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"Miyamoto's Legend Will Never Die"

For a messily 5$ down on a reserve to receive this timeless classic is unbelievable. For players who have played this title on N64, it will bring nostalgia to there heart and warm fuzzy feelings all up and down.

Gameplay And Story – 10/10 – Come on now, this is a Zelda game were talking about here. Of course maybe it’s the same ol help save the princess deal, but with all of the quests you can partake in, its just amazing. This Zelda title incorporated a “real time” system with sunsets and all, also various towns, dungenous, events and people change in the different hours of the day.

Control – 9/10 – Nintendo didn’t change to much converting it over to the Game Cube, but none the less with free roaming and Z – Targeting its makes a lot of things easier. You can also make use of your C – Stick to select various things from your inventory.

Audio – 10/10 – Ah yes the great music that just sounds beautiful no matter what type of music you like. With at least one new song all the others are remastered to make them sound more sharp and brilliant. Any one with a few extra bucks needs to get the soundtrack.

Video – 9/10 – When Ocarina of Time was released on N64 it was something to awe at, and frankly it still is in a way. With a sharper and better resolution characters and similar are now much clearer and Nintendo also spruced up various textures here and there. And im sure most people would have enjoyed the graphics to look like the ones for E3 a few years back…

Replayability – 10/10 – For anyone that’s never played OoT I strongly suggest you play the first one before you play the second. And after hours of playing the original you can then proceed on to the unreleased version. That just in its self is a lot of play value right there. For the people who have previously played the original on N64 can expect many various changes, new add-ons to dungeons, various monsters placed in different places plus a ton of other things. And since most quests and dungeons have changed you won’t zoom through it, you’ll have to relearn it all over again.

Once again the Zelda team brings to you another great wonder to fill that void in your free time, also be sure to check out the new release for Game Cube The Wind Walker. Props to Shigeru Miyamoto for making a wonderful series, and make sure to keep a look out for yet another Zelda game Mr. Miyamoto is already working on.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/10/03, Updated 02/10/03

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