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"Ghost Recon for Nintendo Gamecube was average at best."


Ghost Recon is a game that certainly had the potential to be a good game, but it lacked the final touch that every good game delivers.

Presentation: 7/10

Ghost Recon can boast a well done presentation. The opening cut-scene is spectacular and the menus are simple, but suits the mood of the game perfectly. This opening presentation leaves players gripping their controls, ready to break into a new and hopefully good game. Unfortunately, after the presentation, things begin to go downhill.

Gameplay: 6.5/10

As soon as you begin the game and look at your screen, you may be a little confused. First of all, this game is a first person shooter, but you cannot see your gun. This may make the experience a little uncomfortable at the beginning. The controls are set up in a way in which the joystick allows player to move their soldier forward and backward and strafe from left to right and the C-stick is used for looking up and down and turning from side to side. There are some alternate control setups, but only fire, reload, cycle and aiming buttons are changed around. The style of gameplay in this game is different from a James Bond game. You cannot run around like a maniac and take hundreds of shots before you die. If your soldier takes one, two or three shots, there is a good chance that he/she will be dead. However, you do have six team members that all must be eliminated before you fail a mission. To sum up the gameplay within this game I will use one sentence: Ghost Recon is an extremely short game (only 15 missions) with confusing controls, repetitive objectives and very few bright points.

Graphics: 6/10

When this game was released on the PC, it had some of the most spectacular visuals in that gaming era. Well, times have changed, but the game's visuals haven't. Although the environments within this game are enormous, they are boring and lack detail. Plants seem lifeless and structures and buildings are dull and boring. Members of the six-man team you control look relatively good, but as you move further and further away from these characters, this bright star changes into a black hole. When characters are running it doesn't look right, especially when they are far away. To sum up the graphics within this game I will use one sentence: Ghost Recon has large undetailed environments with characters that can run ten feet with one stride, shoot through walls and float in mid air.

Sound: 8/10

This is the best part of the game. The soundtrack is amazing and music changes when an enemy is near, an objective is completed and when you finish the mission. Your squad members do say different phrases on certain missions, but as you move on in the game, the dialogue become repetitive. The sound effects in this game are beautiful whether you are shooting a silenced pistol, machine gun or rocket launcher. Although the sound effects can become repetitive, I don't mind listening to them because they were so well done.

Lasting Appeal: 6/10

This game is relatively short with only 15 missions. The cooperative multiplayer can be fun, but will only be enjoyed if both players understand how to properly play the game. The firefight missions do become repetitive and boring after a couple plays and the versus option shouldn't even be mentioned within this review. There are some unlockables, but what is the use of unlocking them, is there isn't an enjoyable way to use them?


This game is lacking some options that would make it more challenging and enjoyable. I still do not understand why a four player option wasn't created for the Nintendo Gamecube version. The Playstation 2 and Xbox versions each have additions that make those games unique. The Nintendo Gamecube version has... nothing.

Final Score: 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/02/03, Updated 03/02/03

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