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"A modern day classic that will be remembered for years to come!"

Bionic Commando, Black Tiger, Ghosts & Goblins, Strider, Trojan, Willow.
Right now you're thinking one of two things. First one would be, ''What in the world is this guy talking about?'' But, for
those of you who are around my age, those titles I mentioned about are bringing forth a cornucopia of happy memories of days past..
The wonderful 80's! The early days of Capcom. The days when 2D platform action games ruled the arcades.
Such a simple format. A hero, a villain, a goal to achieve, and artistic hand drawn 2D artwork. Simple yet sickly addictive! So much so these games of the past I personally still play till this day.
Even the great 80's platform games not made by Capcom, like Rastan, Tiger Road, Shinobi, Altered Beast, Superman, Rolling Thunder, Rush N' Attack, and on and on! Great games in which for most of us 20+ year olds, still hold the same
amount of replay value today as they did the day were released.

Fast forward to today. 2003
Graphics!!! Power!!! 3D!!! Sure I love the games of today, but the real great games seem to be few and far between
and not many of these games recapture the magic of the past. Games keep getting better looking and bigger in both story
and atmosphere. It seemed the days of simplistic yet insanely fun games are long dead and gone

Then Capcom did something amazing! They reached back 20 years to an age-old time tested formula and mixed that with the graphics, power and speed hungry style of today's games.
The outcome is a gaming experience you will not soon forget.

Review-a-go-go baby!!!

- Graphics - 10
Wonderful 2D cell shaded graphics make for a game that's both pleasant to play as well as a feast for the eyes. The graphical styling fits this game perfectly.
As much as I do love a good looking game, graphics only get you so far. What makes a game great is how fun it is! So lets get past the appealing chocolate coating on top and get into the yummy peanut and caramel ooey gooey center!

- Gameplay - 10
Simple and easy while effective and addictive!
The game play is probably the most addictive feature of Viewtiful Joe.

Here's the run down!
L = Slow
R = Mach Speed
C Stick or B = Zoom
A = Jump, twice for Double Jump
Y = Punch
X = Kick
Analog/Thumbpad = Move Joe

One thing its important to remember when you start this game, almost all the enemies will NOT cause you any damage unless they attack you! Feel free to get up close and in their faces! If they're about to sweep kick you, hold down that L button and slloooow down! Tap up on your analog stick and make them look like a fool as Joe hops over their kick with an excited child like taunt of ''You're to slow!'' Now hold down on your analog stick and press punch and uppercut your foe sky high as Joe lends his support with a humorous yell of ''Up you go, fella!'' Not done yet? double jump up and find your enemy somewhere up in the clouds and drop him a few Red Hot Kicks to the face!

As you watch your robotic enemies fall apart and become a naked frame of a broken robot right before your eyes in slow motion, a large childish grin will be plastered across your face from ear to ear. Beating things up has never been this much fun!

- Story - 10
An average Joe, who cares more about his favorite movie super hero then his own girl friend gets sucked into one of his hero's movies and becomes a hero himself! At times it seems Joe is having so much fun showcasing his newly acquired skills that he forgets all about poor Siliva.
After awhile the evil plan unfolds and it is revealed why Siliva has been kidnapped and Joe the realizes this is a serious matter and needs to get his rear in gear and save the world!
The story is plenty full of humor, Joe is quite a character and will keep you laughing with his cheesy jokes and his self-centered personality.
Plus each boss character is very well developed with great voice acting. The overall game has a very full feeling to it, which is very refreshing to find in a day and age of oh to many rush project titles.

- Challenge - 7
Your first time playing through this game, you will curse like a drunken sailor. The average run of the mill enemies are some
what easy to kill off, but alot of the bosses and stronger enemies require a pattern of have a weakness you may not catch onto right away.
The harder levels of difficulty are something to keep the game challenging to those who wish to further challenge their skills.
Plus the game has a nice mix of puzzles which will require you to make the most of Joe's skills.
The game isn't really all that hard, some how this game already has a reputation of being a hard game... You want a really hard platform game go play Super Ghouls & Ghosts for SNES, Contra Hard Corps for Genesis or Battletoads for NES, then tell me VJ is hard!
By the way, none of those games had any save points! Viewtiful Joe has 1 or 2 per stage, which is more then enough to make the game fun while keeping it a challenge!
Viewtiful Joe will provide you with a healthy challenge for some time, but the more you play the game the better you'll get and the better you get the more fun this game becomes.

- Replayability - 10
As of writing this review in early October, I've been playing the import Viewtiful Joe for about 4 months. Still steadily playing and show no signs of slowing down.
Maybe its me, I love platform games and I love beat'em ups. Viewtiful Joe is a perfect blend of the two which will keep this gamer plenty happy for a long time to come.
Viewtiful Joe is honestly to much fun to ignore!

- Overall - 10
Capcom really pulled out a gaming gem on this one! This game will be one of those games that's talked about and remembered for years and years.
Viewtiful Joe has it all! Action, humor, suspense, eye candy, highly addictive and fun game play, and a simple yet perfect super hero story!
If you're an old school gamer like myself, chances are you might not be reading this review because you already know how great this game truly is!
If you're new into games and are looking for a honest to goodness fun gaming experience, I suggest you give Viewtiful Joe a shot! You'll thank me later!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/01/03

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