue with the  technique. When the Rosettas arrive, S-RHOH
    them to death, and do the same for the two Bianco Billys. Now after the
    cutscene, Mach Speed slide to the remote control. After the other cutscene,
    Mach Speed slide to the flying platform and get it near the switch. Now jump on
    it, Mach Speed to get it over the water and Air Hike to reach the pink box.
    S-RHOH the pink box and collect the juice, now Mach Speed down and get in front
    of the door. When your heard that the platform is at the correct place, quickly
    slow down and when you see that it will land on the switch, slide, you will get
    in the little pace under the door while it opens, it might save you crucial
    time. Now Mach Speed a bit to get the task to end, but don't Mach Speed too
    far, or you won't see your result.
    _Biancky Chamber_
    Dodge the first Biancky's attack and punch him normally three times. Now  them,
    and follow them in Mach Speed, but don't let go of Slow. Look closely to the
    floor, and when you reached some sort of line, wait there for two more Bianckys
    to appear. Again, S-RHOH them and continue. When you reached another line (this
    one must be close to the end of the chamber), wait again and  the two last
    Biancky. Then let go of Slow.
    *Note: Before leaving it's important to make the two switch puzzle, to get the
    L.I.V. and the red bottle!
    _Guard Chamber One_
    You must have gotten the red bottle from the last room, or it will be harder.
    Now dodge the first Biancky's attack, walk a bit to get him under the guard and
    Slow uppercup him into it, then S-RHOH the other one. Mach Speed without
    letting go of Slow. When you reached one of those "line" on the floor, wait for
    the two Bianckys, S-RHOH the first one, then push the other one at the right
    position, then kick him in the other guard.
    *Note: Before exiting, and this is really important, go at the pink box in the
    background and Mach Speed a shoking pink to get the red bottle. Now  the rest
    of the Bianckys to get a multiplier of two before proceeding in the next room.
    _Guard Chamber Two_
    You should have a multiplier of two and still be in Rock-on mode. When the
    Bianco Billy comes out, he should jump in the air. Let him shoot, and when he
    gets to the ground, kick him. If done correctly, he'll fly in the first Guard,
    hit a hamburge box and hit the other Guard.
    _Joker Chamber_
    When the cutscene begins, as usual press Z to skip it and S-RHOH the Joker to
    death. Now do as usual with the Machine Slot, when you get the card key Mach
    Speed to thew slot and this will end the task.
    Now this is the worst part of the stage. When the three Red Leaders arrive,
    melee them and proceed to the next room, be sure to have plenty of VFX left.
    When the door closes behind you, Mach Speed until you get in front of the mine
    launcher, jump over it and S-RHOH it twice. Now get between the two guards. Now
    this is more or less chance. Seize the first opportunity and get both Verdys to
    the ground. Send both in a guard. If you missed a guard, you can send one of
    the next two Verdys into the remaining guard and S-RHOH the other one. Repeat
    for the next room. The other room is a little trickier (the one that was before
    the Biancky Chamber). Again, Mach Speed to the mine launcher and S-RHOH him
    twice in the back. Now let immediately go out of Slow or you will get hit by
    the guard and get out of the room unvoluntarely. Now Mach Speed to the right of
    the guard. Now you'll need a lot of luck to get the three verdys to the ground.
    When you did got them to the ground, dizzy one and send him into the guard. Now
    S-RHOH the two Verdys without letting them enough time to escape. Now Mach
    Speed to the end of the task.
    _Aquatic Terror, Gran Bruce_
    When the battle begins, let him spit his junk to get four Stylish Forevers,
    four I said. Now when you get the occasion, S-RHOH him eight times and go away
    a bit to avoid his little tornado. Right after his tornado, go back to him and
    S-RHOH him again eight times. He should be dead now. If not, he will use his
    bite attack. jump over him when he comes in your direction until he's tired.
    Now S-RHOH him to death.
