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"The best game in 2D."


By the title, you are a guy named Joe. Just an average guy who's favorite super-hero is Captain Blue (Joe is NOT a kid). One day, he goes out with his girlfriend. They walk into a movie theater and what happens? The movie "captures" her. Now that's when you just want to rescue her. Viewtiful Joe delivers some great action and style, in 2D!!! You really can't miss this. Super powers, punching, kicking, and everything in between.

Game-play: 9.5/10

It's a 2D adventure in a movie world. Unfortunately, no real movie characters make an appearance. First, you are "average" Joe. After using normal power, you are granted a special power that allows you to actually use super powers along with your red suit.

Alright, now all you do is just punch and kick your enemies to death. There are many combos to pull off. Just press the kick/punch buttons in any order you want and then watch your enemy get pounded. High and low attacks come as well. Do a low punch for an uppercut or do a low kick to slide. Knock your opponent into the air and unleash some air attacks. Pretty cool combat system.

To spice it up, there are "VFX" powers. You have slow motion, mach speed, and zoom-in. Of course, these powers will be needed to solve puzzles. So that you don't take it easily, it will drain VFX power from the blue meter at the top of the screen.

Slow motion just slows time. It also makes your attacks a bit stronger. Remember, EVERYTHING slows down. You can buy yourself time, shoot bigger blasts from your ship, or slow down a slot machine to get pass. If you are using this and you see a purple circle around an enemy, immediately attack him and watch him fly across the screen. Hey, you can even dodge attacks with little effort!

Mach speed is the power that speeds up time. It's fast enough to hit more than one enemy at once. If there is more than one enemy on screen, use mach speed to attack one enemy and you will see a duplicate of you attacking another enemy. It's not very strong, but it can be used to make a bus go faster.

Zoom-in is a very strange power. The camera zooms in on you. This enables you to use some different fighting moves, but not many. It shows a lot of glory and you can combine this with mach speed or slow motion. Kick while in this mode to do this spinning thing . Jump while in zoom-in mode and you will screw enemies in the air.

It's just very cool, but it can get a bit frustrating. You will have to figure out tactics to beat certain opponents and beat up a certain amount of enemies to open a door, move to another area, or just go where you need to go. It's okay. As long as you can beat up some bad guys, you are in for a wild ride!

You need something for defense. When you see a skull icon that is off of the ground, crouch to dodge the enemy's high attack. If you see it on the bottom, press up to dodge that. It is simple and you might be able to counter attack.

No. It's not over yet. At some points, you get to buy stuff. Extra lives, extra health, extra fighting moves, or whatever you need to get rid of evil. Several save points throughout the game and you might be forced to buy stuff, then continue without saving.

Once you complete a section of a stage, you will be ranked. D, C, B, A, or V for viewfitul. Get good rankings for some good stuff and bonuses.

Whoa. Since that Joe likes style, you get a couple of seconds of glory once you beat a boss. Once you beat a boss, you see some flame all around the screen. Joe is in between. The camera is revolving all over the place. Now is your chance to mash buttons to show off some style. Then, after that, the background changes to the area you just completed. The screen is frozen and the narrator tells what is happening.

Environment interactivity: 7/10

It may be the only way to move on, but you might get bored of solving the slot machine puzzles (which is only about 20 seconds long to complete). There are plenty of puzzles that are frustrating, but you must master the VFX powers to move on.

Graphics: 10/10

If you have seen cartoons, it will definitely look like them. Even though that the backgrounds may look a little flat, it's good to know that they are well designed. Explosions may look weird, but if you are walking around the city, you might see some advertisements (not in real life) that look adult-themed, but not that bad to give this game an M for it's rating.

As you beat up your enemies, parts of them will fall off. Since that all these enemies are mostly robots, you can scrape the paint off of them. Different enemies have different designs and costumes. There are even enemies dressed up as pirates!

Animation: 9/10

Movement is smooth and looks really cool. It's just that when you are watching in-game movies and the camera is zoomed in, the animation might look a little awkward.

Sounds: 9/10

Well, it's not perfect, but it's great. Once you beat a boss, you hear this narrator dude summarizes that part the story. The sounds of punching and kicking never get old. That's pretty much all you will hear. Do something right and Joe will shout out comments to himself. Voices are okay and there is nothing that will annoy you.

Now for music, it's all under the category of "heroic". Just cool music. Not much to say about music. Just that it's awesome.

Control: 8/10

Well, it's pretty good, but zooming in might make you confused about which button to press to return to normal. Attacking is easy and making combos just make your fingers happy and make you feel like you are unstoppable. It's just so good. So good that you will be going crazy, but it's not the ultra perfect thing in this game.

Style: 10/10

Style. Yeah. He has style. You will hear the crowd cheering and sometimes Joe will pose for the camera if you dodge an attack, then zoom in right after that. But you have to buy that first.

The good, the bad, and the ugly:

The good:
- The VFX powers.
- The controls.
- The graphics.
- The sounds/music.
- All the action.

The bad:
- Story.
- Difficulty.

The ugly:

This game is too good for anything to be ugly here.

Overall: 10/10

You really can't get enough of punching and kicking people once you start playing this. You just have to get to the end. Beat the game? Play it again! Beat the game again? Go ahead and earn some good ratings.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/13/04

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