Review by mcwizardx

Reviewed: 10/13/03

This IS Joe Millionaire

At last a game that isn't first person, fighting, nor dancing but with all the style. Viewtiful Joe is an amazing game that plays well and will keep you wanting for more. Just like the first time we all played Devil May Cry and couldn't stop playing, Viewtiful Joe will have you sitting on your rear for hours of full on non stop gameplay. Throw away the idea of how real a game should look for now, get into something more colorful, like Viewtiful Joe.

Originality 8/10

Although the concept isn't as original as say Animal Crossing, its the best 2 1/2D side scrolling beat'em up game out there right now. With the video game industry focusing on everything on 3D, Viewtiful Joe is the break we all need from getting lost in a dungeon or some scary spooky mansion. Be a super hero for once instead a one man gang, terrified teenage girl trying to get home, or even a World War II soldier.

Graphics 10/10

Who needs real 3D, its over-rated, 2 1/2 D is where its at. The action is smooth playing at 60 FPS. Vivid colors and animations that will catch the eye of even the most picky of players today. Cell shading looks outstanding, just as good as Zelda The Windwaker. The best thing about graphics is the ability to control how stylish it all looks through the VFX. Yes like Max Payne you can make yourself look really good . . . or really really bad.

Sound 9/10

Like trans? Ya better if your playing video games. Anyway the music really sets the mood to play this video game. It kinda reminds me of Megaman X in a way but oh well yes, Capcom, forgot about that. The sounds fits well with the game, every boom and bam right on the mark. The voice acting is perfect, whoever did Joe's voice is a real pro. The only problem is that you'd probably never find a soundtrack nor would want one. But hey, the music is for the game, not anything else. If ya want real music go get a DDR game =b.

Gameplay 10/10

This is where its most awesome. The controls are so simple that anyone can learn how to play but not so simple that its dull; far from it. VFX is what makes the game exciting. The slow mo bullet time effect that can clobber your foe or help you dodge bullets. Mach speed that seems as good as a DBZ fist fight. Zoom in for that extra stylish pose. There's a lot more but you should go discover them yourselves, its all so viewtiful. And remember, the VFX isn't there just to wack your enemies and make ya look cool, they are there to help ya solve some puzzles too.

Replay 9/10

You'll be coming back to play again, trust me you will. The score engine is similar to Devil May Cry 1 (but not exact), and ya know ya can always try to get a better score which adds to the replay value. But overall the replay comes from player just wanting to look ''viewtiful'' with their cool moves. Beat everyone up, score a high score, combo it all in, and look good while you do so, yup that's all you'd ever need.

Overall 10/10

Sidescrolling at its finest, everyone can appreciate this game. It has an old school feel but is soooooo new school. It may take some people some time to really understand how to fully take advantage of dodging and VFX powers but once they do, its all good. Slick and style, whatelse could you ask for? Throw away realism for now, go for something more viewtiful. Get into this Joe and be viewtiful yourself.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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