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"Ocarina of Time. Reborn and taking over your GCN ;)"

This review is intended for those who have already played Ocarina of Time, and are wondering about the quality of this GCN port.

Graphics 9/10
Many people dont notice how much better these graphics really are. What makes them better is that they are now very clean and smooth, as opposed to N64's hazier graphics. All the textures from Ocarina of Time now look much better, which the exception of 2D objects and some backgrounds, which do look alil less realistic (since the blur of the 64 is missing) Also, the framerate stays at 30 or so for most parts of the game (Ive noticed a few exceptions, but its still better than on 64).

Sound 9/10
Wonderfully ported to GCN. There is one problem with sound...When the game loads a new screen (also happens when you pause-yet less noticeable because music fades out), but continues to play the same music, this causes the music to skip/studder. But its not distracting, believe me, despite being noticeable. Sound effects are a bit higher quality in sound for the most part aswell. It seems to me like the talking in Hyrule Market is hardly audible, but i could be wrong (?)

Story 10/10
An enjoyable story of Link saving the world, eh? Yup, it sure is. The story is just like the original ofcourse, so you probaly know it by now :)

Gameplay 10/10
The controlls of the GCN controller can be alil weird at first, but in time you'll find them more responsive then on the 64. The C stick can be used for items, or you can use the X, Y, and Z buttons instead. Z targeting is replaced with L targeting, and its great, trust me :D One problem arises, and that is using the Ocarina. It feels very weird using the C stick for that, but alas, it gets better with time (i'm not as good with the C stick, but i'd rather use it than the C buttons of the 64 now, go figure) One other thing to remember, is the analog stick feels alot more senstive than the 64's. Overall, it feels great using the new controller.

Master Quest 10/10!
Deku Tree, Dondongo's Cavern, Jabu Jabu, Forest Temple, Fire Temple, Water Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple, Ice Cavern, Bottom of the Well, Gerudo Training Ground, Ganon's Castle...All redone, full of new puzzles and challenges! What more do you need??? Well, besides Master Quest 2...

Overall, its an EXCELLENT port of one of the greatest games of all time. It was a pre-order only deal, so be sure to pre-order and get your hands on this classic before its too late!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/12/03, Updated 02/12/03

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