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"This game is just Viewtiful!"

While Capcom is busy releasing all of these great games, they have possibly made one of the best games any of us gamers have ever played. I mean what's for fun than being a super hero in a movie saving your girlfriend and showing off at the same time?

Just like the rest of you I have been waiting on this game for quite a while. It was well worth the wait. We've been needing a good beat-um up game. What did Capcom do? They brought us one, and a great one at that. Just like all super heroes Joe has super powers. But his super powers are unlike most super heroes powers. With the help of Captain Blue and the V-Watch, Joe becomes Viewtiful Joe! Viewtiful Joe has the power of VFX. Joe has the power of Slow-Mo, Mach Speed, and Zoom-In. It doesn't sound cool? Oh it is! In Slow-Mo he can do anything from beating his enemies down to pieces, to dodging bullets! He can even take an enemies bullets or torpedoes and hit them right back and to his opponents face! In Mach Speed Joe can kill his enemies in seconds, run under objects before they fall and hit him, and even put out fires on his own body. Can you think of any other superhero that can move that fast? I didn't think so. Joes last VFX power the Zoom-In can also be very useful. Most moves in the Zoom-In do twice as much damage as the rest of the moves. Zoom-In comes in very handy when you have numerous enemies coming at you all at once. If that's not enough for you don't worry, there is plenty of moves you can buy with V-Points. Joe's got V-Bombs, Voomerangs, The Red Hot Kick, Air Combos, and many more moves along with plenty of other things to buy, such as Lives, Cheeseburgers, extra hearts and more!

Most people think that Joe is just and ordinary kid. Well he is, but the V-Watch transforms him into the super cool Viewtiful Joe! Why Viewtiful, what is that supposed to mean? Viewtiful means Beautiful View. Joe is sitting in the movies with his girlfriend Silvia. But they're not alone, there are hundreds of empty chairs around them. Apparently Joe is the only one that wants to see this movie. Even Silvia doesn't want to see it. Silvia wants to see ''some off screen action''! But Joe isn't cool with that he wants to see the movie. After numerous times of Joe pushing Silvia off and telling her to cut it out, The movie comes to life and the villain from the movie decides to take Silvia. Then after a few seconds of Joe trying to figure out where his girl is he gets pulled into the movie also. That's when the adventure begins of Joe on a mission to get Silvia back, but I don't wanna spoil you so your going to have to buy the game to find out what happens after that!

It's cel-shaded! I personally like cel-shading but some don't. I would give these graphics a 10 because they did a great job with it and they make it look really smooth and nice when it's in slow-mo, and mach speed. It's great eye-candy and will really get you into the game!

Well lets see it's a beat-um up game, they usually aren't the longest games in the world but that doesn't mean anything. In Viewtiful Joes case you have 4 different modes to complete. Kids, Adults, V-Rated, and Ultra V-Rated! Once you complete those 4 modes then you can say that you don't have nothing else to do, or can you? You'll have to buy the game to find out!

If you have an extra $40 in your pocket or you have a few old games you don't play anymore then go trade them in and go get Viewtiful Joe. You won't feel ripped-off. You'll only be happy. So if you like 2D, Sidescrolling, Cel-Shaded games then head to your local gamestore and get this game!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/13/03

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