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"Fun, but only for a while."

Capcom is always trying to surprise people. First they did it with fighting games by making Street Fighter, then they tried Survival Horror and succeeded with Resident Evil. The list goes on and on, but now we are talking about an action game. Better said, a 2D-retro-action game.

Now, I got this game almost since it came out, didn't play it because I was busy and let it there, without life for a while. A few months ago I saw that I had wasted the money and told myself to finish the goddamn game as soon as possible. So, in order to not to play it twice (unless I really liked the game and felt like beating it again), I decided to play it on the adult mode, which I had heard, is "difficult".

Anyway, I would just want to comment what I think of this game... I know of plenty of people who haven't played it yet and still wonder if it is worth of buying or renting, or at least playing.


The graphics are... special and original. I don't think there is anything that this two words imply that doesn't work for the graphics of Viewtiful Joe. I love them, they remind me of a comic but still keep a special feeling on the game. Strictly talking, you are not using 100% of the graphical power from the GameCube, but this graphics aren't designed for that.

One of the best things from the graphics department is every single effect you will find on the game. When you "slow down"all the action you really feel as if all was happening like that and not just a cheap effect one finds on other places... yeah, you can compare it to Matrix, I know. And when all goes faster you feel kinda lost... which is bad, but realistic. The rest from the graphics department is ok. The "Fire Lion" boss (I can't remember the name <_<) battle is really good. It really looks impressive. In fact, all boss' sceneries look specially good (which means: better than the rest, which is also good). So graphics are very original and special. I guess fun applies too.


Music: Nothing you will say "OMG I'M BUYING THE SOUNDTRACK", but you will like it anyway. The game music changes enough, so it will absolutely don't bother you, unless you get stuck in one part, which I doubt that could happen.

Sounds: the voice acting is pretty good. Well, the girl's voice bothers, but I think it fits for her role. And Joe's voice is awesome. The bosses manage to get a personality thanks to the voices Capcom choosed for each character. Well, I didn't understand what the fifth boss was saying, but I didn't really cared much for it. It still sounds cool ^_^


Very good. No doubts about it. If you have played any other GC game before, then it shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes to learn it to ALMOST perfection. Now, while you beat enemies, get new abilities and buy new stuff, the control will get a bit more complicated. Some times you will want to do something but end up doing another... which might be one's fault, but it's part of a different type of control.


This story blows. My brother keeps saying that it is unexpected so it's good. Now, I don't want to spoil it, but I will say this: it is unexpected because it is ridiculously stupid. I see it as an excuse.

Sometimes I think that a game doesn't demand for a story, but in Viewtiful Joe, they try to make it more in-depth so I would have liked it to be good and not only original. And as a last comment, that's the only reason I give it a 6, because the in-depth factor. But still, it's very bad.


It is very good. Original, fun, entertaining, different and repetitive. What a way to end a list of good things, no? But it is the truth.

You will use your special abilities for random stuff that will aid you to go through the levels. That gives the Ultra Speed thingy and the Slow Down thingy a new point of view and it's nice... but that's only 3% of the game. The rest is mainly fighting. Obvious? yes, because this game is an action one.

Levels vary a lot from each other, which is a really good thing. The game is a bit too lineal, which means that you cannot choose what to do. You have no freedom, which takes part of the fun. The 2D graphics are a very nice touch since thanks to them this game represents how great developers haven't forgotten how fun are 2D games.

Boss battles are really fun. I dare to say that the bosses are the best thing of the game. I could say that it is the only fights that are not repetitive.

Now, the real problem: repetitive. The gameplay is very repetitive. There are tons of different enemies, yes, but you fight them ALMOST the same way. Sure, you have to make it all slow to fight one and make it all fast for another, but nothing actually changes too much. I got tired of it after a long time.

DIFFICULTY: EASY (I got disappointed)

People was screaming "difficult! difficult!". Now, if you think this game is difficult, please go back to NES, Dos and some Atari 2600 games. Or why not, play Ikaruga.

Now, going back to the game. The fights start really cool. It is very easy not to get punch but only while you learn. Then the things start to feel harder... but if you forget about how many things you have to do and only visualize the real deal (what you have to do) then it becomes piece of cake. Even the last levels will be really easy.

I know all those weren't good reasons to get disappointed, but that's not why I'm disappointed. This game has different difficulty levels... What are difficulty levels for? To make a game easy, normal and DIFFICULT! That's right. But I don't see this game difficult, at all.


Here is the worst aspect of the game. To see the real ending you have to finish the game three times. Now, after I finished it for the first time I really really didn't want to finish it again. I just didn't wish for it. Good, on the second time I managed to buy everything, but what then? I know what then: boredom.


Capcom made a big effort on the game. One cannot get angry with them, mainly because they risked everything and did a good job. I hope they keep trying stuff like this because I'm sure some legendary game will come out.

Why the 6? I see this game as a most-rent. I don't know why would anyone want to buy it... so I give the score according to that.

Score as a buy: 4
Score as a rent: 8
Average score: 6

A simple explanation to it is that buying this game will be useless at a certain point. You can rent it for 3-5 days and you will be able to beat it to 100%. Maybe not getting all at the perfect rating (which costs a little more effort, but isn't difficult... just requires you to be too careful), but getting perfect ratings will really get you bored. I bought the game and regret it.

Now, renting I think is a very good idea. You will spend only a few dollars and the game is really enjoyable to a certain point. I think that even though you won't die if you don't rent or play this game, it will be a nice experience for you to do it. It will be fun, I guarantee it.

Nothing more to say. I hope this helped you to decide what you will do about this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/04/06

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