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Veiwtiful Joe Is the kind of game that old school gamers like myself will mostly appreciate. Thats not to say that it wont appeal to other gamers as well. This game takes many ideas new and old, and puts them together to make a game that cant be described any other way but what the title says..''Veiwtiful''.

Story: A typical afternoon at the movies. Joe is with his his girlfreind Sylvia. They are watching a classic movie and suddenly one of the villians reaches out from the screen and grabs Sylvia. Joe jumps in after her and then is introduced to a movie world.

Gameplay: Veiwtiful Joe controls like a side scrolling platformer should. It has a very classic feel. You start off with a few basic attacks as regular Joe. Then soon enogh you will become Veiwtiful Joe, and gain access to a few more basic attacks.
Where the gameplay really shines, is where you gain access to Joe's advanced techniques. Such as slow-mo. Slo mo enables Joe to see bullets that are fired at him, then making him able to dodge, but you loose a great deal of special effects power. Then you have Mach speed, and Zoom. Combinig these three elements while defeating your opponents is what makes this game soo fun, but mastering them is what gives it a challenge. On a little downside, the combat may get a tad repetative but overall, the game stays fresh from beginning to end.

Sound: The sound department is dead on. The music is not amazing, but it fits the scenery and the mood nicley.
The yells and phrases that come from Joe sounds amusing and is enthusiastic. The voice acting is just as animated as the game is. No Dolby prologic II, but with a decent stereo setup. the sound is booming.
The sound is just as fun to listen to as is the game is to play and watch. I particually like how the game says ''Take 5'' when you pause it, and ''cut cut cut'' when you die. It helps the movie theme the game is going for.

Graphics: The game has a comic book look to it the works really well. I presents itself in a movie fashion, and it works amazingly well. When you are regular Joe, the screen has a slightly washed out look, and has dust and hair on the screen, like an old film that has been sitting around a while, but when you become Veiwtiful, everything becoms so colorful and clear, I love this effect.
The dazzling special effects when you use mach speed, and slow look amazing. I can go on for days about the details. The game definatly speaks for itself in this department.

Replay value: There is a lot of unlockable things, and since this is a game of skill, you will want to go back and try you new skills for a higher score. There is also hidden characters that unlock with every playthrough. The first time you complete the game should be about 15 or so hours. For a game of this type, its pretty long. The difficulty of the game is just right. You may shut the game down a while from fustration. but you will be back for more.

Closing: Overall this game is so much fun. You will definately spend a lot of time with this game. It is definately a keeper. I cant really say anything bad about it other than it can get a little bit repetative, but thats only untill you buy a new power up.

Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 10
Replay: 9
Funtactor: 10
Overall 9 (not an average)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/09/03

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