    **** XI. The Viewtiful Escape ****
    Now this is the really fun stage. Because there is simply two task you *must*
    complete!!! Well, you can do the other tasks but you should not do them if you
    are waiting eagerly to have your Super Al.
    [}SHORT WAY{]
    ***Part One***
    _Obstacle Course_
    Remember that since this task will never ends, you won't get rated on this one,
    so if you get hit, don't get any V-Points or take hours it ain't a problem.
    When it begins collect as much as you can of the canisters (including the ones
    in the cracked floor/ceiling) until you get to the place with the remote
    control. Wait until a torpedo passes over you then get up and jump where you
    usually places the Flying Platform to get four of the five canister (you can't
    reach the fifth). Wait until another torpedo passes, then Mach Speed to the
    right, collect the bunch of canisters then jump where there is some sort of
    hole in the ceiling. Wait there until the torpedo passes, then Mach Speed to
    where the torpedos comes from. Jump on the next-launched torpedo and Mach Speed
    to the right until you get behind it. Now proceed like you do usually between
    the torpedoes until you get to another direction panel. Go down, and you will
    get to Another Joe. If you have any problem with this part just read it again
    ;) .
    <Break Time>
    If you got hit by the torpedos, get some hamburger to regenerate your life.
    Otherwise, buy at least two Round Trips (twenty), if Another Joe makes clones
    you shall need them.
    <Break Time>
    ***Part Two***
    _Another Joe_
    When the battle begins, run to him and S-RHOH him four times. He will do a Red
    Hot Kick, use it to get a SF. Follow him, S-RHOH him four times, SF when he
    make his Red Hot Kick. After this, follow him everywhere and never let him
    escape. When you get to him, DT, S-RHOH him five times and do a Spin Kick, UT
    while doing the Spin Kick. Why a Spin Kick you ask? Because after five S-RHOHs,
    Another Joe will make a Spin Kick, and when you make a Spin Kick, you are
    merely invincible. So when both of you make one, no one gets damaged. If you
    let, by accident, AJ make clones, if they are around you, Slow-Round Trip them
    to make the explosion get the others. If they are around him, do the same, but
    if he sends clones everywhere on the platforms, send a lot of Round Trips
    without Slowing. The Round Trips will destroy a lot of clones, and might hit
    AJ, which will stop him doing his attacks, which is even better.
    When it begins, Mach Speed to then end of the floor, UT and jump until you get
    as high as you can. Now Slow uppercup the torpedo then slide twice, still in
    Slow to get to the other side. Repeat with the other torpedo. Now jump up the
    platforms until you get on the top of the torpedo. Now DT and Slow to get his
    reactor to get maxed and let go. When you get near a platform, jump on it. Now
    you must be quick, wait for an opening and jump when the lasers are out of the
    way. Always look out for both the lasers, the one over you and the one over the
    platform. When both are out of the way you can jump, if you go like this you
    will get to the top soon. When you see the exit, use the two last lasers to get
    four SFs, then escape.
    [}NORMAL WAY{]
    ***Part One***
    _Obstacle Course_
    Now this is a really hard task for the beginning, this task has one of the
    hardest to accomplish time. As soon as you can, Mach Speed to the hole to the
    right of the cracked floor and wait for the torpedo to pass, S-RHOH an enemy
    meanwhile to get the required points. Then Mach Speed to the right until you
    get to the cracked floor in front of the panel and use a Shockwave to destroy
    it. Then Mach Speed left until you get on another cracked floor and break it,
    hold Slow immediately after to make the floating platform stay safe. Hold Slow
    and DT/UT periodically until the torpedo passed. Run to the right by pressing
    Mach Speed regularly but not too long, otherwise the platform which should
    following you will get stuck in the ceiling. When you get in the hole in front
    of the panel, hide in it and hold Slow to prevent the platform from getting
    struck by the torpedo. When it passed, Mach Speed to the right of the panel and
    wait for the platform to get to you. Jump on it and Mach Speed to get to the
    top and hit the flag.
