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    Shops Guide by CPredator

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                     SHOPS OF HYRULE
                       VERSION 1.6
    This FAQ was written by Cyber Predator, who resides at 
    http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Chamber/1301/ and can be e-mailed at 
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    Version Information
    Author's Note
    Shopping in Hyrule
    Unit Prices
    Shops of Hyrule  Kokiri Shop
                     Potion Shop
                     Bombchu Shop
                     Goron Shop
                     Zora Shop
    Other Purchases
    Credits and Taglines
    VERSION 1 - 0130 GMT, 14-Aug-1999
    This version has an Author's Note, URLs to my homepage, HTML version of this FAQ 
    and my full Zelda64 database.  It has unit prices, an overview of the shops, the 
    stocks and locations of each shop and their prices, and what you need in order 
    to buy a certain item.  It also has the locations of other places where you can 
    buy something.
    VERSION 1.5 - 2211 GMT, 3-Oct-1999
    Added copyright information to the top of the document.  Changed the format of 
    the Contents and Version Information and hence reworded some of them to suit 
    their new format.  The sequence of headings in the main part of the guide got 
    changed, and I swapped the order of the Version Info and the Author's Note.
    VERSION 1.6 - 2207 GMT, 18-Oct-1999
    Reworded a couple of sentences for clarification and to avoid repetition.
    ***AUTHOR'S NOTE***
    Hello world.  There is a FAQ on just about everything in Hyrule....except the 
    shops.  I don't know about you, but I think Hyrule is long overdue for a 
    Consumer's Association.  In this FAQ, you'll find everything I know about the 
    stores of Hyrule.  Please enjoy this FAQ: it's the first one I've submitted to 
    At the various shops scattered throughout Hyrule are a variety wares for sale.  
    Though many of these items can be found for free at other locations, you can 
    save time by simply buying them right then and there.  This guide should help 
    you in deciding where to go for the best deal.  Ammunition for weapons, such as 
    Arrows or Deku Seeds, often cost the same per item; the price only changes when 
    you buy a different amount of the item.  Though you should usually go for the 
    smallest lot to save cash, buying in bulk can save a heap of cash.  Remember to 
    visit different stores to find the best deal and save Rupees.
    ====SHOPPING GUIDE====
    ***UNIT PRICES***
    This is a list of how much a single unit of ammo costs.  Obviously, different 
    stores set different prices so make sure you know where to go for the best deal.  
    You will only be able to buy several units of ammo at a time; this list is as a 
    guide only.
    DEKU NUTS: 3 Rupees each.
    BOMBS: 4 or 5 Rupees each from the Goron Shop, or 7 Rupees each from the Bazaar.
    BOMBCHU: 9 or 10 Rupees each from the Bombchu Shop, or 20 Rupees each from the 
    Magic Carpet Shop.
    DEKU SEEDS: 1 Rupee each.
    ARROWS: Usually 2 Rupees each, but the 50-Arrow lot sells at 1.8 Rupees each.  
    It's not much to look at, but in practical terms you save 10 Rupees.
    The following list gives you the location of a specific shop, when it's open, 
    what you can buy there and for how much.
    Since this shop is located in The Lost Woods, it's no surprise that it stocks 
    mainly forest materials and a couple of exclusives.  This shop is open during 
    both day and night.
    ARROWS: Available in bundles of 10 or 30, which cost 20 and 60 Rupees 
    respectively.  Arrows cannot be purchased without a Quiver.
    DEKU NUTS: Purchased in batches of five or 10, costing 15 and 30 Rupees.
    DEKU SEEDS: 30 Seeds for 30 Rupees.  They cannot be purchased without a Deku 
    Seed Bag, and this is the only store which has them in stock.
    DEKU SHIELD: 40 Rupees.  This is the only store which stocks them.
    DEKU STICK: 10 Rupees.
    RECOVERY HEART: 10 Rupees.
    Young Link can find the Bazaar at Hyrule Town, but it moves to Kakariko Village 
    after Ganondorf takes over.  The Bazaar stocks items you will need, but Adult 
    Link can make the most of it.  This shop is closed at night.
    ARROWS: Available in lots of 10, 30 or 50 and costing 20, 60 or 90 Rupees 
    respectively.  Arrows cannot be purchased without a Quiver.
    DEKU STICK: 10 Rupees.
    BOMBS: Only available in lots of five, which costs 35 Rupees.  They cannot be 
    purchased without a Bomb Bag.
    RECOVERY HEART: 10 Rupees.
    HYLIAN SHIELD: The marked price is 80 Rupees, but after showing Zelda's Letter 
    to the guard posted at the Death Mountain Trail entrance in Kakariko Village you 
    can get a discount.  This makes the price go as low as 60 Rupees!  This is the 
    only store which stocks the Shield.
    DEKU NUTS: Purchased in lots of five and costing 15 Rupees.
