"Find out just how viewtiful life can be"

Well, I went to the store today to go look for this game. To my surprise i got the very last copy, and rushed home to play it. I try to keep my hype for a game low, so I can never be disappointed.

This game blew me away.

Presentation (Includes Box art, booklet, title screen and introduction) 9/10
The box art pretty much explains the entire game: A superhero in Red fighting off people, while performing kick-ass combos. The manual also is cool, and gives all the right information. The title screen greets you with “VIEWTIFUL JOE!” and already you have a smile upon your face. The introduction is corny, but it’s meant to be. All in all very well done, and prepares you for the great adventure ahead of you.

Story: 3/10
Blah, very weak story, but it's an action game, not a RPG.

Your name is (Surprise surprise) Joe, and while attending your favorite Action Hero's movie with your girlfriend, she gets kid knapped! OH NO!

Your mission is to save her....sound familiar?

Graphics: 10/10
Holy god. The graphics are amazing. I've looked at countless movies and pictures of this game, thinking 'Well it's ok....but certainly nothing close to Metroid Prime'.

I was wrong.

While you are 'Joe' the game is grainy and dull looking, trying to capture to look of an old movie. However, as soon as you become Viewtiful, *BOOM* the graphics jump out at you. There are a million and one things to look at, and cell shading fits this process to a tee. Forget the 3D 2D ways of Super Smash Bros. I welcome this change to any 2D side scroller!

Gameplay: 11/10
What i LOVE about this game is how much it surprises you. You’d think the concept is simple enough: You kick, punch, and jump thru level after level.

However....it is not. Special abilities and the sheer fun-ness of this Beat-em-up game will keep you hooked. For a long time.

Speed up is just like the name, where you speed up time. Speed by enemies, or unleash DEVASTATING moves onto an enemy.

Slow slows down time. Think Enter the Matrix...but better. You can then pull of some insane combos, and start earning those viewtifuls (Points basically). You'll almost pass out after you pull of a 7 move combo killing 3 enemies at the same time.

Zoom in is a little different, but still awesome. You, well, zoom in and focus. You can then pull of some incredible moves as well. Throw is in with Speed up and Slow, and you got yourself some points and damage!

One warning though: This game is hard. It's 'Old school'. Some levels will leave you crying on your knees, but still begging for more. I think everyone can learn it pretty easily, but 'Soft core' players may get impatient and give up.

Sound/Music: 7/10
Nothing really to comment here. The sounds are ok (Voices of the character's are hilarious! Joe and his stereotypical American voice rock!).

Music can get a bit repetitive as well. One thing i love to do however is turn down the sound and blare my own music. REALLY gets you in the mood to kick some viewtiful ass.

Replay: 8/10
Average replay. You begin with a couple of modes: kiddie and Adult. Then you move up on difficulty. This by FAR is no easy task, i can assure you.

Some people will strive to get 100%, while others will pick it up from time to time to ebat their favorite level. Either way it's awesome.

Yay or nay? Rent or buy?
Yay! This is a masterpiece amongst some of the greatest games of all time. This may be the hype talking, but it is by far The best game on Gamecube to date. Everyone and their grandmothers should have this game.

Like with all games, i'd say rent first, just to make sure you like it. But i bet 99% of the time you'll buy it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/13/03

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