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"A good FPS for cube, covered with a good review."

This game is good FPS for gamecube. While not any thing as good as Timesplitters 2, this game still is probably the third or second best first person shooter on the gamecube. Everything about it is good, but not great. ( my opinion )

Story (7/10)
You are in the year 2008. The russians have conquered many territories, and a war should be coming soon. You must command the ghosts - an elite handful of specially trained green berets, armed with the latest technology and the deadliest weapons, in a mission to stop a new war before it happens. Good.

Gameplay (7/10)
Like i said it is a good FPS, so the gameplay has to be good. It is a shame that they didn't make it for 4 players in multiplayer though. ( 2 players only )There are some good mode here such as campaign, quick mission, and multiplayer. There is 15 levels in this game. You can play each level in Mission mode, Firefight mode, and Recon mode. All of them are good. The controls are alright, but they have been modified. For instance - auto aiming, new radar, and a new zoom system, are all new features to the gamecubes controls.

Graphics (7/10)
The graphics are good but they could have made this game a bit better if they were. Building and trees look a little bit clunky, but Tanks happened to look good. The faces of characters aren't terrific, but it is fun to shoot the dead faces and watch a fountain of blood splatter. The blood was decently made.

Sound (7/10)
I never care too much for sound in games. But I did consider it here, and it turned out good. The music was okay, but the sound of gunfire was brilliant. And, the sound of your fellow ghosts when they say 'man down' or something was a neat too.

Replay ability (7/10)
Well, 15 missions that you can beat in 3 different modes and 3 different difficuly levels ( recruit, veteran and elite ) plus training and some other special features, will make this game last a good month or two. This game took me about 3 weeks but I only beat every thing on recruit ( easy mode ) The replay ability is good.

Overall (7/10)
Overall, this game is a good seven out of ten. If the graphics were better, and there were a few more missions - I would give it an 8 and possibly a 9. But hey it is a good FPS, that is worth playing.

Rent or Buy
If you love First person shooters and want to add a little seriousness to it with war, buy it. Or if you can get it for a low price, buy it. ( i had to 50$ )Everyone else rent it and then you make your own decision. End.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/01/03, Updated 07/01/03

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