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"A Legend Is Reborn"

I played this game on N64 when it first came out after Numerous Delays. After getting this game for the first time, I was hooked. It was the best game I have Ever played and it still is. The GC Version is an ALMOST Perfect translation. It has minor flaws and takes a little getting used to but it's still worth it. If i had the choice, I'd pick this up for N64 first because that's the system it was designed for.

What can i say about the story. It's Great for a Zelda Game. Ganon is back and is looking for the Triforce. You have to make sure he doesn't get it while saving Princess Zelda.
Score: 8/10

The Best. That's the only thing that describes it. Nothing will ever come close to beating this game in terms of Gameplay(except maybe another Zelda). They say Mario 64 was the first True 3D game. Well I have to say that this is the PERFECT 3D game. Everything in this game is done perfectly. From Swordplay, Puzzles, Mini-Games, ect everything is there. There is even a mini fishing game which I was addicted to for a Long time. This is the First 3D game that has captured how the Camera is supposed to control in a 3D game. There was never one point in the game where I felt the Camera was out of place
Score: 10/10

Now this is the Only Reason this game didn't get a Perfect 10. The N64 version was a Perfect 10. The C-Stick is the only thing that makes the controls awkward. I've been playing this for 2 days and I still keep pressing Y for C-Up and X for C-Right. It will take a bit of getting used to because this game was designed around the N64 control
Score: 8/10

The Graphics were the best for it's time. Stunning when you first Played it in 1997. But by Today's standards, they are outdated. But it is a N64 game at heart. It was never supposed to be anything more than a port. And its' free so nobody should complain. If Nintendo Re did this game(a-la RE Remake), then I'd EXPECT them to charge $50 for it alone. But it is free and this is the last thing you should look at when you're looking to buy a game.
Score: 10/10(judged by N64 standards)

Replay Value
I've beaten the original game over 5 times. This is a game you can play over and over and never get bored. For a singleplayer game, this has an amazing replay value. There are a few things you could go back and collect but nothing major.
Score: 10/10

I wanted to give it a 9.9 but i couldn't so i gave it a 9 because of a MINOR control Problem
Score: 9.9/10

Buy or Rent
You're Kidding Right? It's a FREE game and you dont want to buy it? Let me Rephrase that. It's a FREE game that is the Greatest Game EVER created and you dont want to buy it? Stop Reading this review and Buy it now. Sure you have to reserve Zelda The Wind Walker but so what? If this game is any indication, then TWW will also be great.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/11/03, Updated 02/11/03

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