    Go up and you'll meet the first Gelby in the game. Go up to him and hit him
    normally a few times. Your hits should bounce off and make him attacke you. If
    he draws his arm, jump over him, if he shout, duck. either way, you'll get
    behind him. S-RHOH him five times in the back to kill him, collect the key and
    bring it to the left to turn the submarine around.
    <Break Time>
    The save is pretty early, don't you think? Oh well, save and buy one or two
    Round Trips, you will need them.
    <Break Time>
    ***Part Two***
    _Upside-Down Sub_
    Immediately go to the right just enough to be safe from the electric of the
    Guard and throw a Slow-Round Trip to destroy it. Hold Slow to get on the
    platform, Mach Speed to get the door open and repeat the tactic with the other
    Guard. Go up and Mach Speed to the right, making sure that you don't fall in a
    hole or jump in the torpedoes. When you get to the launching place, time it
    right and Mach Speed slide to the right, drop through the platforms, wait, Mach
    Speed slide to the left, drop through the platforms, then finally Mach Speed
    slide right. Mach Speed hit a Biancky to break the pink box in the back and use
    the Red Bottle to melee them until there's none left, then proceed. On your
    way, be careful to stop every spinning things you see, particularly the one in
    the ceiling and be careful to not be hit by the baseballs the the Gelby might
    throw at you. Destroy the Gelby then proceed.
    _Machinery Room_
    Slow punch the Verdys to make them fall then melee both them and the Gelby. Use
    a spin kick on the poles to activate them and make a quick mental note of where
    each points you must hit. Hit them and proceed.
    <Break Time>
    Buy a few Round Trips and go on.
    <Break Time>
    _Another Joe_
    When the battle begins, run to him and S-RHOH him four times. He will do a Red
    Hot Kick, use it to get a SF. Follow him, S-RHOH him four times, SF when he
    make his Red Hot Kick. After this, follow him everywhere and never let him
    escape. When you get to him, DT, S-RHOH him five times and do a Spin Kick, UT
    while doing the Spin Kick. Why a Spin Kick you ask? Because after five S-RHOHs,
    Another Joe will make a Spin Kick, and when you make a Spin Kick, you are
    merely invincible. So when both of you make one, no one gets damaged. If you
    let, by accident, AJ make clones, if they are around you, Slow-Round Trip them
    to make the explosion get the others. If they are around him, do the same, but
    if he sends clones everywhere on the platforms, send a lot of Round Trips
    without Slowing. The Round Trips will destroy a lot of clones, and might hit
    AJ, which will stop him doing his attacks, which is even better. Repeat the
    tactic until he dies.
    When it begins, Mach Speed slide to the right end, UT and jump until you get as
    high as you can. Now Slow uppercup the torpedo then slide twice, still in Slow
    to get to the other side. Repeat with the other torpedo. Now jump up the
    platforms until you get on the top of the torpedo. DT and Slow to get his
    reactor maxed and let go. When you get near a platform, jump on it. Now you
    must be quick, wait for an opening and jump when the lasers are out of the way.
    Always look out for both the lasers, the one over you and the one over the
    platform. When both are out of the way you can jump, if you go like this you
    will get to the top soon. When you see the exit, use the two last lasers to get
    four SFs, then escape.
    **** XII. The Midnight Thunderboy ****
    This one's really easy, except the Train part which is really annyoing
    sometimes, since you might get hit like an idiot a lot of times. You should
    pass the first part of the stage in one try, just as I did ; ) . Oh, and don't
    forget to buy some shoking pinks.
    ***Part One***
    Wait until the Bianckys are lined up in front of you, (at least three) dizzy
    the first one then send him into the Tank. Send two other Bianckys into the
    Tank and he's finished. Fast, huh?
