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"Not your average classic 'Mario Bros.' Platformer..."

First off, I would like to say, this is not your average classic 'Mario Bros.' platformer.
This game is far from it...very far. With the red spandex suit and the special V-Watch, this game distinguishes itself from the other platformer's mold. Forget the crazy suits and items, stick to the weapon of choice, your natural body with punches and kicks! Of course, there is one tried and true storyline that is used by Viewtiful Joe. Girl gets kidnapped by bad guy, good guy has to go save the girl.
The cel-shaded looks make it actually feel like a cartoon movie, straight from the theater and into your Gamecube. As a little comic twist, when you are regular Joe, the screen is a bit old and lines start to flash and such, just like an old movie. But when you become Viewtiful Joe, the screen becomes clear and colorful, like a transformation from the old to the new. But beware, each superhero has a weakness. To become viewtiful, you must have VFX. At first, you start out with a tiny bar, but you can increase it by collecting film canisters. When you run out of VFX, you turn into the regular Joe. You can't zoom-in, slow down time, or speed up so be careful and keep a close eye out on the VFX meter.
The controls are perfectly placed and make great use of the Gamecube controller. Joe can slow down time, speed up time, and even strike a pose as you zoom-in! The controls fit with logic as the R-button means fast forward and the L-button means slow down. Of course, you could change the button positions but why would you when it was so perfectly fit? With the simple punch and kick template in the game, you can string huge combos together to reduce those robots to scrap metal. When you zoom-in, you can slow down time to string a crazy combo called the Red Hot One Hundred. Your enemies will become stunned and will be blinded by the viewtifulness of Joe while you pummel them into the ground.
There is also a bonus feature that goes with Joe. After each Chapter, there is an option to save your game, move on to the next chapter, and power up. When you power up, you use these V-points you get from pummeling opponents to buy special items like bombs and voomerangs. You can even upgrade Joe to learn new moves like sliding, kick diving, and stringing combos in the air. And don't forget you can buy extra hearts and lives along with a special power to restore your VFX power twice as fast. There is even a special move where you can zoom in as you dodge to strike a pose and kill all the enemies on the screen.
The audio in this game is also very colorful. The music in the background is upbeat and fits the fighting style of the game. The sound effects are wonderful whether it is from Joe saying, ''Yummy!'' after eating a hamburger or when the commentator says ''No offense, but is it number 1 or number 2?'' when you pause the game, the audio keeps you refreshed. Easily said, this is one of the best sounds and beats I have heard for a platformer.
This is the kind of game you can play over and over again, even after you beat it on the hardest level. With all of those levels and unlockable secrets, Joe will keep you coming back for more.
In all, this game is just viewtiful. Bask in Joe's viewtifulness as he punches robots into the outer orbits, kicks helicopters into submission, and blow up giant bats. The beats are colorful, the graphics are crisp, the gameplay is simple yet fun, and you can play this game over and over until your Gamecube breaks. One of the better platformers on the Gamecube, this game is really going to revive the video game platformer market. Capcom is on it's way to making a big and viewtiful franchise so until then, tata!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/13/03

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