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"Ghost Recon Delivers!!!!"

Ghost Recon is not a Goldeneye type game so don't expect to bust through a door guns a blazing. It is a tactical shooter, you command 2 teams of 3 guys and go into 15 missions using stealth and cooperation to your advantage.

Gameplay 10/10 :
The best part of the game is the gameplay. If you take your time and use both teams to your advantage you will have a much more fun time. It is really how you have to be in a war type situation. The realism is awesome 2 hits and youre dead. period and there ain't no comin back. if a guy dies he gets replaced by a new guy before the next mission.
The menus are decent but not bad. The only drawback to the gameplay is the enemy A.I., on easy they dont notice much so after you get better turn up the A.I. for a nice challenge. And the missions are all fantastic so theres plenty of stuff to do. and diffrent ways to approach the objectives and finish the mission. The angles you can take and use Alpha or Bravo to come up on the other side and lay cover fire is unbeatable. And the biggest rush is laying down and waiting for the enemy to come back into sight finger on the trigger and night vision on and you hear nothing but the rain and the animals then... BOOM!!! the Gunshots echo all around as you lay waste the the enemy. and unbeatable exprience!!!!

Graphics 7/10 :
The part alot of people complain about is the graphics. Look I own Zelda W.W. and Metroid Prime, 2 of the best looking games ever made and the Ghost Recon graphics are not that bad, I mean the game was the 2001 Game of the Year so you have to cut it 2 years slack. I like the graphics...not the best, but not bad at all.

Sound 10/10 :
Spectacular!!! need i say more..... the music and gunshots sound great and your guys on the radio sound good too!!

Replay 7/10 :
Not much to unlock but the missions are so great you'll want to play them over and over and then theyre's the other diffuculty settings ... you'll be playing it for a long time.

The Verdict:
If you are still unsure rent it better 6 bucks than 50 if it's not what you are looking for. but for the latter of you if you like tactical warfare get this game it delivers BIG TIME!!!!! Peace Out

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/26/03, Updated 03/26/03

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