    Before the challenge, DO NOT DESTROY THE PINK BOX. Keep avoiding him until he
    sends a bunch of Cromartys. Dizzy one and send it in the Harrier, do the same
    for everyone of them. If the Harrier isn't finished already, repeat the same
    tactic and make sure to egt the coins. Before the next challenge, break the
    pink box to the left of the sewer entrance and collect the Red Bottle.
    _Melting Sewers_
    Collect the canister until you get to the pink box. S-RHOH it and take the
    hamburger. Now Air Hike to the left to go back on the corner near the ceiling.
    Make sure you are not DT, jump once to the right, when you reach as far as you
    can Air Hike, still going right and DT to float slowly to the platform. When
    the door close, I assume you still have the Red Bottle effects, take out a
    shocking pink while facing the door and Mach Speed punch it until you get the
    heat aura. Mach Speed slide through the lava and jump on the last flying
    platform. Mach Speed and be careful for the fire coming out. When you're high
    enough, jump on the next platform, Air Hike to the right and reach for the
    piece of land before the flag. S-RHOH the two Rosettas to death and hit the
    flag. Now you can think of getting back and fetching your missing canisters
    (don't forget those on the secret place after the flag).
    _Bomb Joker_
    As usual, S-RHOH him to death after skipping his cutscene. Do as usual with the
    Machine Slot, get the coins, then get the Vs, but this time the Vs will give
    you a red canister. Now jump on the Machine Slot, Air Hike and destroy the pink
    box. Collect the canister then DT, Mach Speed to the right until you get to the
    hole. UT and wait for your VFX to come back. Now DT, take out a shoking pink
    (make sure your facing the hole) and it should go in the hole. Now immediately
    jump on the Machine Slot and Slow down. Let the explosion happens in Slow for
    some time then let go of Slow.
    _Baddies and Harrier_
    Line up the Bianckys, dizzy one and use the melee technique. melee the two
    other Bianckys that will appear. Then you will get four Cromartys. Just dizzy
    one and melee them. Now you shall get two Gelbys. S-RHOH them in the back when
    they don't know where you are. Now Mach Speed as fast as you can until you get
    to the last bomb thrower. Get in front of it, this will trigger the Harrier.
    Now dispose of the Harrier the same way then the last one, simply don't forget
    that you do not have unlimited VFX this time.
    *Note: Before leaving, Mach Speed a shoking pink in front of a building called
    "Roses" to get a red bottle. Thanks to *zemickey* for this information.
    _Tank and Harrier_
    You should have a red bottle now. This is easy, do as you did with the last
    Tank, send dizzied Bianckys in it. Now an Harrier should come, Do exactly as
    you did with the last, S-RHOH him to death.
    <Break Time>
    This was easy huh? : ) . but the annoying part comes, so BEWARE! Nothing
    special to buy, maybe some Round Trips for Alastor but it ain't necessary.
    <Break Time>
    ***Part Two***
    As soon as it begins, Mach Speed to the canisters and drop down. Mach Speed to
    get all the canisters in there then S-RHOH the pink box to get a red bottle,
    now I found a really useful technique. Get the Biancky trapped between you and
    a wall, dizzy him then jump and pound on him not in Zoom-in. If you did it
    correctly, he will fly in the wall, but next time, S-RHOH him, and you will get
    another multiplier! This mean you can get twice the number of multiplier you
    usually can get (I myself got a multiplier of fifteen, I think the maximum is
    sixteen). If you get more then nine-thousand points, you don't have to kill any
    other enemies. Anyway, when you got the key, put it in the roof and exit.
    Collect the canisters and get in the other wagon. Now, go down, collect the
    canisters and then go up and proceed. Mach Speed to get out of the way of the
    cromartys and again, go up. Break the safe to get the key, and now get as fast
    as you can to the exit. Collect the canisters and enter the wagon. Get as fast
    as possible to the exit and kill the Gelby holding the key and exit the wagon.
    Get to the emergency break and when the Black Leaders comes out, use Slow
    Dragon Kicks to get rid of them. Now get on the emergency break and wait for it
    to stop the task, DO NOT PRESS SLOW OR MACH SPEED!, it doesn't help, it just
    make it longer. You must finish before the counter drop under a hundred.
