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"How could you not play it a 11th time?"

1998, the year Zelda was released in full 3D. Who could have known that this single dimension would have done so much.

This game broke boundries in many ways. We had the real time system, being able to watch the sun go down and moon come up, altering the ways off Hyrule. The invention of the battle targeting system. You could also see as far as the resolution of you TV would let you. You can look across Hyrule, and every area you saw in the distance you could travel to, this game is huge.

Now, this game is a port, with a remixed senerio, which means same story, same people, same weapons. ''So, whats so great about it'' you ask? Well its simple, this game has remixed dungeons, the most difficult part of the game has been enhanced, making it, well, REALLY diffuclt. The fact is its a great game worth playing again for the challange.

Now, the game has technical shortcommings up the crap hole because its on super powerful hardware, on the N64, it was stretching past the console's limits, and could only be run at 20fps, sometime less.

Lets get the technical crap outta the way. n64 is for when it was on the Nintendo 64 console, and GCN is for what it is on the GameCube console.

PRESENTATION n64 10/10 GCN 8/10
A port of an n64 game on the Cube. Great story, great design. Higher resoltion graphics, anti-aliasing and a smooth framerate. Decent menu work, the pause needs to brought up quicker.

GRAPHICS n64 10/10 GCN 7/10
The textures are consistantly good, though low resolution and the polygons are used efficiently but too few for cube. Its amazing it still looks this good.

SOUND n64 9/10 GCN 6/10
Nintendo released a symphony sound track of almost every song in the original game. Why they didnt throw em in this I don't know, MIDI doesn't cut it, but its used so well, you honestly enjoy.

GAMEPLAY n64 10/10 GCN 10/10
Classic Zelda gameplay with remixed levels. Great control, wonderful design, and the gameplay is fits in perfectly with it's deep story.

LENGTH n64 10/10 GCN 7/10
Thing is, most people have played the n64 version more than once, so its hard to tell how many times this one will be played. Since the game is still old, considering you only play it once, the main game is very long, 30 hours at least, but if you get every secret, it can take up to 60 hours of your time. Well worth spending a chunk of your life on I tell you.

Wait, 78% score, why did I rate it a 10? Oh yeah, the thing is, this version of the game is simply to hold you over until the Wind Waker is released. Since you don't have to pay a dime for it, it makes this game well worth having.

Now if you reserving WW just for this, give the score a 88% because for 15$, a game like this is still worth it.

If youve played it before, its still worth getting again.
If you have never played this before, shame on you, go get it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/13/03, Updated 02/13/03

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