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    Boss FAQ by SMK5Q2

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    Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 21:21:43 EST
    The Legend of Zelda: Orcaina of Time: Boss Guide
    Written by SMK5Q2
    GameSages- Big Thanks
    Author's Note: This Faq was written to give you quick help about the bosses.
    The game's bosses are tough to the core. 
    Table of Contents
    1) Boss Guide
    2) Tips
    3) Boss Awards
    4) Thanks
    5) End
    Parasitic Armored Arachinid: Gohma
    Weapons and Equipment used: Slingshot, Kokri Sword, Deku Seed
    Diffculty: Easy
    Comment: Target Pratice, should be not much of a promblem
    Advice: Cut the bushes on the outers of the room if you are low on health,
    You notice a yellow eyeball staring at you as you walk in the room. The Queen
    drops down and prepares to fight. Stay calm. The trick is to stun her in the
    eye with a Deku Seed when she comes close. She will be stunned. Now thrust
    your sword into her eye. Gohma retreats to the celing and begans dropping
    eggs. Pull out your slingshot and hit the eggs. If you miss, the hatchings
    will only hit you when their eyes turn red. It takes about 8-9 hits to kill
    this queen
    Infernal Dinosaur: King Dodongo
    Weapons and Equipment used: Kokri Sword, Bombs, Bomb Flowers(if needed),
    Hylian Shield
    Diffculty: Easy
    Comment: Harder than Gohma, proves more of a challenge
    Advice: Be smart when you fight this boss
    Your first reaction when you first see this boss may be "Uh...I am going to
    beat him with my wimpy sword?" Anyways: Dodongo will open his mouth to toast
    you in flames. Attack back. When he opens his mouth, throw a bomb in there. Do
    not get too close to the blast. His head will fall down. Now attack with your
    sword. After this, he will get mad and roll around the room, trying to crush
    you. Now, there are two ways of doing this. You could stay on the slopes near
    the lava, or hug the walls, but this proves dangerous. My way is to equip your
    Hylian shield, and protect yourshelf with it. Link will bend down and the
    shield will protect his whole body. When Dodongo rolls toward you, he will
    merely bounce off your shield. Make sure you stay near the wall when you do
    this. Use either way. Repeat the process to kill him
    Bio-Electric Amemone: Barinade
    Weapons and Equipment used: Kokri Sword, Boomerang
    Diffculty: Easy/Medium
    Comment: A Pain
    Advice: Keep Moving at all times
    The main promblems with this boss is that he has many parts and his main
    attack is electrical. Keep moving at all times to avoid the deadly blasts, and
    use Z targeting to help you out. Of course, moving all the time makes aiming
    the boomerang diffcult than usual. What you must first do is kill his
    connection to the celing. Lock on to the tentacles and throw your bommerang at
    it. Now it becomes a pain. You must first stun Barinade and then kill all his
    jellyfish plates. Then he will spin his armored plates. Try stuning him and
    target the plates. Once his "armor" is gone, Barinade will roll around the
    room, shooting electricty at you. Stun him with your boomerang and strike with
    your sword. If you need life, break the pots around the room. Deliver the
    death blow and say goodbye to the pain.
    Evil Spirt from Beyond: Phantom Ganon
    Weapons and Equipment used: Master Sword, Fairy Bow
    Diffculty: Medium
    Comment: Lot easier than the real one
    Advice: Learn from your mistakes
    A personal art galley is your battle ground. Ganondorf appears-?!? It is
    really his phantom. He rides off to one of the paintings. Prepare yourshelf.
    There are two main courses of this battles. The first one is tough. The first
    one goes like this: Phantom Ganon will exit a painting, and you must shoot him
    3 times with an arrow. Sounds easy? Phantom Ganon has another Phantom. So once
    you think you have him, the real one will attack you from usually other frames
    away, often right behind you. How do you tell the diffence?The real one will
    ride more to the right, and will be brighter. After 3 arrows at the real one,
    the horse will vansih and now you come to the second course. Get out your
    sword. Z traget Ganon as he throws a fireball at you. You must return them
    with your sword. As he falls down, hit him again with your sword. Make sure
    when Phantom Ganon floats in the air, he does not come too close-you return a
    fireball, comes right back at you, BLAM! Also, avoid him when he uses his
    broom attack at the end.
