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"Great fun, but same ol' flaws"

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest, is even better than the original. While it has fresh challenges and more enemies however, it still fails to improve upon some flaws from the earlier game which I felt were significant.

Gameplay: 7

Master Quest is great fun, and I highly recommend it for everyone who liked OOT, and maybe even those who didn't like OOT because it was too easy. It improves upon the challenge a LOT, and includes puzzles which have none too obvious answers. And some solutions to the puzzles are just...wacky. (Get to Jabu Jabu and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about)
However, while the challenge is improved a lot, thus improving the overall fun factor, it still falls short in other areas. The main thing that comes to mind is Hyrule Field. To put it bluntly: It has less life in it than Gerudo Desert. I was hoping they'd include more enemies on it this time around, but unfortunately I met with disappointment.
The camera can still be a little weird too. For instance, in one room with the Spirit Temple, there are these narrow walkways you have to traverse. When entering this room from one of the doors, the camera drops down directly behind Link, making it so you can't see the walkways and the pits that well at all. I had to nervously move Link around slightly to get the camera back into it's original position, and once while doing this I fell into the pit.

Story: 7

The story is pretty good, but the basic layout borrows from other Zelda games, and turns out being basically another ''Save the Princess'' game. While this is great for people looking for the classic Zelda feel, I think a little more innovation could be done here while still maintaining the feel of a Zelda game.

Audio/Video: 9

The music in this game is great, and I wish I hadn't given away my OOT music CD a while ago in a fit of kindness. The music score ranges from relaxing beats, to epic songs with blasting trumpets. Of course, with the Ocarina, music is a big part of this game, so I'd expect it to be this good.
Video is crisper and cleaner in Master Quest, but aside from this, I actually spotted more flaws in some parts. Where the ceiling or floor meets the wall in some places, I noticed a grainy sort of line that made them look not as connected as they should've been. I don't know how that got past the testers, as it seemed to appear so often. Other than that, I'd say they did a good job cleaning it up.

Replayability: 10

This game overall is great fun, and I've found myself replaying it again and again and again. There's SOME flexibility offered in the story concerning what temples you go to first, which is nice. You can go back through the game and see how far you can get into a dungeon earlier in the game.
I've seen alot of challenges in this game for people to try when going through the game again. For instance, one is not collecting any heart containers and going through the game with only three hearts. This game offers a lot of options for those looking to go another time through the game.

Buy or Rent?

This is definitely a buyer. OOT by itself is pretty lengthy, and Master Quest is even longer. You'll want to either buy this one, or rent it a number of times. And anyway, a great Zelda game like this one is a good addition to any videogame collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/17/03, Updated 02/17/03

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