    _Blade Master, Alastor_
    When it begins, jump in the air and punch/kick and wait for him to appear in
    front of you after his Stinger. S-RHOH him from the left side of him twice,
    then run up to him and S-RHOH him twice again. He will fall in the lava and
    reappear in the fountain to the left and he will be dizzied for a little time.
    UT, Get to him, DT and S-RHOH him twice and he will fall out of the fountain.
    UT, Get to him, DT and S-RHOH him four times. He will get out of reach. Now
    it's up to you to follow him and S-RHOH him in the air to make him fall. If he
    lets out Round Trips, get near him, and get him down with a S-RHOH or with a
    Slow Round Trip if he's out of reach. If he makes stones with lighting under
    them, simply jump over them when they get near or S-RHOH them until they are
    destroyed. If he makes another Stinger, simply jump and he will miss you, and
    get back to him to S-RHOH him.
    **** XIII. The Magnificent Five ****
    This stage is though for one reason: you must beat it in one shot, no save.
    Raging Charles, Raging Davidson and Leo aren't though, but Raging Gran and
    Raging Joe are different. Bruce needs a tricky technique, and somehow Joe can
    get you to run a lot in his battle, thus losing precious time.
    _Raging Charles_
    Collect the canisters (except the two columns in the air) before the fight. As
    soon as the fight begins, throw a Round Trip, UT and wait for it to knock
    Charles on the ground. DT and Mach Speed punch him until the pink box breaks.
    Collect the red canisters and those in the air, then run to the second platform
    to the left. Wait until he throws his sort of Round Trips, dodge them (not in
    slow) and wait for him to bring stones from the ceiling. Send a stone (two if
    needed) to the column of canister to get it, don't try to get the other one.
    After that, it'S more or less up to you, send him Round Trips or UVK him to get
    him down, S-RHOH him seven times (or eight if  you have enough time) and
    repeat. When he have only his red life bar, to take him out quickly, let him go
    and UVK him. I'm not sure, but if you keep down the stick down after the UVK
    and UT right after hitting him, you will fall at the same time then him and get
    right next to him. Now do this, but right before touching the floor (or a bit
    before if you lack pratise) DT and Slow, to make a pound attack. Do not UT or
    anything, simply S-RHOH him normally. Both attack combined takes a good chunk
    of life, about one and a fourth life bar. This is a good technique to get him
    dead soon in a Speed Run. This technique is MY discovery. So BEWARE OF SKYA! I
    can bite >: (
    _Raging Davidson_
    This one is simple. Before the task, collect the canisters on the left platform
    and in the upper-left corner. Now jump on the middle platform to trigger the
    fight. Mach Speed to collect the canisters there, over the platform, on the
    right platform and in the upper-right corner. Now get to Davidson, which should
    be somewhere around the middle of the room. UT and wait until he begins to
    swing his axe. When he does, dodge high, begin to hit him in Mach Speed until
    you know the pink box behind the desk his open and UT. If you don't stop
    hitting him, you will probably provoque him into doing his big axe swing, which
    is bad. Simply avoid the swings of his axe until he begins to rush, jump over
    him and wait for him to hit the wall, get to him and S-RHOH him eight times.
    Wait for him to swing his axe, dodge high, S-RHOH him four times and UT. Wait
    until he swing dodge, S-RHOH four times and UT. Now when he swings, dodge high
    but this time S-RHOH him twice. When he rush, avoid him and wait for when he
    hit a wall and repeat the technique. If you break his axe, you must be REAL
    QUICK! DT, hold Slow and Mach Speed, get to him and ASAP, S-RHOH him eight
    times before he begins to launch missiles. If he lets out fire missiles, deal
    with them as usual.
