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"There is a reason it's free: you'll spend a fortune on new controllers!"

This review is for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest, perhaps the greatest (no, THE greatest) Zelda game in the whole world. Here is how the story starts...

When I was waiting to reserve my very own copy of Wind Waker (like everyone else) this game caught my eye. Hmm, how much is it? Free with paid reservation? Sweet! We got two copies (I didn't like to share with my bro), and reserved my very own copy of Wind Waker (like everyone else). Of course, I was looking at the package of this game on the way home, and it looked like a faithful recreation of the original Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. When I got home, I immedeatly jammed the disk in, found enough space on one of my memory cards, and started playing.

Well, having played (and loved) Ocarina of Time, I was happy to have an upgraded version of the game... and this time, I get to enjoy the wonderous quality of rumble, since I never got a rumble pack. Of course, while playing the classic, Master Quest kept catching my eye. Finally, after the nth time of watching the Wario World video (you have to admit, it was awesome, and the music was great, and everyone loves Wario's "Have a rotten day!"), I decided to play Master Quest. Hey, I've played harder versions of the game. Here's what I said to myself. (Summarized into two lines of text)

"Hey, every other 'hard' version I've played wasn't that much harder with the exception of shooters (they're always hard!). So, this won't be too hard, right?"

Well... I was wrong. Of course, it kept me busy while waiting for my very own copy of Wind Waker (like everyone else).

The original has been included for those who feel like wusses after playing through the Master Quest (or for those feeling nostaligic), but I'm not reviewing that. It's too easy for me. It's too easy for anyone who's beaten Master Quest.

Which is what I'm reviewing.

I am reviewing the Master Quest game ONLY.

Story: 10/10

Link is having nightmares about this freaky bald dude in black armor (hey, bald dudes in black armor are notoriously evil no matter what!), and one morning after one such nightmare, he wakes up to the nagging of his very own winged blue fairy (like everyone else)! He finally has his very own winged blue fairy (like everyone else), but the ve- okay I'll quit.

His new fairy wanted him to go meet the Great Deku Tree. Hey, that's great, only that jerk Mido is in the way. Get the required equipment, and you're ready to roll to the GDT. After a VERY long chat (which is voiced by the GDT, all you say is "yes" or "no"), he will open his gaping maw and tell you to go inside and eliminate his curse. As nasty as it sounds, walking into a giant talking tree, you have to. It's what the good guy would do.

The dungeon, er, tree... gut... (where is his... tounge?) is noticably different from Master Quest, right down to that ginormous room with the cocky li'l Gold Skulltula, WAAAYYYYY out of your reach. (And I mean, WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY out of your reach. As in, Longshot-can't even-reach out of your reach.)

So, this is the story, this is the flow. And it gets much better.

Control: 10/10

The standard Nintendo 64 version was effortlessly easy to control.

Master Quest is easier to control than said version, most likely because A) said controller is more compact and buttons are easier to reach, B) because said buttons are close together and the A button is plain honkin' big, and C) said game is much harder than said previous version.

The Z button is inconviently located in a place not good for Z-Targeting, so they goofed off and made L-Targeting (which was placed in every single text line, even in the faithful edition), which is easier than Z-Targeting once you get used to it. Instead of the C-Stick, you can use X, Y and Z for the C-Icons, and Up-C is stuck to the C-Stick. Blocking is still R, slashing is still B, and actions are still A. Nice and sorta faithful.

Plus, you got built in rumble, which is pretty (wait, pretty DARN) good. No more wasted money on Rumble Packs! (Unfortunately for Wavebirds, that luxury is eliminated to help drop down battery costs!)

Music/Sound: 10/10

Reproduced right down to the tiniest byte. Nice.

The music is very nicely done. The tunes on your ocarina will echo through your head for days, and the dungeon tunes are very nicely done too. The boss music certainly sets the tense tone, and battle music is a little lacking, but still manages to get you pumped.

Graphics: 10/10

They've been improved, that much is certain! Items are now shinier and smoother, and the Heart Containers are so bright and shiny... Shiiiiiiinnyyyyyyyyyy...

Everything has been improved, from textures, to Link himself. Everything is smoother (although still faithfully polygonal) and easier on the eyes.

Enemy graphics are better, especially on the bubbles (the fire is brighter and more realistic), but otherwise, they remain pretty much the same.

Difficulty: GO TO NINTENDO! 10/10

The difficulty has been amped up! The dungeons require EVERY SINGLE TRICK IN THE BOOK. Previously, you could get away without any backflips at all. Nowadays, in Master Quest, you need to master (no pun intended) every single action. The tasks are insanely hard, and it will take every single bit of brain power to get to the boss (who sadly remains the same).

Enemies are tougher and lurk around every corner, and simple puzzles from the previous game have been removed and replaced with brain-and-controller-busters. Just to get that Skulltula up in the Great Deku Tree is going to take a little bit of experimentation.

Wait. Experimentation. That part of Zelda has been amplified to the max. To get past the puzzles, you're going to have to be fast, smart, and try the unexpected. It takes the unexpected to get to said goal.

I had to turn to Nintendo to pass through the second dungeon. First room FIRST ROOM! Dodongo's Cavern FIRST ROOM!! I had to visit the Zelda website and see screenshots to get it done! Man, I felt really pathetic.

And if you thought the Water Temple has hard last time... hehe, just you wait an' see. It's going to be INSANE. INSANE.

The first game was mildly easy. This one is insanely hard. It's called Master Quest for a reason. If it wasn't so hard, it would have gotten a 3. It's called Master Quest, not "people without thumbs Quest." Jeez.

Overall: 10/10
Buy/Rent: Well, buy at a used game store, since the promotion has long been over.

This promotional package is only availiable at used game stores, and is pretty rare. Count out two of the copies. Cuz me and my bro aren't letting go.

This is the greatest Zelda masterpiece (pun intended that time) ever. It kept me busy while waiting for my very own copy of Wind Waker (like everyone else), and earlier, it would have kept you busy while wait for your very own copy of Wind Waker (like everyone else).

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/31/06

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