"The game still amazes me..."

When I first got this game 5 years ago for the N64, it was one of the best console games ever released. Now it has come to the US for the Gamecube as a preorder bonus to The Wind Waker. When you first boot up this disc it gives you the option of playing OoT or MQ. I started a MQ game because I had played OoT many times. After it loads for the only time booting the game, its like you are playing the N64 counterpart. I am amazed on how close it is to the N64 version.

Graphics: 9/10-On N64 the graphics were revolutionary... on Gamecube.. they are ok. Basically it is has the same graphics if not better than the N64 version, and it doesn't have framerate problems, like some people have said. Since the graphics do look outdated compared to games on the Gamecube, I give them a 9.

Sound: 10/10-Same great sound/music from the N64 version. This music brings back the memories of playing this game early into the morning. I wish they would have used the Overworld theme from Majora's Mask in the MQ, but it really doesn't matter much. FYI, the music on the ''Game Select'' screen also makes me wish they had used that in the game... but oh well. I give sound a 10.

Control: 9/10-The controls are different since the game is on the Cube and using the GC controller, but not by much. I believe that the only problems with the controls is the C-Stick. It makes it a lot harder to play songs, use items and such. Since the C-Stick is the only problem, but not so bad that it makes you go insane and the rest of the controls are solid, I give it a 9.

Gameplay: 10/10-The game is exactly like the N64 one except for the Master Quest that features remixed dungeons, which makes the game more challenging to people that have beaten OoT on N64 countless times. The gameplay is just like I remembered it to be, 10.

Replay Value: 10/10-With all the side quests and extra things you can get, you will be playing this until you get every last secret, replay value scores a 10.

This game is a great addition to your Gamecube library even if you own the original. With the MQ as an added bonus it makes the game more fun and challenging. I recommend you get this preorder bonus as soon as possible!


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/08/03, Updated 02/08/03

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