    _Raging Gran_
    Get the canisters (including those in the pool) until you're on the last
    platform before the sort of upper-left corner, it will trigger the fight. Mach
    Speed to collect the canisters left on the platform and in the "corner" and
    break the hamburger box. Before he jumps for the second time, go down next him.
    When he's gonna land, S-RHOH him five times. Now UT and walk away a bit to
    avoid the small whirlpool he does. After the whirlpool, he'll turn around to
    make the bite attack, DT and Slow, to get five S-RHOHs before he completely
    turns. Now he'll do the small whirlpool again, repeat the tactic. When he has
    only the red life bar left, go away. He'll try to get into the pool to get back
    life. S-RHOH him once when he begins to breath to stop him. He'll try to bite
    you, get him around (not in the pool) until he gets tired. Now take this chance
    to take out shoking pinks to break both pink boxes. Be sure to break the TWO
    boxes. Collect ALL the coins, then kill him as fast as possible. The bombs that
    he makes are useful to kill him quickly.
    _Raging Joe_
    Collect the canisters on the RIGHT side platforms. Then come back and collect
    the canisters on the platform over where you begun. Now head to the right, and
    as soon as the challenge begins, Mach Speed him to get the coins in the back,
    avoid his Red Hot Kick and follow him to wherever he goes. Mach Speed hit him
    again to get the rest of the coins. Now get the canisters as you follow him
    until you get your fourth VFX gauge. Now all you have to do is to follow him,
    S-RHOH him five times, spin kick, UT and follow him, like you did in stage four
    and make sure he never has the time to make his "Henshin" moves. Repeat until
    he's dead.
    <Break Time>
    When you finally got there by a lot of attempts, you should be proud :) . Try
    not to fail at Leo, since he is way easier then the rest, and to get there it's
    hard :P . Buy a set of Round Trips.
    <Break Time>
    _Fire Leo_
    This one isn't hard at all, whatever anyone said to you. When it begins, UT and
    wait for the rocks to come down. DT and Mach Speed Punch the rocks, when you
    get your heat aura, run to Leo in Mach Speed (since there is no point in
    walking normally) and punch him once, get out of the way (you should have UT
    now by lack of VFX) and dodge the fireball and Leo until you get your VFX back.
    Without DT, get in front of Leo and dodge his attack. DT and S-RHOH him three
    times. Begin to dodge his attack and UT while you dodged it to get some VFX
    back. DT again, S-RHOH three times to get his shield down and two more times to
    get his attention. When he begins to spin, get a character's distance from him,
    get full VFX. When he gets to you, DT, and when you know where he's gonna hit,
    Slow the time to begin to dodge and immediately UT. Repeat until he's dizzied.
    UT and wait until you get enough VFX. Now DT, face in the opposite direction of
    him and throw a Round Trip, turn around and S-RHOH him until he jumps backward
    away from you. Don't pursue him, let him go, you need the VFX and you don't
    have to waste it for the little (or maybe no) damage you'll do. Now repeat the
    technique, without the Round Trip, until you kill him. Don't forget that he
    will get crazy when he has one and a half bar of health left.
    **** XIV. Alastor&Goldie ****
    The first part of the stage is easy, but the second part is harder. You should
    probably have no problems with this one, compared to the former stage.
    ***Part One***
    _Locked Door_
    When it begins, run and jump on the platforms, and get to the top one as soon
    as possible. Then, when you reached it, jump to the left, DT and make a pound
    attack, DO NOT HOLD SLOW! Unzoom to see when you reach the switch, and right
    when you do Slow, it should work if you've done exactly like I said. Now jump
    on the Tie Fighters to get to the hamburger box between the two platforms. Now
    break it and collect the red bottle, now it's up to you to melee the enemies to
    get between six thousand and seven thousand points. Now be wuick and activate
    the rest of the switches. After this, you can collect all the canisters you
    want (don't forget there is a red one hidden in the background where you
    begin). And before leaving, collect the red bottle in the pink box over the
    third switch.
