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"Viewtiful Awesome!"

First thoughts:
I recently bought this game. I wasn't too sure to buy this game, because I was anticipating to buy fft. I went to future shop and fft was gone but there were a couple of Viewtiful Joe left, so I decided to buy one. I put away my f zero and put this game in. I chose kids mode and checked the controller config. I was unimpressed when watching the video because it didn't appeal to me, like other games for gc. The first level seemed a bore with u being a normal guy kicking and punching until.... Viewtiful Joe came along! Wow, I never seen a game where the gameplay and graphics were this amazing! I'm hooked on this game like counter strike!

Story: 9/10. Very unique. Your watching a movie with your girlfriend, and she wants to make out with you !_!. Something happens to captain blue and some big monster in the movie, comes to life and snatches away sylvia (girlfriend)You jump in the movie and you fight baddies and bosses in a ''beat em up'' action game. As game progresses, you take captain blues role and become viewtiful joe. You learn new techniques to fight the bosses. (slow, zoom and fast)

Graphics: 10/10. The game shines in here. Using 2d and 3d graphics, with hybrid is absolutely astonishing. The game switches to fast mode, zoom in mode, slow mode really fast and the detail is perfect. There are so many amazing effect, and going slow motion takes your breath away. Be amazed! Even fast motion looks so detailed. Zoom in motion is cool, because u can attack multiple enemies.

Sound/Music: 9/10 The music fits in nicely with the levels. The sound effects are really great. The fighting noises change when you do different fmv moves. In slow motion, you can hear the slow punching noise, or the revolver launching the bullet. The music isn't something to cherish. It's above average, it's just the sound effects that help it out.

Gameplay: 10/10. This is what makes viewtiful joe stand out from any other video game. There are 4 modes which Joe can use to fight enemies. Slow motion, where you can dodge enemy attacks, go down on a hovering machine, and attack objects that hit fast. There is Super fast motion, where you attack enemies at super fast rate, and go up on the hovering machine. There is zoom in mode, where you can attack multiple enemies, or zoom in to your body and if any enemy is near you, you can kill them easily. Lastly there is normal mode, where you just walk around and hit enemies. The modes make viewtiful joe unique, and makes the gamer play the game more. There are many challenging puzzles in the way and sometimes may frustrate you. There are items you have to buy to make the game easier and there are 2 modes (kid and adult, aka. easy and hard) but both modes are challenging enough :(. You can buy moves for joe to make him a strong character and easier to beat levels as you progress through the game.

Controls: 9/10. They tell you how to use the controls for the game. It's pretty easy to figure out and all buttons are used. The only problem I've encountered is the zoom feature, where you have to use the b button and c stick.

Difficulty: Hard
I'm on the third level. That's sad. It'll take time to beat and without a faq, it'll be frustrating at times to figure out puzzles. You have to use all modes and boss fights will be a challenge.

Replayability: High
After your done, your going to play it again until you beat all the modes and get the secrets.
Time to beat: 12 hours for game with faq and 30 hours for everything (i think) with faq.

Buy or Rent: Definetly Buy. No bother renting, because your going to buy it sooner or later.

If you don't have it, then buy it! It's almost perfect!

Story: 9/10
Sound/Music: 9/10
Controls: 9/10

rounds to a 9.4/10 rounds to 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/13/03

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