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Reviewed: 02/16/03 | Updated: 02/16/03

Will thou rule or wilst thou...

Ocarina of Time/Masterquest was an excellent gift for those that preordered and/or are planning to preorder. As a gift it is very nice even if it was a standalone port that Nintendo was going to sell for around $29.99 it'd be well worth it.

I'll start off with the Graphics this time around.

Graphics: 7/10
To casual players the 7/10 may scare them away well the graphics were good then and still good now In my opinion perfect yet to this day but to appease more people here's the breakdown the 3-D visuals were improved from the N64 version however in this transition the 2-D Blur Filter was removed so you can technically see the 2-D Pixelization if you pay close attention. The graphics are excellent and if you aren't to picky about 2-D textures you'll get by thinking they are perfect. Just to warn some that are big on this generations graphics they could be disappointing to them as the game was not remade completely ala Resident Evil.

Gameplay: 10/10
Same old Zelda control scheme from the original Ocarina of Time, except the old Z-Targetting found itself on the L button (all prompts about Z-Targeting however have been changed to match the change of the layout) Link has quite a few moves at his disposal the Spin attack which has been part of the series since Zelda: A Link to The Past, a horizontal slash and horizontal combo, a vertical slash and vertical combo, and a Jumping Slash. But that's just the basic sword moves. Also when targeted Link can strafe around the opponent, by pressing left or right and the A button Link will do a sidestep around an enemy pressing down on the control stick (or back in this case) Link will do a backflip. Also when Link doesn't have his sword drawn pushing forward on the control stick and A will make him do a roll used to break crates. Now the new innovation comes from transferring the C-Buttons to the C-Stick which is genious the C-Stick is very responsive, but for those who doubt the C-Stick they can always use Y for left C X for right C and Z for Down C. However for the Ocarina you will find it easier using the C-Stick (however you can use the substitute buttons also except any Up-C note still has to be played by pressing Up on the C-stick. Setting the Bow and Slingshot to Down C makes it realistic as pulling back the Bow and Slingshot like you're actually pulling a bow back in real life. There's also the magic meter which is for any Magic Link wields. It plays like a dream.

Replayability: 12/10
If you're new to Ocarina of Time you'll spend weeks or months replaying Zelda: Ocarina of Time and with the special Masterquest replayability doubles or even quadruples. Some of the feats one can accomplish is finishing the game with no deaths collecting all heart pieces find all fairy fountains, collecting all 100 Golden Skulltulas, attempting to finish the game with only 3 hearts. There's so many new challenges one can give to themselves with OoT and the Masterquest you maybe playing for another year and forget about starting Wind Waker when it comes out.

Appeal: 9/10
Zelda Ocarina of Time appeals to everyone however if you're in it just for graphics then it may not appeal but if you give it a chance you'll find yourself intertwined to an epic story with excellent gameplay, OoT marked the modern era of Zelda with a powerful story, mixed with excellent gameplay, also with great graphics and you get what many consider the closest a game can get to perfection. It's mature enough for adult gamers and it's fun enough for young children, it's the perfect balance between childish and mature. So it will appeal to your average Joe.

Story: The story spans over a few years. If you're new to the Zelda series the game does give a good History of Hyrule that was not revealed in the other Zelda games. It also creates a new legend as one can only enter the Sacred Realm with the Three Spiritual Stones and the Ocarina of Time. From the first time you meet Zelda until the epic battle at the end you'll be guessing what comes next in the story, even though it's pretty Linear the story is gameplay driven. But in the end it's not the typical Zelda story as it does leave it open ended so the other Zelda's fall into place. It's a fun filled story that anyone can enjoy.

Overall: 10/10 (for Zelda Fans) 8/10 for the casual gamers
Zelda has no flaws internally but the game is a bit outdated but you can still compare it to games out there today, with the whole new Master Quest even OoT experts will be stumped at times Also best of all it's free so if you haven't preordered Zelda: Wind Waker I'd say go and do so now. This will definitely keep you busy for times to come. Words to keep one to ponder to try this or not.
There have been many great games over the history but only one Game has Risen as a Legend from no story to an excellent story that is what a Legend was born from.
Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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