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"A weird, but extremely addicting game that you hould definitely try!"

Viewtiful Joe is similar to a classic 2D beat-em-up. But that doesn't mean the game is simple and linear. This is one of the most addicting games ever on the Gamecube.

The game starts out with a guy named Joe, a movie addict who takes Silvia to go see a movie starring Captain Blue. Soon, the villain in the movie grabs Silvia through the screen and takes her away. Joe gets sucked into the movie too, and Captain Blue leads Joe throughout the film to rescue her. Cool story, huh?

One cool thing about this game is the stunning visuals. The smooth framerate and the cel-shaded graphics make this game look excellent. Controls are spot on too. They are very easy to get used to. You should not have any problems with the controls.

The gameplay in this game is very addicting. You control Joe of course and kill a bunch of robots, ships, tanks, etc. You can easily get rid of em by using cool VFX moves that Joe has. Now, these sweet martial arts moves aren't just thrown into the game for show. These are easily crafted into the game to make it perfect. For example, you see two poles that you have to hit 5 times , but you have to hit them at the same time. So you can use Joe's spin kick to hit them. There are more cool puzzles like that which keep the game fun. And the variety of VFX moves (like slow speed, fast speed, zoom, etc.), make the game cool. The bosses are a challenge too, and they require you to use those VFX moves too. The game is very hard overall. On Kids difficulty, the game is pretty tough, but on Adults difficulty, this game is super challenging. It'll take awhile to beat the game on that difficulty.

Graphics: 10/10

The visuals are really sweet. It looks so cool in motion. I don't see how Capcom did it. It may seem cutesy at first, but once you see it in motion, it looks awesome.

Sound: 9/10

Even though there is some cheesy voice work, they still sound funny. Music is awesome, and the sound effects are great.

Story: 9/10

Ok, so the story isn't all that bizarre or compelling. But the story is really good. The intro is great, and more stuff happens once you go through the game.

Control: 10/10

Easy controls. You can get used to them in less than a minute. The controls are fairly responsive. A button is to jump. C-stick is to zoom in and out(Or you can use the B-button. You choice). Control stick is to dodge and move. X button is to kick. Y button is to kick. Z button is to skip cinemas. Start button is pause (duh). Easy controls.

Gameplay: 10/10

The gameplay is addictive and satisfying. VFX moves rule, and they are a trip to use against the enemies. Bosses are a big challenge, and you can even purchase new VFX moves and others in the power up options. Taking down robots never gets old in this game.

Replayability: 8/10

So...why the 8/10 score for replayability? Well, the game isn't that long (it takes about 7 to 9 hours to complete the whole game) and there isn't a lot of extras. But game is very high on replay value due to it's addictive gameplay.


+Addictive gameplay
+Sweet Graphics
+High replay value


-A bit too short
-And difficult

Final Thoughts

Don't let the visuals make you think that the game looks like a kids game. This ain't no kids game. This game is extremely fun to play. For a reminder of what games are supposed to be, buy Viewtiful Joe. You should love this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/13/03

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