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"Great game, I played the collectors edition."

Story:10/10 The storyline just keeps you wanting to play more and more! Even if you hate the gameplay, (how could you?) you'll keep playing to figure out the ending. I also LOVE that this game has Ganon in it, and not just some generic guy (Minish Cap, Majora's Mask, Windwaker, Phantom Hourglass, yadhaa yadhaa yadhaa). The seven year swithching is awesome, too.

Gameplay:9/10 The gameplay was schmawsome, (MY WORD!) but with one little problem. It was kinda repetitive, but if your a real Zelda fan, you know that that's exactly the definition of Zelda greatness. You can't go wrong with it. Classic Zelda, with a twist. The best part is being able to switch between Link and Young Link.

Graphics:7/10 I probably would have made this a six, but you have to understand that for it's time, this game broke barriers. I decided to give it an extra point for that. I have to admit, though, even for today, the graphics aren't too bad.

Sound:6/10 Not too great, (but it's way better than Majora's Mask for gamecube!) because even if you turn it up, there's not that much too hear. It's not so much the quality of the sound, (even though it is really faint) it's that the only sounds are music, the ocarina, Link screaming, and Navi bugging the crap out of you.

Difficulty:8/10 This is like, the hardest section, because it varies so much over the game. I am basing it on an average, with all the extras, secrets, and puzzles. For example, the third dungeon, inside Jabu Jabu's belly, is VERY hard hard. ou have to carry a friggin princess!

Replay Value:9 You can do basicaly everything again, but one flaw. No replaying bosses! That's the only reason I took off a point. If you want to do extras, replay dungeons, (except bosses) or just ride Epona around, who by the way, can be gone through the whole gamed without.

Bosses:9/10 Once again, I took off a point because of no replays, but the bosses are TIGHT! The strategy along with gameplay is amazing, and I still get a rush playing one. Also, every boss battle mainly uses the new item you got in the dungeon.

Overall:8/10 It was a hard decision, so I just averaged it and got this. I would've said 9/10, but when you read the score guide, eight makes sense. If you're too lazy to look it up, it says "Great- fun to play, some minor but no major flaws."

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/22/07

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