How do I get past the part where shiek tells me to go to kakariko village?

  1. shiek just tells me to go to Kakariko village....not being very specific.

    User Info: thar33per

    thar33per - 9 years ago

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  1. Go to Kakariko Village like Shiek tells you to. Then go to the graveyard. Go to the far left and pull on the grave with flowers in front from behind. Fall into the hole and you should enter a ? place. Walk forward a bit and Dampe (The dead gravekeeper) will ask you to race. Say yes and you must win under the time limit. When you do he will give you the hookshot. This weapon lets you get into the Forest Temple in the Lost Woods.

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  1. Go to kakariko village.Head to the graveyard.Pull every gravestone with flowers in front of it.Fall into the hole.Eventually one of them will lead to ??? and you will see Dampe.(a ghost.)Walk up to him race him and win. the rest is simple.(Ask Navi for help if you need it.)

    User Info: rvbownz

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  2. Go to kakariko go in the graveyard, go to the lower left corner of the tombstones, go up one get behind it pull it out and there will be a hole. Go into it. there will be a man with a halo and wings. Talk to him. Then he will start to move. Follow him. When you get to the end,There will be a chest. in it will be the hookshot. Go in the room infront of the chest and the door will close behind you. Play the song of time. Then walk forwad and leave. As you can tell, I am a major Zelda freak. need any more help, tell me.

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  3. Go where Shiek tells you and enter the graveyard. Head left and pull the grave with flowers infront of it. The screen should say ??? .Race the dead form of Dampe and win. This gets you the play the song of time to leave. head to the lost woods and find the sacred forest meadow. Go to were Saria was sitting on the tree stump and look up. Use nyour hookshot on the branch and enter the forest temple. Complete it and Shiek will let you go back to being kid link.That is what Shiek mean't to say.

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