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"No fancy superhero, just an average Joe"

Finally, a wonderful superhero sidescroller for the Gamecube. No I'm not talking about Superman, Spiderman, Batman, or any of those spandex wearing heroes, but an average Joe, in fact a man named Joe.

Joe and his chick, Silvia, are at a Captain Blue matinee. Captain Blue is Joe's favorite superhero (even though Captain Blue's gut sticks out. Hmm...very attractive.) Near the end of the movie, the enemy in the movie pulls Silvia while Captain Blue pulls Joe in.

Excited yet? Well, are you? Well it gets better!

Captain Blue's spirit gives Joe a watch that can turn him into a superhero. When the VFX meter is full, Joe can turn into a superhero, but when it isn't Joe is just an average Joe. When he isn't a superhero he can still punch and kick. But when he is a superhero, he has the ability to stop time, among other things.

Graphics - 10

One word: Viewtiful. The graphics may not seem realistic, but that is what it makes it so great! It's a comic book style but while you play it's like you are watching a movie. The game in action is simply brilliant! Need...More...VJ...Graphics...*drools*

Gameplay - 10

It's easy to master the controls. Different buttons can make Viewtiful Joe use special powers. Like if you push the L button, and you know the top power, you can slow down time. When you slow down time, it will be easier to do combos. If you hold down the R button Joe will become as fast as a speeding bullet (Okay, maybe not that fast). You'll learn those among other powers from Captain Blue.

Story - 10
Like I said before, Joe and his girlfriend, Silvia, go to a matinee but than get sucked in. Joe acquires powers and tries to save Silvia. You can also get different powerups like Cheeseburgers which restore life, V-Points which appear after you destroy an enemy, and Film Canisters which increase the VFX bar. With enemies like Two-Armed Bandit , Apocalypse Wow, and Charles the 3rd you'll be fighting and laughing at the same time. You will also duel against Captain Blue sometimes.

Overall - 10
This game is everything a superhero and side scroll lover will love. I recommend this game to anyone that is willing to try it.

Viewtiful Joe will soon win the respect of many gamers. With hilarious enemies, and awesome powers, Viewtuiful Joe is...Viewtful. Viewtiful Joe is one of the big 5 from Capcom, Viewtiful will not let you down.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/01/03

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