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"Go ahead. Laugh at the title."

While mentioning Viewtiful Joe, my friends repeatedly mock me for liking a game with a superhero with pink tights. Ask any person who mocks this game ''Have you played it?'' and it's like a sucker punch to the face. But let's get on with the review.

Graphics 10...''Cel shading done right..for once''

I hate cel shading. But this looks fantastic, it's presented..well, viewtifully, everything from the exploding of a bomb to the simple crack of joe's fist on a face, everything is absolutely superb. I abhor cel shading , and I like this. This game is very pleasing of the eyes

Sound 10 ''Henshin-A-Go-Go Baby..''

Everything here is perfectly presented as well, you won't have the moronic japanese sub purists whining about this one, the english voice acting is superb. Gun explosions, to the crack of each kick on an enemy, everything is absolutely incredible.

Gameplay 9.5 ''The devil would have been crying a lot effin sooner if Dante could have done these moves ''

Slow down. Mach Speed. Zoom in. If you've heard about this game, you know about these. These are what seperates Joe from being an ordinary side scroller. And i'm a Saga Frontier nutcase, so Joe remotely reminds me of Alkaiser...XD A great feeling of awe will overtake you the first time you slow down and smack one enemy, and send it flying into 5 others. Think the matrix picked bad times for slow-mo? Well now you control it. The goal is to look, viewtiful, of course. The buttons are perfectly layed out , with x and y being your kick and punch, ..and well, you'll find the rest out from reading the instruction booklet. As all of the other reviewers have said, still holds true. Kids is shamefully easy, Adults is mind-numbingly hard in some parts. A little transition of difficulty would be nice.

Replayability 9 ''Get some kicks out of getting AAA's in DDR? This game is based on skill, and you'll want to do the same.''

Show off and impress your friends by getting a Viewtiful rating in some parts of the level. There's also a handful of hidden characters to unlock, a uber-spiffy music video, higher difficulties, new moves..the list goes on and on. The game averages between 10 and 15 on your first time through, depends on if you wanna blow through everything or enjoy it. It's not just a game you'll pick up and then put down a bit later. You may put it down..but you'll come, and play, and play some more.

People who should get this game:

-Just about anyone who likes a little action.
-Anyone who has interest in The Matrix
-Anyone who enjoys the idea of being a power ranger (Or liked Alkaiser from saga frontier)

People who should not get this game:

-People who only play disney games.

Seriously. You need Joe, now. I showed this game to several friends who aren't even interested in video games, and they got hooked. If you rent it, you will want to rent it again. Maybe three times. Just buy it, support Capcom, and it was stated that if the game sold well a sequel would be in the works.

We all want a Joe sequel, don't we?

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/09/03

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