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Reviewed: 10/09/03

It's A Viewtiful Day In Gamecube Land!

Viewtiful Joe is the most original game I have ever played! It has good music, good voice acting, superb gameplay, awesome graphics and feisty enemies. The plot is well done and the controls handle flawlessly. Now, there's only 7 levels, but believe me, there really hard(especially the bosses). Another plus is that it's cheap($40 US, $50 Canadian)! You can't go wrong when you purchase this game because Viewtiful Joe is filled with style and flair.

Magnificent graphics! The graphics are lie Cel-Shaded Comic Book style. The graphics go with the game really well. The backgrounds are also awesome. A cool feature is that sometimes you have to go around a bend. The cool part is if you press to the right(to move forward), It will turn the corner! This is a thing this game does that other side-scrollers did not.

Sound/Voice Acting-10
Great music and and quirky dialogue help move this game through the plot. The only thing I don't get is why Joe screams so oddly(believe me, it very different), but that doesn't mean the voice acting is bad. It's still well-read and very funny. Hulk Davidson's singing is pretty funny too(near the end of level two)!

Joe has the moves and VFX power to help him out. You use VFX power to control the Mach-Speed, Slow-Down and Zoom-In.
If you run out, you become regular Joe until you can recharge it to the minimum amount needed(the main bar). Then you trans form back into Viewtiful Joe regaining your double jump and superpowers. You collect Viewtifuls which are your points. You get them from doing big combos and defeating enemies. You can spend them on extra lives, Special moves, Voomerangs, Bombs, Take-Twos(which, when you run out of lives, will give you another try), extra health and extra hearts to add to your meter(also reheals you). There are 4 difficulty modes, a music video and 3 secret characters you can play as to unlock. If you want to unlock everything, you'll have to play the game through three or four times.

The controls are flawless and well-thought out. A is Jump, twice is Double Jump, B and the C Stick are Zoom-In, R is Mach-Speed, L is Slow-Down, X is Kick, Y is Punch, Left and Right on the Control Stick or Control Pad moves you and Up and Down on the Control Stick or Control Pad is Dodge.
Once you get used to the controls, you will be playing like a master(or if you can make combos).

The story begins at the movies and Joe and Sylvia are watching the old Captain Blue movie. Sylvia is trying to kiss Joe and Joe falls over and misses the important part of the show. On screen, Captain Blue is defeated and the enemy robot steals Sylvia! The good robot falls into the theatre and takes Joe into the movie. Joe then talks with Captain Blue's spirit and receives the V-Watch. Joe then sets out to save Sylvia and possibly the whole in-movie world! Awesome plot and well-thought! We need more games like this!

With 2 unlockable difficulties, a music video, three hidden characters and a shop with lots of moves and items to buy, this game will last quite awhile.

The Final Score- A perfect 10 out of 10!

The Final Word: Buy
Go ouut and buy this gem of a game. You will thank me later. Viewtiful Joe is an instant classic and I can honestly say, this is the best game I have ever played(I've played alot) and the best Gamecube game out there. Go and buy it, pronto!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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