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"These guys aren't ghosts!"

Ghost Recon is a first person shooter that is placed in the year 2008. Some guys living in Russia are trying to take over the world again like Stalin and Lenin attempted to do by creating the USSR, and you command the Ghosts, who are an elite team of green berets trained in the latest versions of covert warfare, although they aren't all that covert in their objectives, they are still pretty covert.


Graphics, let's think, not using any of the power of the GameCube. At most points it looks more like an N64 game than a GameCube game. The graphics are better using the night vision gear though for some reason. Bushes, look sort of like bushes, although some look like green blobs on occasion, and trees if your looking at them as they are peering at you from the top of a cliff sometimes look like people patrolling around up there, causing you to shoot, alerting the enemy, and sometimes getting yourself killed.


The sound definitely makes up for what the graphics lack. You can hear yourself reload, hear birds chirp in the environment, people coughing up blood when you shoot them in the chest, the mission briefing dude sounding as though he is in the same room as you, the clacking of the SAW reloading, you can pretty much hear everything in one way or the other.


The selection of weapons that you are able to use is near huge, it's not all that huge, but it isn't shabby at all. You can have demolition experts, rifleman, snipers, and support members on your team. Demolition experts of course use mines, rocket launchers, grenades, and all of the other stuff that goes boom. Riflemen are the people on your team that do the main fighting and can hold various kinds of light infantry weapons. Snipers are snipers and of course (this should come as no surprise) they use sniper rifles. The people doing support carry SAWs (Squad Automatic Weapons), which are mainly used when things get hairy.


There are different difficulty settings in Ghost Recon, Recruit (easy), Veteran (normal), and Elite (hard). Going through both campaign and through the multiplayer aspects of the game you are allowed to pick which kinds of enemies you want. On the Recruit setting you have auto targeting, direction indication, radar, and a threat sensor, the enemies are also less skilled. On the Veteran setting the assistance is reduced and the enemies will be more intelligent. On the Elite setting you will have no assistance at all, the enemies will be more numerous and very intelligent (and therefore more dangerous). This offers a wide variety of game play settings that will make sure that everyone gets the experience from this game that they want.

GAME PLAY---9/10

From killing everyone on the map, destroying stuff, and even rescuing people that are key to your success against Russia, you get to do a lot of different stuff. Like destroying tanks wandering around in the middle of a city. You just get to do a lot of stuff.


The controls for this game are a little bit awkward but as soon as you get to know them so to speak, you will enjoy the game, without having to look down at the controller every five seconds.


This gets a nine because you can co-op on missions that you have already finished, other than that the only replay value that you get is trying to complete the game again on a higher difficulty setting and earn all of the awards and setting goals for yourself, which could possibly get old fast.


Overall this game is great, unless you just can't get the hang of it. You will find yourself immersed in the game for hours while you are trying to defeat the Russians and other people trying to help them take over the world. There is also the medal system that will allow you're characters to gain ranks, although there are only three which don't have all that much impact. Once again, great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/08/04

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