    Subterranean Lava Dragon: Volvagia
    Weapons and Equipment used: Megaton Hammer, Master Sword
    Diffculty: Medium, Easy
    Comment: Not too much trouble
    Advice: Watch out for his two main attacks.
    For info, Volvagia has three attacks which he will use when he pops out of a
    lava hole. First, he pops out his head. Attack with your hammer, then slash
    his head with your trusty sword, or pound him with the hammer again. Then he
    will either do the others ones, which happen random: The first one is that he
    flies around and tries to burn you. Z traget him, and raise your shield as you
    move around. Watch out for the claws. The second attack (random) is Volvagia
    will rain rocks on you! They are easy to dodge, if you watch for the shadows.
    Volvagia will also seem to pop out of one hole, then pop out another one. It
    takes 5-7 good hits to kill him. 
    Giant Aquatic Amoeba: Morpha
    Weapons and Equipment used: Master Sword, Long Shot
    Diffculty: Medium/Hard
    Comment: Move, boy!
    Advice: Rotate around the water filled arena, avoid the spikes
    Water isn't looking right? Hmph. Anyways, To beat this boss, follow this
    guideline: The nucleas ventures out of its watery body. Z target it and use
    the long shot to pull it in, then slash and hack. Easy? Would be. The main
    thing is to watch out for the tentacles. If one of them gets a hold on you,
    up to three hearts can be taken away. A word of advice. When you use the long
    shot on the nucleas, you stop. Sometimes the tentacles get you this way.
    Repeat the process until it dies (In a watery death.)
    Phantom Shadow Beast: Bongo Bongo
    Weapons and Equipment used: Bow, Lens of truth, Master Sword, Hover boots,
    Diffculty: Medium/Hard
    Comment: The only werid boss you ever face in this game
    Advice: Watch out for the hands
    As soon as you land, turn on the lens of truth to see. Bongo Bongo will try to
    kill you with his hands, swatting at you, etc. Shoot at his hands with the
    bow. This is tough since you bouce around due to the hands beating the bouncy
    surface. When both hands turn blue, Shoot a arrow at Bongo Bongo. Can't see
    him? Turn on the lens of truth. Watch out for your arrow supply. Repeat untill
    dead. Do you feel lucky today? If you want, have the Hover boots on when you
    fight him. I can not ensure this will work, but I think it will help you not
    to bounce so much. Use the longshot if you run out of arrows.
    Sorceress Sisters Twinrova
    Weapons and Equipment used: Mirror Shield, Master Sword
    Diffculty: Medium/Easy
    Comment: Ain't too hard
    Advice: Watch out for when the ground gets hit, you will take damage if you
    stand on it. 
    Well.... The main thing here is that you just hold R to shield. Trust me.
    Double Trouble, Eh? One spits fire, one spits ice. What to do? Hold R when one
    throws fire or ice at you. The Mirror Shield will deflect the attacks. The
    trick is to reflect one sister's attack to the other one, so deflect ice to
    the one that throws fire, see? Why you don't Z target is that you can move
    your shield when holding R. This way, you can cause damage. 4 times and they
    will get serious, becoming Twinrova. You must absorb three of the same attacks
    in a row. Keep in mind that you must not that once your shield collected
    engery from one attack, do not try to absorb the other one. You will take
    damage. Once you collected three of the same attack, your shield will expel
    engery from it. Point it at Twinrova. They (or it?) will fall down. Attack
    with your sword. Too easy. 
    Inside Ganon Castle: The outers Rooms
    If you are having trouble in here, well, keep trying. Use all the things you
    learned to beat the rooms.
    Great King Of Evil: Ganondorf
    Weapons and Equipment used: Light Arrows, Master Sword, Biggoron's sword (If
    you got it)
    Diffculty: Medium/Hard
    Comment: Let's see some Ganon's blood spilled on my new Kokri Shirt...
