Review by Mjcortz

"A Fun yet serious first person shooter."

Concept-10: The game deals with stealth which will help you ever so greatly through out the whole game. In this game, your not suppose to run out like an idiot, like in other great first person shooter games, and actually win. In this game however, DOING THAT WILL KILL YOU! If you get shot you will get slower (just like in real life). It only takes a few shot too to take down anyone and you (just like in real life). This game is so realistic so I had to give it a ten for concept.

Graphics-7: The graphics were kind of poor during the actual game play. When you are running (or your friend) and you gun him down then you will see his body go down but slide really fast for about five seconds. The bodies weren't made all that well either. The only thing that kept the graphics from being rated down to a 6 was the scene after you beat the level, which looks as real as ever!

Sound-10: The sounds matched the gun perfectly. The guns didn't sound so fake. There was great music from the intense moments. You can also even hear your person breathing hard when he is close to deaf. Also you can hear the foot steps on the grass as your gunning.

Playability-6: The controls are still a little confusing to me. I still find myself looking down at the controller to see how to do what. I can walk perfectly and all, it's just that when you try to aim the thing and it zooms in and sometimes it doesn't zoom out correctly...I don't want to talk about it. The zooming will be the hardest thing to get use to in this game for sure as well as aiming maybe...

Entertainment-7: I thought this game was very fun from time to time. I would get bored though when I had to travel a far distance and I often got lost in the level to. The most fun that I had was on the training mode was when you had to defend your camp. It could get VERY boring when your injured and you have to travel such a long length with your slow and injured self. These flaws are pretty hard to ignore.

Replay Value: Normal

Other Comments: Get this game if you love stealth. Also get this if there are no other First Person shooters out there. Also I should note this, the gun doesn't show when you walking around, just the cross hair. You'll get use to it. I'm not saying this game is bad though, I liked it. The only BIG flaw is when your injured and you have quite some ground to cover. Otherwise, this is a fun game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/21/03, Updated 04/21/03

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