    _Space Tanks_
    Get in front of the tank and wait for the cromartys to come to you. Lure them
    around until the tank shoots. Duck to avoid the shot, the cromartys should get
    hit and get dizzied. Send two in the tank, S-RHOH the tank some time to get
    points, and now send a third one in the tank. Now take out a shoking pink to
    get the red bottle in the pink box, and run to the next space tank. Repeat the
    same tactic that you used on the last.
    _Twin Leos_
    Get on the glass platform in the middle, and get the Metal Leo to appear. Dodge
    his attack once, S-RHOH him three times, dodge again, S-RHOH him five times,
    dodge and finish him. Now get on the borders on the left or on the right, and
    jump on the hidden platform. Destroy all the boxes and collect the coins. Now
    get as fast as possible to the pace where the second Metal Leo lies, and use
    the same tactic. Now you are free to collect the canisters or to kill the last
    Leo, which have a life.
    <Break Time>
    This one is too soon, it should have been placed later, for the rest of the
    stage is long. Well, nobody's perfect. Nothing special to buy, for now.
    <Break Time>
    ***Part Two***
    _Joker Platform_
    As soon as it begins, wait five seconds and then Mach Speed one of the enemies
    to get a life. Then wait five more seconds and Mach Speed the enemies again to
    get the red bottle. Now melee them, I got a trick for this one. If you simply
    kick/punch the enemies in rock-on mode, in Slow, without holding Zoom-in, you
    can get two multiplier per enemies, three per Gelby and three per Cromartys. I
    got around twenty-five multipliers, and if you get more then six thousand or
    seven thousand points, you won't have to get the coins from the machine slot.
    After the Cromartys are beaten, Mach Speed until you get to the Joker. Kill
    him, get the key from the machine slot and run for the exit.
    _Missile Room_
    Get on the other side of the thing that launches missiles, get the Gelby to
    appear and get behind him (by jumping over him or ducking if he jump) DT and
    Destroy him with S-RHOHs. Now all the next Gelbys, get behind them, DT and Mach
    Speed punch them, until they try to hit or jump over you. Get behind them and
    Mach Speed punch them etc etc. The after-images will destroy the ships. If you
    Mach Speed punch the Gelby and the ships do not get destroyed, you probably are
    Mach Speeding the Gelby in the wrong area. If you can't get the Gelbys to come
    out, you can simply punch/kick missiles and Slow-Zoom when they are gonna hit
    the ships. When you finished you can collect whatever you want.
    _Leo Platform_
    This one's a piece of cake, simply apply the Metal Leos tactic until there is
    none and Mach Speed to the end.
    _Gas Tower First_
    Dodge one of the Biancky's attack and melee them with a good number of
    multiplier and let them die. Now jump on the platform to get two Bianckys to
    appear to your sides, Dodge an attack and melee them, don't forget the Biancky
    who probably fell. Now get to the last platform and S-RHOH the Rosettas to
    _Gas Tower Second_
    Jump on one of the platforms where the gas come from, and immediately jump on
    the highest platform. then drop through the platform when the two leaders comes
    out. Now melee the Cromartys after dodging one's four attacks. melee the rest
    until there is nothing left.
    _Gas Tower Third_
    Simply apply the Gelby technique, and don't forget to jump on the highest
    platforms to make them come out.
    _Gas Tower Fourth_
    Make the Metal Leos come out and run to the RIGHT side. Now apply the Metal Leo
    technique on both.
