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"Fanatics need only apply."

Ghost Recon: 2 out of 10

First let start by saying my only experience with tactical FPS is with a copy of Rainbow Six for the Dreamcast I got for 5 bucks. That was not a fun experience.

Alas, I've been hearing good things about this game for some time. I wanted to get a new game for my cube and I saw a preview for this in a magazine. It looked a hell of a lot better in the magazine then the actual game. I went to GameStop and paid full price (49.99) for it. Went to a friends house to play it.

I really don't know what I was expecting. I had a mixture of all my favorite Sneak-about games in one. A little Metal Gear Solid, a dash of Winback, and a Counter Strike glaze. Fans of these games already know the collision course of wackiness about to commence. More on ''fans of these games'' later.

The Game
I fired it up, and was welcomed with a nice FMV. Pretty snazzy, and set the mood for an intense game. I dove straight into the first mission. I was taken aback by load times longer than 5 seconds, ''Must be a cool looking level''. I mused, thinking that's usually what developers have in store for a first mission.

The level loaded up, and I instantly recoiled in horror. It looked like I got transported into a N64 game. Ugly, blocky, puke-yellow scenery. Trees made out of 4 polygons. No music. I couldn't even see my gun. I ran forward at the speed of ''Dead Turtle buried under 3 feet of dirt small gravel'' (Read: Slow). I heard noise and I got shot. 1 guy dead. It switched to another guy, I looked around to see who is shooting me. Since I turn at the same speed I run, I got shot again. 2 guys dead. I switch to another guy, this guy was pointing straight up in the sky. I have no idea why, there weren't too many bad guys up there. I got shot. 3 guys dead.

You start out with two squads of 3 guys and I had 3 more guys left, but the fun had been all drained away. I tried to zoom in to find this mass murderer (one guard). I zoomed into one of the 4 polygons of a tree infront of me. How pretty! I tried moving, only to be caught in a slower speed than the running speed which is about as fast as The Great Wall of China. I tried to move my gun somewhere not pointing at a tree. It was at this time that the Unholy Angel of Instant Death and Merciless Fury (the same, one guard) shot my guy. 4 dead and I quitted the mission.

While this was happening, my friend never stopped laughing; at me or the game I'll never know. It was not a good experience. I was pissed, but laughing too. I usually try to justify a fifty dollar purchase so I checked out Co-op. There was no Co-op, only a horrible death-match game. I found out later that you can only do Co-op after you beat a mission, and its the same mission and you lose all of your soldiers. No tactics here; just two chimps getting shot.

-Supposed Tactical Play: As I've said before you get two squads of 3 soldiers. You can command them by pushing Z, and attempt to navigate where you want them to go with the controller (not easy). Sadly, the only commands you can give to your soldiers are ''Get shot'' and ''Get shot while moving to location A, which takes roughly the same amount time for the Sun to freeze''. During which your soldiers will be looking straight up in the sky (toward heaven).
-Lots of Weapons: All of which are useless compared to the default.
-Different types of soldiers: All the same, all will get shot.
-Graphics: That of which look like a cancelled N64 game. Also when you see an enemy from afar, it makes that sprite-glitch-hop that some of you may remember from Doom. That's a pretty old game.
-Music: Yes please!
-Replayibilty: Firefight mode, which is why I'm giving it a 2 instead of a 1. It puts a bunch of random enemies in a level you've already played. Objective: Kill all enemies. How original! Not much, but there is some replayibilty.
-FMV: Nice, your reward for beating a mission. Though looking nice, they add nothing else storywise.

The Final Straw
After it froze twice, we knew it was really buggy. But when my friend suddenly pushed Z, and EVERYONE STARTED SPINNING AROUND AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT and we couldn't move or do anything. We just turned off the game and packed it up for a quick and easy refund of my hard earned fifty dollars.

The Final Word
Unless, your a die hard Rainbow Six/Red Storm fan (and you know who you are), this game will make you vomit in disgust. Do not buy or rent, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, do collect your refund if you bought this game.

Other Stuff
Everytime you shoot somebody (goodluck!), you get a 10 second rift of ''Dramatic music''. While it was playing my friend and I sang the title of this game, ''Tom-Clancy's...Ghost-Recon!'' and it was pretty funny, because this game was so bad.

The load times are what really killed me...loading what?

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 02/24/03, Updated 02/24/03

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