    At first located in Hyrule Town, but Adult Link must travel to Kakariko Village 
    to find it.  This shop sells all the items you can put into a bottle, with the 
    exception of Big Poes.  It also has the cheapest Red and Green Potions and a 
    number of exclusives.  This shop is closed at night.
    BLUE FIRE: Costing 300 Rupees, this can only be purchased here.  You need a 
    Bottle to put it in.
    BUGS: Costs 50 Rupees and is exclusive to this shop.  You need a Bottle to put 
    it in.
    DEKU NUTS: Purchased in lots of five for 15 Rupees.
    FAIRY'S SPIRIT: Basically, a Fairy under an extended name.  It can't be 
    purchased without an empty Bottle, or at other stores.  It costs 50 Rupees.
    FISH: Requires at least a full Adult Wallet, as it costs 200 Rupees.  You also 
    need an empty Bottle.
    GREEN POTION: This is the only store which stocks this.  It costs 30 Rupees and 
    needs to be put into an empty Bottle.
    RED POTION: Costs 30 Rupees and requires an empty Bottle.  This is the only 
    store which stocks it.
    POE: This costs 30 Rupees and needs an empty Bottle to be put in.  It cannot be 
    purchased at other stores.
    This shop is open only at night, and only Young Link can find it at Hyrule Town.  
    It sells only Bombchus, but in varying quantities and prices.  Also note that 
    after all the Bombchus are purchased from this shop, they're gone for good.
    10 BOMBCHUS: There are four lots of 10 Bombchus; each lot costs 100 Rupees.
    20 BOMBCHUS: Again, there are four lots.  Each lot costs 180 Rupees, making this 
    the better buy.
    The Goron Shop is open 24 hours a day, but you need the Goron Bracelet to blow 
    open the weak wall on the bottom level of Goron City in order to gain access.  
    This means you can't enter without the Goron Bracelet.  Note that Adult Link 
    must prove to Darunia's son he isn't an ally of Ganondorf before the shop will 
    open in the future.
    RED POTION: Costing 40 Rupees, and unavailable without an empty Bottle.
    RECOVERY HEART: Though the Goron Shop stocks two different hearts, each are 
    exactly the same, including their price of 10 Rupees.
    GORON TUNIC: Only Adult Link can purchase this, and it costs 200 Rupees.
    BOMBS: Available in lots of five, 10, 20 or 30.  These lots cost 25, 50, 80 and 
    120 Rupees respectively.  The 20 and 30 Bomb lots are the best buy.  They cannot 
    be purchased without a Bomb Bag.
    This shop is open 24 hours a day, but Adult Link must melt the Red Ice at the 
    entrance in order to get in.  Be careful if you're buying stuff from the Zora 
    Shop: you'll REALLY get ripped off!
    ARROWS: These can be purchased in 10, 30 or 50 lots; these cost 20, 60 and 90 
    Rupees respectively.  They cannot be purchased without a Quiver.
    DEKU NUTS: Available in lots of five and costing 15 Rupees.
    FISH: Costing 200 Rupees and unable to be purchased without an empty Bottle.
    RED POTION: Costing 50 Rupees and unavailable for purchase without an empty 
    ZORA TUNIC: This is the only store which stocks this item, and costs 300 Rupees.
    There are several other places in Hyrule where you can purchase items.  These 
    items can be an exclusive or hopelessly overpriced.  Make up your own mind where 
    to purchase things.
    BUSINESS SCRUBS: These guys are similar to Deku Scrubs, but after getting hit by 
    an attack they offer to sell you something.  Note that these prices are woefully 
    inflated, and you can get much better deals from the various shops!  However, 
    these Scrubs can appear with items such as shields or Pieces of Heart at timely 
    LON LON RANCH: You can buy Lon Lon Milk from Talon for 30 Rupees, but doing so 
    requires an empty Bottle and only Young Link can make the purchase.  To get a 
    refill for 10 Rupees, you can play the Chicken-Finding Game.
    POTION LAB: As Adult Link, go through the door on the left of the Potion Shop's 
    counter to reach the fenced-in section of Kakariko Village.  Granny's Potion 
    Shop sells Blue Potions for 100 Rupees, but you must give her the Odd Mushroom 
    MAGIC CARPET SHOP: Sorry, but you don't buy magic carpets here!  Enter the 
    Haunted Wasteland from the Gerudo's Fortress and follow the flags until you 
    reach the sign pointing to the shop.  It sells Bombchus for 200 Rupees.  While 
    it may sound expensive, this is the only store where you can come back and buy 
    Bombchus again and again.
    The original inspiration for this FAQ came from Prima's Official Strategy Guide 
    for Zelda64, a hardcopy publication which lists the wares of each shop and how 
    much they cost.  Using their numbers and my own knowledge of Zelda64, I pieced 
    together this FAQ.
    Cyber Predator
    "Anyone who seeks fame needs only become familiar with all that I have 
    acheived." - Claudius Galen
    The Force will be with you, always.

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