    <Break Time>
    You may want to buy some Round Trips, but you won't use them unless it's really
    <Break Time>
    _The Omnipotent, King Blue_
    As soon as the fight begins, UT and wait a bit. When you know he's coming into
    the foreground, DT and jump. At about half of your jump begin to S-RHOH, and KB
    should be caught in them. S-RHOH him sixteen times then jump away from him. He
    should call the black tower. Mach Speed punch the tower, and when the missiles
    comes out in the background, pay attention to them. If they comes out from
    right to left, dodge high the first missile and Mach Speed punch the tower
    again. If it comes out from left to right, continue to Mach Speed the tower
    until it's destroyed and dodge the missiles when they come at your level. Then
    when he calls the lightnings stay calm and do not move! The lightnings should
    surround you without hurting you. Then he should call the Die Fighters. Jump to
    get your head to his chest level and S-RHOH him (your punches should get to his
    knee), you should hit at least two Dies. If you auto dodge one by accident, SF
    to get a good fifty V points on the screen. Then repeat the tactic depending of
    his attacks. Don't forget that even in Six Majin you need to DT and UT. And
    even in Six Majin you can Ukemi, even if you should not get hit. An important
    thing to note is that when he makes the lighnings appear one by one by spinning
    his staff, usually when he calls the black tower, you better go and hit in Mach
    Speed the tower because those are *really hard* to avoid.
    _Captain Blue_
    As soon as it begins, jump in his direction to make a Slow Shockwave attack.
    Use these to get him cornered. Then you must repeat a simple process. S-RHOH
    him five times, begin to jump and UT, when you are about to land you must be
    quick, DT Slow and Zoom, this should make the Shockwave attack really close to
    the ground and make him fall off his feets. S-RHOH him five times and repeat
    until he's dead. If he escapes, send a Round Trip (Slow when it's about to hit
    him) or use pounds to get him cornered. Be careful about the time and
    *particularly* about the defense but the points aren't a problem.
    **** XV. Conclusion ****
    Now you should be pretty happy now, I personally danced around during half an
    hour. DO NOT FORGET TO SAVE! This may seem stupid but if you don't save you
    need to do it again from the last save. Now you say, what should I do with
    Super Al? Well I have personnally three things I found out to be really fun.
    First is to get to stage three, part two and when it begins, watch Al fall
    during five minutes, this is INCREDIBLY fun! Litterally. The second is to make
    the highest combo in stage seven part one. The last one is to simply get in DT,
    because of the fact you usually can't stay in DT more then fifty seconds. You
    can also do a Speed Run, you can do ANYTHING you want with him. And you can
    show him to everyone you know just to make them know you're the best (after me
    of course :P). Now that you have Super Al, you can also think of getting the
    other Super characters (Blue is the best choice after Al).
    **** XVI. Hall of Fame ****
    If you succeeded finishing the RV with Alastor, I strongly suggest you take a
    picture of your results and send it to the Hall of Fame made by *zemickey*.
    **** XVII. F.A.Q. ****
    Q: Does Alastor possess more strenght than the other characters such as Joe?
    A: As far as I and other veterans of the game are aware of, no noticable
    difference between the strenght of Alastor and the strenght of Joe has been
    seen. Even if there was a slight difference, nobody yet found and proved it.
    Ask any question you might still have after reading this guide at my e-mail
    adress and I will answer it as well as I can here.
    **** XVIII. Thanks ****
    -Thanks to zemickey for basically telling me about the Metal Leos technique and
    for some of his RV tricks. Also for letting me use his guide as an example to
    make my first guide, although he doesn't know it, yet... >_>
    -Thanks to jamescoml for the technique with Gran Bruce in stage six. Although
    he didn't tell it to me directly >_>
    -Thanks to carterboy for his sort of support when I was discouraged of the
    -Thanks to my cat Cachemire, for being there when I needed to cool off during
    my first RV.
    -Thanks to my dog Maya, for being here when I needed to kick something :P
    Everyone who contributed to this guide will be mentionned here. To provide me
    with any information I didn't put in the guide or give any suggestion to make
    this guide better and easier to use contact me at my e-mail adress.
    **** XIX. Legal Informations ****
    This guide may not be reproduced under any cirmcunstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be published on any web site except for Gamefaqs.com or
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of it on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyright owned by Maxime
    Mariscalchi aka Skya. If you see my guide anywhere else then on Gamefaqs.com or
    if you want to publish the guide on your site contact me at my e-mail adress.

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