Review by Ryan Gillam

Reviewed: 05/25/04

Not so good, but still fun....

When I first bought this game it was for the PC but it would not work, so I had to wait until the Game cube release to play it, and I can say I am partially happy so I will give it a fair review.

Graphics 6/10

They are not too good, especially for the price, the trees are in 2D and you don't even get to see the weapon you are holding which is a big let down, but then again Rainbow Six doesn't but it is still a great game. The landscapes in Ghost Recon look vast but when you think about it, they really are not it is a small playing area with little detail. Your enemies are detailed but still in 2D which sucks but the detail makes playing more worthwhile. The tanks look amazing and I really love them, especially launching a rocket against them and watching them explode. When your enemies and team mates are shot the blood looks very like small round dots which is not good especially since most Game cube games boast very realistic graphics. Therefore the final score for graphics is 6/10.

Story 4/10

The story element is there, but to be honest you will not follow the story line, although a nice element is that if one of your soldiers is killed on the battlefield you cannot use them during the rest of the story. To be honest Ubisoft could have done a lot more to the story to make it interesting. So story gets 4/10.

Game play 8/10

The game play is brilliant in single player, although the types of missions will get a bit repetitive for you. It is basically Escort, Rescue, Kill etc. but this is the same for most types of tactical shooters. The missions are quite good in a way which means there is more than 1 way to complete the mission. A down side though is the controls, they are hard to learn, let alone master. I forgot most of the controls the day after I bought the game. There is a training mode but it is not very useful for you in the game. It is easy to send your troops around though, but it is only because you can send them whenever you want, because you can take out all the enemy using your character alone. Moving on to multiplayer, it is really bad, there is no fun in it, due to the multiplayer maps being so small your opponent always knows where you are so that they can avoid you. It does pick up on co-operative mode then, but it is very repetitive.

Conclusion 7/10

Fun for a while but not too good in the long run, I suggest you rent first as there a lot better tactical and team based shooters out there. But if you do decide to buy you can get it very cheap now.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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