"The last time I feel Nostalgic"

Viewtiful Joe is the second in the line of five games scheduled by Capcom to be released for the Nintendo Gamecube. It is a game that is admittedly a risk for the company since it relies heavily on the technology of systems from two generations ago.

Story- 1/10

The game starts out with Joe taking his girlfriend to the movies and his girlfriend somehow gets taken in by one of Captain Blue's enemies. Joe then gets taken in by some giant mech and the game proceeds from there. For those gamers looking for a story, look elsewhere because Viewtiful Joe lacks severely.

Gameplay- 10/10

The highlight of the game comes from its excellent gameplay. This aspect of the game is very satisfying. I have not experienced bullet time so well executed in any game to date. Mach speed and the zoom features are also very entertaining. Finding different combinations to subdue the villains is unrivaled in any game to date. All this may sound good, until you reach the boss battles. They are insanely difficult, even with outstanding controls. I was a huge fan of the megaman series on NES and was expecting a relatively difficult game, but this is ludicrous. The first boss comes to mind especially, who took me two hours to beat. I found myself endlessly dying with two continues, after which you are thrown back to the beginning of the level.

Graphics- 7/10

I absolutely hate cell-shading. I think it is one of the worst things to happen to video games since full motion video. I hope that this horrible fad in the video game world dies quickly. But to be fair, many gamers see this as one of the most beautiful games to hit a console. Although I disagree, the techniques used in this game are mostly unique for cell-shaded games. Since I enjoyed comics back in the day, I was feeling rather nostalgic with the design of this game. But once played, I can honestly reaffirm my hatred for cell-shading in video games. To not be biased I will allow extra points in the graphics department.

Sound- 1/10

If a game ever needed custom sound tracks, this is it. The music is so repetitive and so mind numbingly boring, that I could not listen to it after fifteen minutes of play. Capcom needs to get a decent composer in for their games because this is absolutely unacceptable. Voice acting is somewhat decent quality, but who cares when the story is absent. It still has the cheesy intro that capcom games are notorious for. Why do they need a voice to announce the title of a game every time you start it up?

Overall- 4/10

This game was entertaining for a very short period of time. This title lacks so many fundamental elements that make a game good to today's standards. It is an insanely difficult title and extremely frustrating. Although gameplay is the most important part of a good game, this title is dragged down by everything else done so poorly. Also, I do not like the whole gimmick that this game was supposed to introduce video games into a category of art. That's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard.

Closing Comments:

This score may seem a little harsh, but games like this died for a reason. New technology in video games have produced new titles that these old rehashes cannot compete with. Although I grew up on NES, I do not go back and play these types of games for a reason. I honestly do not see how this game could compete in a world of GTA3, Halo, or Splinter Cell. I don't even see this standing up to other platformers, such as Mario Sunshine.

This game is extremely disappointing. I had high expectations for this game, but if this is what capcom is talking about for its five heavy-hitters for the Cube, then I pray for the already hurting company.

I cannot recommend this game to anyone. If you must play this game, rent it, do not buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 10/09/03

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