Review by Spike Wullong

"He's Joe, and he's darn VIEWTIFUL."

Thats right folks, he's Joe. And he is darn VIEWTIFUL. This game is almost perfect. Playing this game is quite and experience.

Gamplay 10 out of 10
Genius. This game is a brawler, and a good one at that. The whole VFX thing is awsome. Pretty much, you can slow down and speed up time to your advantage! It sounds pretty simplistic, and it kind of is in theory, but this works wonders in the game itself. I've never had this much fun on a Brawler. Pretty much, each level is divided into sub-levels, or what VJ calls ''Scenes''. After every scene you can save, or buy power-ups for Joe in a River City Ransom-esque way. A co-op play would have been nice though.

Since the whole game is about the powers, I figured it would be nice if I broke them down into sub-reviews.

Slow mo 10 out of 10
Fun and easy to use. Its great to do the matrix rip-off ALL over again. For once a Game developer has actually made a decent Bullet-Time rip off instead of that crap they use in other games (''The Matrix'' anyone?)

Speed Up 7 out of 10
A disapointment, its not all that usefull, and not all that easy to use. I also apriciated the effects with the wind in this mode, but overall it just made it to damn hard to see. My friend with 20/18 Vision gets a major headache when he plays in this mode.

Zoom in 10 out of 10
I thought that this would be the lame move, but it actually Kicks ass at kicking ass! Its neat, because it lets you use really neat moves you normally couldn't. Plus, you get to see Joe showing off is Viewtiful Body!

Enemy's 7 out of 10
The enemys in VIEWTIFUL JOE are really cool! They are pretty clever, and quite detailed. I gave it such a bad rating however due to the lack of types of Enemys, and the just plain dumb names for them. I mean, how many times in a game have you seen Homosexual French men? (Cough Cough MID-BOSS=The Joker COUGH COUGH)

Controls 10 out of 10
Completly Perfect. Its VERY easy to Slow down and Speed up time, and you can pretty much just pick the game up and play it without any experience, which is pretty cool when your friends come over and want to try the game.

Story 9 out of 10
Hilarious. Its very simple, if this were anything other then a Brawler, or Platformer I wouldn't have given it the high score. its very good for what kind of game Joe is. It compliments the game nicley.

Graphics 10 out of 10.
Right when you thought Nintendo was going to start being normal, they decided to mess with there Graphics AGAIN. Good thing They are damn smart, because it was JUST the thing they needed. The graphics are PERFECT for the game. The game has Comic-like graphics (I don't think its Cell Shaded, but I COULD be wrong.) I love the special effects, like the way it looks like an old movie when playing as regular Joe.

Hardness 5 out of 10
You may be thinking its mean to review a game depending on how hard it is, and normally you would be correct, just hear me out. Viewtiful Joe has 2 modes, Adult and Kid. Adult mode was WAY to hard, and Kid mode was WAY to easy. Why couldn't they have made a medium level like everyone else!? All well, Games can't be perfect I supose... <cough cough METAL GEAR cough cough>.

Overall 9 out of 10.
This game is great, Whether you Love or Hate this Genre, PLEASE give VJ a chance, you won't go home upset. Everything in this game compliments each other, it just seems to fit perfectly!. I was VERY please with this game, plus don't forget to buy the VJ bobble heads!, They rock!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/13/03

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