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Reviewed: 01/07/04

Go Six Machine

Joe sits watching his favorite character captain blue when out of no where captain blue is defeated, and the evil beast takes joe's girfriend into the comic world. Joe finds six machine right behind him in the movie theater, and helps bring him into the world to save silvia. From here the story takes off. As you enter the game captain blue shows you the powers that viewtiful joe has, and how to use them. Fight through seven levels of action packed gaming.

Graphics 10/10

The cel shaded graphics of this game fit right perfectly into the games comical world. I experienced absolutely no slowdown during the entire game at all which is a major plus since the action really heats up in later stages. Enemies are both graphically comical and deadly looking at the same time. The backgrounds of stages are brilliantly designed, and the way the game switches from 2D to 3D without having any camera angle problems is amazing. Since I can find no problems in this category I can see no reason why this game doesn’t deserve a perfect 10/10.

Sound 8/10

Background music works right into the game, and goes along with all the bashing and smashing of the game. Sound effects on the other hand although right on cue, and they do sound real well with every crash against the enemies head have a problem. By the time you reach level 3 of the game you’ll notice how repetitive they really are. The voice acting is somewhat of a mixed bag. Some voices are hilarious, and make funny comments from time to time. While others seem to spout some catch phrases that seem to be over used in the game. I say keep the background music as is, and simple work on getting different sound effects from time to time. Also better dialog with more comedy would have helped with the voice acting that seems to be very well done. Although minor problems exist in this category they are too small to notice during gameplay, and will not take away from the gaming experience.

Controls 9/10

Controls are dead on. A button for each of the vfx (slow,mach-speed,zoom-in), and a button for punch and kick. Pretty easy, but after awhile all the mixing together of different moves gets slightly complicated for instance the red hot one hundred attack is (slow + zoom in + down + punch), its not to bad but enough to give your fingers a good exercise. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do all the attacks in the game captain blue will make sure you know that. Captain blue comes in during the levels to show you new attacks, and how to use all of the vfx. To make sure you really do know them captain blue challenges you to use them against him in a fight after every new vfx. You can also buy new attacks such as the viewtiful forever or the red hot kick. All the attacks you can buy are simple to do, and are very useful.

Gameplay 9/10

Gameplay the key to almost any game is strong in this one. This is more than your standard 2D beat-em up it has much more to offer. For instance for every move you do while using one of the three vfx will grant you viewtifuls, and the greater the combo you complete before your vfx bar runs out the more viewtifuls you receive. By now your wondering just what are the viewtifuls for? Well in the middle of and at the end of the stage a selection will appear saying power up. Go here and welcome to the viewtiful shop. Spend your viewtifuls on all types of stuff such as new attacks, a longer life bar, or maybe just a few extra lives for the long level ahead. This “shop” works out extremely well, and in my opinion should be included in most if not all beat-em up games. But remember I said this is more than just your standard run of the mill beat-em up. This game requires strategy, and this is very important in big boss battles. Bosses are not easy nor they should be, but running into a boss battle and just fighting will get joe flattened. Instead you must study the moves of your opponent waiting for an exact moment to strike. Some bosses I admit will be almost impossible to beat if it’s your first time fighting them. Not to worry although they appear unbeatable you will so realize that the big baddy leaves himself open for a critical attack if only for a few seconds. Set aside all the fighting for a second, and you will realize that there are quite a few puzzles in this game as well. Figuring out how to get a fast moving slot machine to stop on the V symbol three times in a row isn’t easy unless you know the trick. In fact almost every room in this game will contain a puzzle of some sort. Some maybe so easy that you don’t even think of them as a puzzle, while others may leave you stumped for awhile. This game will also please many old school fans as many elements of elder games are deeply imbedded into it. Some people dislike the cel shaded graphics that many of the gamecube games have become accustom to *cough Zelda cough* but, the fact is I don’t think any other type of graphic style would make this game look better it just really fits in. As for length, chances are you won’t finish this on one sitting. Although difficulty is adjustable I find that new gamers will have problems even with the lowest of settings, but even after losing over and over again in the games insane Ultra V-Rated mode I find myself not feeling any frustration. Chances are the biggest problems you will face are on boss battles, but I find myself having so much fun during boss battles that it doesn’t bother me that I die so I can replay the fight.

Replay Value 9/10

After you finish the game its over right? Not here in fact you will have to play through at least three times to get everything. After beating the game instead of saying “whew that was hard.” You will probably end up going “well what’s next?” the answer is even greater difficulties. So Adults mode wasn’t challenging enough for you gaming legends well how about the new V-Rated or even after that the super tough Ultra V-Rated. These difficulties will take quite some time to beat as they make you rethink some of your strategies. Unlockables you say, yes it has those too. Most games let you use cheats by putting in codes, but this game makes you work for the cheats you desire. This game also has some new characters you can get some good some bad all fun. This game will have you racking up quality gameplay hours in no time. Although I think the length of the game could have been just a bit longer it is problem that is small in size.

Story 7/10

“Meh its ok” chances are this was your response to the story. Then again although the game needs a story a good story is not vital to this game. The story holds down the meaning of the games action, but most people won’t give their attention towards learning about it. Well here goes anyway. Silvia joe’s girlfriend just happens to be just what the evil enemies of captain blue need to leave the comic/movie world, and enter the real world to rule over all of the world. It’s not that that it’s a bad story at all it’s just that you will be focusing on the action. So although the story only gets a average score I wouldn’t count it as one of the games minor flaws.

Overall 9/10 (not on an average)

This game is not without its flaws as most games aren’t, but the list of flaws is so small that you can count them with one hand. As for the list of pros well it may take you awhile to add all of them up. Now mach-speed past this review, and go pick yourself up a copy of this game. This is easily one of the best cube games of the year, and has a slight feeling of nostalgia. Old school or new this game will have your gamecube working overtime as you smash your way through the levels of mayhem. If difficulty is a problem for you don’t worry although it is confusing kids mode doesn’t take out any of the violence it simply makes the game easier. If your looking for a challenge this game also definitely has this. The higher difficulties will have average gamers pulling there hair out, but after beating Ultra V-Rated you will get a real sense of accomplishment. After playing this game you’ll wonder just why some people dislike cel shading when it can put out games of this quality.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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