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"Ocarina of Time makes a successfull return!"

In 1998, Nintendo released a masterpiece. This masterpiece was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. About a year ago, I goofed up and sold my copy! This is the chance I had to redeem myself, and let me tell you, it was 100% worth it! This remake is great, for people who have beaten it 34532452345 times, or people who have never played it.

Game play-10/10

Man, do I even need to write about this? It's Zelda for god's sake! The game-play is incredible. It is not only good, but finely polished to the very last molecule. It's the same ol' Zelda layout. A compelling storyline, a reason for Link's quest, and a handful of unique and very challenging dungeons. That is what makes this so great. You get the original Ocarina of Time, and a special edition which was never released outside of Japan, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time; Master Quest. This is just what it says it is. A quest in which the already difficult dungeons are ''remixed'' ,so to say... almost all puzzles within the dungeons have been totally moved/recreated. This is great for people who have already beaten Ocarina of Time and want to do so again.


Although I gave them a low score, I am not complaining about the graphics. The reason they get a 7 is that a standard has been set amongst most new games for graphics. I understand that these are 1998 graphics, and this is just the reason they get a 7/10. In 1998, they were incredible. In 2003, to be blunt... they suck! Now, I am pleased that Nintendo at least made a small effort to change the graphics. The resolution and brightness have been perfected. At points, the graphics do look quite nice. They are nice and crisp, and some items are shinier. Nothing to bad to complain about, it just wouldn't be right to give these graphics a 10, it wouldn't make any sense! For you HDTV users, progressive scan is available.


The controls are fine in this game. Nothing to rave about, and nothing to complain about. They have been adapted nicely to the GC controller, with your choice of either the C buttons or the Z/Y/X buttons used for items. The only reason they get lower than a 10/10 is that L targeting is just a tad bit more difficult than good old Z targeting was. Again, no real annoyances here.


This is another part of Zelda where nothing really needs to be written about it. The sound and music in this game is 100% perfect. There are no flaws with this aspect of the game. The sounds are very good (Link's voice especially), and there is a pretty good sound for every little thing; the sword hitting a wall, hitting an enemy, thrusting through the air. And then there is the music. The music is by no means ''classic Zelda'', but can be added to the collection. It fits the current area perfectly, and adds to the overall mood and emotion of the game greatly. Of course, the little mini-song for when you complete a little puzzle (from all of the other Zelda games) is still there, but what would Zelda be without it?


Perfect. Have you ever once played a Zelda game where you could complain about the story? Nice old fashioned ''the princess is gone, I need to save her'' with a few twists. Won't ruin it for you, just know that if the words were pulled out of the game and slapped into a book, it would be a bestseller. It's great, very in-depth.

Lasting appeal-10/10

Obviously this game is made for lasting appeal. People who have beaten it many times will probably really want this game. I know I did, and I beat it around 10 times. The Master Quest is the best part, because it gives you a new reason to play it again, and treat it as new. Plus, don’t forget you get a few video previews of upcoming/current Nintendo games.

Buy or Rent?

Well not much of a choice here. I don't think you can rent it now or in the future, and I don't think that there is any other way to get it other than pre-ordering Wind Waker. It is rumored that you can buy it at Wal-Mart for 10$ and this is worth checking out, but if you can afford the 5$ shipping fee that comes with this bonus, than it is great, you will get two great Zelda games for 55$.

To sum it all up:
Game play-10/10-Perfect, great, FUN
Graphics-7/10-don't let this turn you down!
Controls-9/10-perfectly addapted to the GCN controller
Sound/Music-10/10-no complaints here
Story-10/10-Compelling, interesting...Zelda
Lasting appeal-10/10-it never ends...
Buy or Rent?-BUY-duh... the review speaks for itself.
Final score-10/10-read the review
If you don't have this game, at least for n64, GO GET IT, it is SO worth it, ESPECIALLY for free!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/11/03, Updated 02/11/03

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