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"One of the best N64 games on the GCN, but it still has flaws"

Zelda games have come a long way since 1998. Back in 95, the plans for the very first 3D zelda game was made. Since then and 98, many changes were made from the actual design and layout of the game. When it was released, it was named one of the best game ever. Now its 2003, and Nintendo has planed to give a gamecube version of Ocarina and its dungeon remake, Ura Zelda, or known in the states as Master Quest. For now, its a preorder only, and free at that, but how good is the game?

Graphics: 7/10-The graphics are the same as its N64 cousin, but the brightness of it is peaked up a bit. the framerate is the exact same as the N64 version with little to no difference. Whats so bad about it today is they took out he blur filter that made 2D sprites look better. Now many of the 2D sprites look terrible. Same thing with ura, same graphics.

Sound: 8/10-Same goodness of its N64 counterpart with absolutely nothing new. I wish they changed the overworld theme and some of the other music to make it more interesting in Master Quest.

Story: 10/10-Same as the great N64 with no new changes to add. Some people wanted the Triforce or the Unicorn fountain, but its perfectly fine with me

Control: 8/10-Most people worry about the Gamecubes controler and the control on the N64. Fortunatly, very little is different, but the main problem is with the C-Stick and First Person. The C-Stick sometimes needs to be pressed hard for items to come on the screen, and the first person view is horrible now. In the N64 version, you could easily control it, now since the GCN controler is so sensative, pressing it a little makes it go all over the place. Not much different, though.

Extras: 7/10-Pretty good. The dungeons are completely remixed with every puzzle either taken out or remixed in some way, and enemies in new and crazy locations. Only flaw is no new items or enemies still makes ura seem old.

Preorder or not?-Are you crazy?!?!? Even with the very minor flaws, this is FREE. With one of the hardest zelda games(Ura Zelda) along with one of the best games, thats one hell of a offer!!!

Final: 8/10: It would be 10 if they fixed the control and the Blur Filter issue, but is still the solid game you played years ago

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/18/03, Updated 06/26/03

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