    Advice: Be sure to hit the fireball, or suffer the damage.
    Before we start, a little intro.... As you enter Ganon's chamber, your eyes
    are drawn to Ganon's organ. Zelda is trapped. Your health is refilled, because
    all the three triforce pieces haved joined together. As Ganon plays, he speaks
    about the gathering. He stands and turns to you, demanding you return the
    pieces. Using the Triforce of Power, Ganon lures you into battles. Navi can't
    help you. No Z targeting of help for Link!
    Time to take him down. At the battle's start, run as fast as hell to one of
    the corners. Why? The first row of boxes surrounding the tower falls down due
    to Ganon's Earthquake punch. Remember Phantom Ganon? The same rules apply. Hit
    the fireball back at Ganon with the Master Sword. If you got Biggoron's sword,
    the battle will be easier. It is more tougher, because you have to bat away
    the ball many times. Once he is hit, shoot him with a light arrow. He will be
    stunned, so move in and attack with the sword. Once he gets up, go back to the
    corners. Once the battle's rythem gets down, things go easy. Watch your magic.
    Have lots of green or blue potions on hand. After 5 good hits, Ganon has a new
    attack. He will draw a huge ball of engery. Shoot him with a light arrow, then
    attack with the sword. The fight ends. Gannon coughs up blood, and seems to
    Escape is needed in 3 minutes. Follow Zelda out of the castle. You run out
    before it collapes. Everything seems peaceful for the moment. Enjoy the peace!
    Weapons: Light Arrows, Master Sword, Biggoron's sword, Megaton Hammer
    Diffculty: Hard
    Comment: Never dies, does he?
    Advice: Watch out for the titanic blades.
    It isn't over! Ganon rises from the rubble, using the Triforce of Power to
    turn into the biggest, hardest boss you ever face in the game! The battle
    arena is now surrounded with fire, Zelda can not help you, and plus, knocking
    the master sword out of your hands. Navi appears, saying "He can't keep me
    away from this fight." Great. Great. A annoying ferry is the only help I get.
    First, you must beat on Ganon's tail. He will move slowy for this part, making
    it easy to hit his tail. Do not get cocky. Those blades can cause big damage.
    After this, The flames around will collapse, and you can go get your Master
    Sword. You need to fight the rest of the battle with it. Run back to the
    Monster. Z target his head and shoot a Light arrow whenever you can get clear
    of his blades. When he is stunned, Beat on his tail. 9 hits later, Ganon on
    his knees. Zelda holds him in place while you slash and hack into Ganon's eye
    (Bloody, but hey?) Watch the end of the game. You deserved it!
    Hard Mid-Bosses
    Dark Link- Appears in Water Temple
    Weapons to use: Master Sword, Din's Fire, Master Sword
    Diffculty: Hard
    Comment: Harder than Ganon!
    Advice: Do not stab with sword
    Attack with the Hammer, and swing with sword! Shield yourshelf always! If you
    want, use Din's Fire. This guy is tough!
    Iron Knuckle-Appears in Dessert Colossus as Child and Adult, and in Ganon's
    Inner Chamber
    Weapons to use: Any Sword, Nayrou's love
    Diffculty: Hard
    Comment: That is one big blade...
    Advice: Get behind him and use the sword! Avoid the Blade!
    Use Nayrou's love if you are in trouble
    Tips to beat Bosses:
    - Use items that you got in that dungeon to kill it
    - You mostly use a item to stun a boss, then you hit it with a sword
    THE BOSS AWARDS- It can only happen in this faq
    Hardest Boss: Ganon or Dark Link
    Easiest Boss: Queen Gohma
    Weridest Boss: Bongo Bongo
    Fastest Boss to beat: King Dodongo
    A Pain in the @$$ Boss: Morpha
    Think different? E-mail me and prove me wrong
    Thanks: Thanks to GameSages, people who made Zelda 64, and me being bored and
    writing this.
    You may not copy off of this Faq, but who is to stop you? The Internet police
    will get to you, yet.
    Questions? Comments? Junk E-mail? Write to SMK5Q2@aol.com

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