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Find out just how viewtiful life can be 10/13/03 A New Kind of Army
Wow... Just wow... 09/28/03 AkumaBison
Capcom Reinvents 2D 09/09/03 alphablitz
Viewty, in the eye of the beholder 10/13/03 Archetypo
Viewtiful, Simply Viewtiful! 03/17/06 Ashley Winchester
You should never judge a game by its cover...especially this one. 10/13/03 Big Bob
HENSHIN! 08/28/08 BlueKnight07
Ninja Turtles Make Baby w/Power Ranger! All this scripted in comic form! 10/13/03 DoctorDoom
The last time I feel Nostalgic 10/09/03 dontsmackmawhrsup
Ain't no Ordinary Joe... 10/13/03 GMRZno9
This game is just Viewtiful! 10/13/03 HHHTheGame4evr
Strage name... Simply Amazing Game. 10/13/03 HyperNexus
Lights, Camera, Viewtiful! 10/08/03 JB2K3RETURNS
Go ahead. Laugh at the title. 10/09/03 KoldKnight
Absolutely Viewtiful! 10/13/03 lonely tylenol
This IS Joe Millionaire 10/13/03 mcwizardx
The highs and lows of Viewtiful Joe 10/13/03 mello matt
Kung Fu meets The Matrix 10/13/03 Metroidman
Just call me Joe...Viewtiful Joe! 10/13/03 Muk1000
Simply VIEWTASTIC!! 10/09/03 OldSkoulGamer
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...Viewtiful! 10/09/03 Relle
Coolest game on the Gamecube.....HENSHIN-A-GO-GO, BABY! 09/28/03 rond556
It's A Viewtiful Day In Gamecube Land! 10/09/03 RPGs R Awesome
Not your average classic 'Mario Bros.' Platformer... 10/13/03 shadowwar9689
Viewtiful Awesome! 10/13/03 ShaheerRahman
He's Joe, and he's darn VIEWTIFUL. 10/13/03 Spike Wullong
It's a Viewtiful day in the neighbourhood... 10/13/03 sunny the armadillo
No fancy superhero, just an average Joe 09/01/03 The RabidCheat
A weird, but extremely addicting game that you hould definitely try! 10/13/03 tommy h 2450
Forget Captain Blue, it's Viewtiful Joe! 08/28/03 Vashu The Stampedo
*Looks up Viewtiful in a dictionary* 10/13/03 XarrinNM

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